Silas is Home

Today Sarah asked me to come over and get some pictures for her.  Per Sarah's request, I have been sending email updates and pictures to family and friends so that no one bother's her with phone calls.  Tonight after work Chaney and I went to hang out with the newest family of five. 

This is his first bath.  Because of his issues they could not give him a bath.  If you know Sarah this absolutely drove her crazy so when Silas got home he got  a bath.  If you look closely you can see the pink scar where the tubes were in his lungs.

The Blair family of 5 with everyone home.

His mean face...

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Tubes Are Out

Somebody is getting better!!!  He still has his PIC line in so they can wean him off of some of his meds.  Other than that he is doing much better.  They think soon he may go home.

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Holding Silas

Today was a big step in the road to recovery for Silas...and for Tommy and Sarah. Today they got to hold Silas for the first time.  As a first time mom, I could not imagine not getting to hold my new baby for almost 11 days.  I know that Sarah and Tommy were so relieved.  They so appreciate all the prayers.

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Silas Visit

Today on my lunch break at work I went down to Methodist to see Silas.  Each day they have new tubes and wires in him.  He looks so pathetic.  Sarah and Tommy are still unable to hold him.  They haven't held him at all.  They don't want Silas to feel what it is like to be loved on because then he will not want to stay in his bed.  It is so sad to go up to this unit and see these teeny, tiny babies who's parents are not even there to visit them.

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Silas is Born

This morning Chaney and I went over to Sarah and Tommy's to watch the kids while she went in for her c-section.  Mom was going to the hospital with them.  Mom is normally at the hospital for all the grandkids birth.  It was fun to get to hang out and see what life would be like with three kids.  We did have a crazy, chaotic day but it was fun to hang out with them.  I love to hang with my niece and nephew.

About 9:30 mom called and said that immediately after Silas was born they had taken him to the NICU.  Right now we are pretty unsure as to what is going on.  All we know is he on oxygen and was having some problems breathing.

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Labor Day Fun

Today after church we went up to dad's for a Labor Day celebration.  Actually, we went to the park by their house for a picnic and there was a splash pad there for the kids to play in. Jojo ended up stripping down and ran through in his undies.

Papaw and his grandkids...

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