Meet the Teacher

This is a first for us.  We have a pre-k-er.  Rigley is our first one to go to preschool and he is super excited about it.  Today we went and met his teachers.  He loves them and wants to start school today.   We told him he has to wait until next weekend and he wasn't too happy about that.


2nd Football Game

Today Tucker's game was out Mt. Vernon.  We didn't take any pictures because we were covering ourselves with umbrellas the entire game.  Tucker played well but was getting really frustrated with the guy from the other team.  The other team was holding and the refs weren't calling it.  They ended up winning 20-6.


Capture the Flag

Tonight Chaney stayed the night with her friend.  Her mom sent me the pic below of all the kids playing capture the flag.  They also went creek stomping and did all other fun things that little girls do ;-)


Paislee's Soccer

Pais is super excited.  Since she is in first grade now she is able to participate in a sport.  She chose to play soccer this fall and has had her bag packed for about a month for her first practice.  She has been to lots of soccer games but I'm not sure she has actually paid any attention to how the game is played.  We (three kids and myself) stayed to watch her first practice.  She did very well.  At the end of practice they scrimmaged and she even scored a goal.  She was very proud of herself.  Paislee has more of an aggressive nature than her sister does.  We'll see if that benefits her in the future.

She doesn't know anyone on her team.  In the pic below she is in the bright green shirt and purple shorts.


Sunday Funday

Today we headed down to the lake to enjoy the sunshine.  All of the sisters and cousins were down there.  Today was a great day to fish.  I think Chaney caught about 8 fish on her own and Tucker caught one.  Personally, I think the fish really liked the bait and were taking the risk of being caught then thrown back in.

All of the cousins had a blast playing and jumping.  It's always more fun with everyone else there.


1st Football Game

This fall Tucker is playing football.  He is really excited for this season.  Today we went to Eastern Hancock to play their youth teams.  Tucker's team won 34-6. He played great.  He plays on the offensive line and the defensive line.  He had quite a few tackles and even some solo tackles.  His team is made up of 3/4th grade boys.  Tucker is one of the tallest and biggest kids.  This game he was one of the captains too.


15th Anniversary

Today Josh and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  Maybe one day this month we will get to go out and actually enjoy it.  For now, or for today, Beckett had to go get shots at the vet.  Beck loves riding in the car.  This is what he does most of the time...he's just sniffing out his surroundings.

 When the kids got home from school storms were rolling through so we went out on the front porch to watch them.  There  may have been a few claps of thunder that scared some of them.  Tucker was there to hang on to.