Date Night

Ahhhh.....Finally...Friday has come and a much needed date night with my man. The plan was for us to get dinner then head to the Fever game at Conseco. However, our plan changed. We so enjoyed eating our own dinner, having adult conversation and eating a warm dinner that we lost track of time and were going to be late to the game so we decided to do some of our favorite things. Before our three little blessings came along we were frequent visitors of Starbucks and did all of our grocery shopping together. So tonight we indulged in some (over priced) but tasty, warm drinks and did a little grocery shopping. I know...I know...we are boring but the important things was we could hang out....together and hold hands and not have the "kissing police" breaking us apart. We could talk and laugh and enjoy our time. And we did! Maybe we'll have another date night soon....our 9th anniversary is approaching quickly as is our birthdays. This year Josh will turn 25 and I will be 24;-)


Splash Island

Wednesday we headed out to Plainfield for the day (& night). Jennifer, my high school buddy and college roommate, lives out there and we don't see her near enough so we went on a road trip. The plan was to leave here before naps so they would sleep on the way. As always, the plan works perfectly in your head. So, before we left they were dropping like flies...

We finally loaded up and PK stayed asleep but the older two talked, laughed and sang the whole way....(insert future visions of family vacations). We arrived at Jenn's then went for a bike ride. (Just a note: When our kids don't take naps they tend to get very clumsy.) So the bike ride to the park was very comical. I think they were playing "bumper bikes" on the way. The park was really nice and the kids loved the equipment. Chaney didn't want to get her picture taken so just the younger two...

After the park and a bike ride home and dinner we went to the "night swim" (7-10pm) at Splash Island. The kids absolutely loved it. The evening was beautiful and still very warm so the water felt nice. Jennifer was a huge help and the kids loved playing and swimming with her. Paislee even loved the fountains, sprinklers and water. She was splashing as much as the older kids were. Days like today are very fun but also tiring. On our way home we were in the car for about 5 minutes before all three crashed. As we reached our exit on the interstate we encountered a very hard rain shower. I'm not talking like a slow down to 50 mph rain shower, I'm talking flashers on, 20 mph, praying the entire time rain shower. Josh is usually with me to do the driving but it was all me. Good thing I always have a Heavenly Father with me to help guide me in ANY situation...even rain showers, whew!

(PS-no pics of night swim...expensive piece of equipment + 6 little hands + water = Not a good idea)


Aunt Liv

Today aunt Liv was over and she was able to hang out all day and play with us. The kids love it when she comes over. Sometimes, though, Liv gets bored with the kids so we do what any good big sister and nieces and nephews would do....we sprayed her with the water guns. Needless to say that got her moving again and playing.


Sun Fun

After a crazy weekend and last week's hot, hot, hot, hot air....we are relaxing today and enjoying the sun (and cooler temps).

Chaney was in her first wedding this weekend. She successfully walked down the aisle throwing out flowers like she was a pro. After the wedding, Josh & I mentioned to her that since she won't be dating until she is 30 and may not marry until she is 40 that this could be her only wedding for a long, long time. She didn't think that was as funny as we did;-)

Below is a video of Chaney and Tucker "helping" each other into the pool. They love to play together and have become great friends..and some days great enemies. They do get along very well. When Tucker was first born I thought we were crazy for having them so close but when I see them play now I am so glad they are so close. Soon enough, PK will be out there assisting in the fun, but for now, she is with the "supervising crew" instead of the "wrecking crew."


Sense of Humor

Anyone who says that God doesn't have a sense of humor doesn't know Him very well. Beth Moore often talks about God's sense of humor showing up at random times, which at those times may not be very funny to us.

So to prove this, I have a story or two. Most of you know that I hate the stomach flu. As Becky Flink says, "Avoid the stomach flu like it is the plague." Personally, I would rather have bronchitis than the stomach flu. When we were little if one of my sisters came down with it I would immediately start in on my crackers and Sprite diet. Really, there is no truth behind this diet but in my mind if I did get the stomach flu then I had less to come re-visit.

The humorous part of this is that I have been blessed with a son who has a sensitive gag reflex. Chances are if he gets choked on food or drink that it will come back out. Needless to say when he gets a cold or has sever drainage you can create an image of Josh and I running with trash cans trying to catch his volatile eruptions. Seriously, when the coughing starts, we run.

Another story...I'm a sports nut. Sports shows, news, games...I am there. There is no denying that I am a tom-boy but I am also girlie. I enjoy getting made up with make-up and nice clothes to head out with my favorite guy. My first born daughter, however, is nothing sports and all things stages and singing, dress up and cheerleader. It's so cute to watch because she enjoys it so much and puts so much effort into it. We have gone out and played soccer, baseball and other sports but she just isn't that into it, well...let's just say that the coordination switch has not been flipped to "on." As long as she enjoys what she is doing, I could care less. God gives us talents in all different areas.

One more funny story...The geese have moved from the back yard to the front. Enough said!


Mower Races

Tonight we invited ourselves over to mamaw & papaw's house while Josh was trying to get some work done at home. The oldest two were able to help pick green beans out of the garden, take a bike ride, swing, climb and the their favorite...ride on the mowers. Can you tell we are from the country? Lawn mower races are their favorite, not sure if its the squeals they get from mamaw & papaw or the competitive spirit starting to brew in them. Either way it is fun to watch and they have a blast.

PS-Pretty sure mamaw & papaw enjoy it too.



As a parent, days like today are my least favorite responsibilities. I hate taking them to get shots. I understand that they are necessary and in the long run it is all worth it but I hate watching someone else inflict pain on my child. Paislee was due for 3 shots and one oral vaccine. She did very well throughout. In fact, as she laid on the bed, the nurse doing the shot tried to talk to her and smiled at her and I think that made her more upset than the actual shots. Not sure what that was about but apparently she didn't like him. After the last shot I picked her up and she was good to go. As we walked away the look that she shot the nurse was priceless. (She is her mother's child) After 2 rounds of Motrin and a three hour nap I think she has recovered quite nicely.

This evening she has been showing off her new trick of sitting up then going to the floor on her belly then going back up to sitting up....I think her legs are feeling ok.


Katie vs. Geese Round 75 (Insert ding)

Many of you know the battle that we (or I) have with the geese. I hate these things. I really believe that these things are the work of the devil. In my heart, I truly believe that God sits and laughs (and we all know that He has a sense of humor) when these things enter my yard. If you are a neighbor of mine I'm sure that you get a good laugh when you see me run into the yard trying to scare these things off. We have tried various methods to scare or move these geese away but nothing has worked. Well, I take that back, when we had our dogs the geese never messed with us, for obvious reasons. Since the dogs have moved out of the house we now have a battle with them. We have tried the stationary hawk and owl, grape kool-aid, air soft guns for (quick) motivation to leave, etc. It is nuts! One day I tried running at them to scare them away, then in turn, had a goose turn around and run back at me hissing (this was quite the sight)...needless to say they won that battle, but they will NOT win the war.

I'm not sure if God is trying to teach me patience with these animals or not. I mean, I have three kids under 4 so I thought I was a sure specimen of patience. These geese creep into our yard at night and close to our bedroom window and start their annoying honking sound. Are you serious...they are mocking me. At bedtime, I have no energy to play their game. However, when I wake up at 7, they are still in the yard waiting on me....then we start all over again.



A few of the characters

Today Mamaw & Papaw invited the entire family to go on a train ride. This was not any ordinary train ride, this was a train robbery train ride. The kids were not real sure what to expect so they loaded on the train with a bit of apprehension. After the first couple shots (blanks) they realized that the pops of the gun were very loud and not so much fun. But, this did not distract them from enjoying the train ride and the fun of having a family day.

Corning Fun 2010

"There's more than corn in Indiana...." After this weekend, I think I may have to reconsider that saying. I love getting fresh (frozen) corn out of the freezer in the winter but with that comes the hard work of freezing it. I have seen, felt, been sprayed by, and smelled so much corn in the last 72 hours that if we don't see each other for a few weeks, I am ok with that. Mom and Doug did most of the hard work and were very generous to share their abundance of corn with all of us. Its fun to sit around with the sisters and mom and talk and have a good ol' time. We took a break from "corning" and went out and found a "big digger" so we took some pictures. (Disclaimer: Pictures taken from iPhone)

And who enjoys the leftovers of the corn? Why, the goats of course...


Out in the Country

For the last four years, Josh and I have had the privilege to be the photographers at the Goodman Campbell picnic (formerly known as Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group). I worked here for a few years before Chaney then a year after Chaney. The people are so good to us and invite us and our family back every year to visit and take pictures. This year one of the doctors hosted the party at his 200+ acre ranch in Spencer, IN. The weather was a bit warm but I think the scenery was well worth the drive and fun. We appreciate the staff and all of their hard work they put in to make a fun day.


Rain Dance

Last night as storms moved through our area we sat in the garage and listened to them. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the rain come down. As the storms started to settle a little the kids wanted to go play in the rain. As good parents, we checked for lightning then sent them out to burn energy....errr, I mean enjoy the rain. They have their own version of a rain dance, I think they get their dancing skills from their mom (and that is not a good thing). After they were finished they came in and would shake their heads at Paislee like a couple of wet dogs, but I don't think it bothered her one bit.


Mish Mosh Shaw

I know...I know...what am I talking about. For those of you who are family, especially the Tinsley side, you know what "Mish Mosh Shaw" means...home grown tomatoes are in abundance. To others, if you saw our "Mish Mosh" it would look like a goulash. I remember when I was little and my grandma and mom making this. Having this for dinner in the summer was our favorite. It is as simple as hamburger, tomatoes, macaroni noodles and some herbs but it is taste like a little bit of heaven. Summer is finally here...and the 95* weather helps to make it feel that way too.

7 Months

PK (Pailsee Kate) is seven months today. She is sitting up by herself now and loves plunging herself forward to get her favorite toys. She is a mover and a shaker so if you put her down on the floor...watch out! She is officially sleeping through the night (again) and is enjoying the confines of her own room. When she first came home we had her in a pack-n-play in our room for those middle of the night feedings (all you moms can sympathize that running from room to room or upstairs at 2 am is craziness). Her favorite things to do now is to make this crazy noise that sounds like she is struggling to breathe. The first time she did it I thought she picked up something, but no. She seems to make this noise the most when she is nursing so it sounds like she is getting smothered, this child is full of personality. She had a few firsts this week... waving...toenails painted...first scratch and goose egg (courtesy of #2)....never a dull moment around here. She has finally agreed to give baby food a chance instead of the power struggle that we have had, and she has enjoyed it. Still no teeth, although they look like they could bust through any day. Paislee is still very much relaxed, laid back and is a very happy baby. She loves to watch her older siblings play and is bored to tears when they are not around, seriously. Its amazing to see how time continues to fly by. We take it one day at a time and realize that this phase of our lives will soon be over so we must enjoy. Each day when Josh gets home Paislee sees his face and lights up. She reaches out and grabs his face and does her (own) version of kissing by sticking her open mouth on his cheek and nose. Is she destined to be daddy's girl? ...We will soon find out.


Rockin' & Rollin'

Paislee is so close to crawling. She is up on all four's rocking back and forth then splat to the floor. She sees what Tuck & Chaney are doing and wants to follow them so bad....soon enough little one, soon enough. Maybe she is crawling so she is not the bulls eye of any flying balls....hhmmm.

PS- Have I mentioned how much I love having the video camera on my phone? If I were to pull out the (real) video camera I would never be able to capture as much as I do because kids don't preform when all the attention is on them. I pull out my phone and turn the camera on and they think I am doing something else so they go about normal business. Moms are so sneaky.


Beauty Shop

Today I promised Chaney that I would paint her nails. The oldest two were up early today so before breakfast we played beauty shop and painted toe nails. Paislee even got in on the act. This was her first time to get painted. This picture only took about 5 takes to get. Paislee kept trying to get the camera (phone) from my hand. It was all I could do to keep her standing, the older two in place and the camera away from her grabby little hands. But, nonetheless, it was fun.

Park Fun

Our friend, Jason, plays on a soccer league at the park by our house. When he has a game we go to the park and hang out with the family on the playground. On Sunday, we headed over to enjoy some time with them. Jason's wife, Emily, and I have been friends for over 22 years. Wait, is that possible, am I really that old? She is a dear friend and I value our friendship. Our kids enjoy hanging out. Her youngest (Charlotte) and Tucker are 6 months apart, he is older. They play together very well...will there be an arranged marriage in there future?

July 10 - Chaney's Day Out

Chaney was asked to be part of Nick (Josh's cousin) & Lauren's wedding. She and Crista (her cousin) will be the flower girls for them on July 24. She is really excited about it. On Saturday, Nick & Lauren picked up Chaney & Crista and spent the day with them. They made Fairy masks, homemade pizzas and practiced throwing out flowers. She had a great time with them.

July 9 - Fair Night

Jaclyn and her boys came over tonight and we headed to the Hancock County Fair. It was just us girls and kids...5 kids...all under the age of 4, now you understand why we received so many crazy looks. Paislee and Hank shared the double stroller while Paul ran circles around us, Tucker ran into everybody coming his way and Chaney was "people watching." My kids enjoyed the opportunity to crawl up on all the "Johnny" (John Deere) tractors. We really had a good time but our hands were full. We took off from the fair to Culver's to get some ice cream. We didn't think the cotton candy had really done its job so we went to load them up with ice cream at 8:45 at night. After a quick game of tag and ice cream on the Culver's patio we packed up to come home for our adventures of lightning bugs and frog chase. While standing outside at dusk (9:30) we saw the tiniest frog in the grass so we put the kids on the trail of him to find him....needless to say this kept them busy for a while.

July 5 - Family Day

Over the holiday weekend we had some family in from out of town. On Monday, we went to visit Pete & Cathy and Paula & Robin for a couple of hours. The kids enjoyed showing off for them and visiting with them. My Papaw help Paislee and played with her for a bit and was able to get her to fall asleep. I guess after raising six kids of his own he still has the touch with his great-granddaughter.

July 2 - Blackhawk

Tonight after the kids got home from staying with Papaw David & Barb we went to the Shelby County Fair. The kids enjoyed their time at the petting zoo, watching the llama's getting shown and riding the tractor. Tucker loves to see helicopters and airplanes fly over the house. At the fair, they had a Blackhawk helicopter that we could get into and (pretend) to drive. Tuck loved it. The picture is bad because of the sun shining in but you get the point. Quick fact: Did you know that it cost $3,000 to start it up and take off?

June 22- Break In

Well, we figured out that breaking and entering is not something that Josh and I will be getting into. The last few nights have resulted in some strong storms. This night, or should I say early morning, was no different. At 3 am I was awakened by thunder and checked out the weather...severe storms coming. The shade tent that we set up for Chaney's party was still up. I checked on it out the window and realized that the wind was so strong that it was pulling up the stakes from the ground. If this tent came loose and found it's way in someone's windows then it would be our responsibility so I woke up Josh and out we went to get it. We were able to get the tent down with out getting struck by lightening, however, we locked ourselves out. Mind you, that our children (mostly Chaney) hate storms. The first clap of thunder and she is screaming..blood curdling. Let me refresh, locked out at 3 am...storm is here...thunder...kids alone inside. We checked all doors and windows...nothing. We tried breaking into a screen to get in another window...nothing. The good news was I had planted tomato plants a few days prior and left some gardening tools out. So we broke into our own house with our own tools. We sent glass from the very back to the very front. Refresh...Storms...screaming child...glass EVERYWHERE. We cleaned up glass for 2 hours. Lesson to be learned...Hide a key outside ASAP.

June 21 - Dr Appt

Paislee's went to the doctor today for her 6 month checkup. She doesn't mind going to the doctor, in fact, this time she enjoyed it very much. She loved the loud paper that covers the tables. When you are six months old, what is more fun than paper you can chew and make noise with. Her stats are below:
Height: 27" (87%)
Weight: 19.7 # (95%)
Head 18.5 " (99%)

June 19 - Chaney's Birthday

Today was Chaney's 4th birthday. We stayed with the tradition of eating cake and ice cream for breakfast then lunch with Mamaw & Papaw Brown at Chicago's. It's hard to believe that she is 4 years old now. It such a cliche, but it really feels like yesterday that we were so excited to have her in our arms. It is amazing to think you could ever love someone so much, but you do. Chaney is a huge help around the house and loves to entertain Paislee and Tucker. She is little miss mom and loves to boss her little brother around. She has such a great personality and loves to sing and dance. She is constantly making up songs or singing some of her favorite VBS songs. Each day she surprises us with crazy comments and over whelming amount of questions but how else do you learn, right? She is quickly growing up and showing her independence more and more. We love you bunches Chaney Marie.

June 18 - Chaney's Party

For Chaney's 4th birthday, we had the family come over for some cake and ice cream. The kids were able to play in the pool and then we had a water balloon fight. Chaney loves to hang out with her family, especially with her cousins. She was very thankful for the presents she received.

June 10 VBS

This year was a first for VBS, both Chaney and Tucker were able to attend. The study was "High Seas Adventure" and they enjoyed all the music and story lines that went with it.

June 5-Brad Paisley Concert

For my mother's day present I was given the opportunity to go see one of my favorite artist, Brad Paisley. It was a great time with great friends. We had a blast...Not sure what the vendor guy is doing in the background.

Blog Title

blackandbrownallover...the hardest part of starting a blog is what to name it. I had a few options but I think this name is creative, and for me that is a stretch. For obvious reasons, Josh and I thought this name fit us perfectly. My maiden name was Blackford and then through marital bliss I acquired the name Brown. If you look at the offsprings there is no denying that they are a perfect Black(ford)/Brown mixture.

Starting a blog

I swore I would never start a blog. But, recently with the holiday and visiting with family members (and friends) who live out of town, state and those who we just don't see very much, it became very apparent that if we don't keep in close contact with those people we quickly fall behind in what is happening in their lives. When you don't see these people for months their children quickly grow-up and you don't recognize them anymore. Also, another reason why I am doing this is because I have been journaling all of our daily happenings, random comments, funny (but not so funny at the time) adventures that happen. And by adventures I mean things that happen that infuriate us but then we can look back on and laugh.

My promise, as a "blogger" is to make the posts cute, funny, interesting but most importantly memories that we can share with our families and friends. I will do my best to get a post up every week, if not more. I hope you enjoy.