7 Months

PK (Pailsee Kate) is seven months today. She is sitting up by herself now and loves plunging herself forward to get her favorite toys. She is a mover and a shaker so if you put her down on the floor...watch out! She is officially sleeping through the night (again) and is enjoying the confines of her own room. When she first came home we had her in a pack-n-play in our room for those middle of the night feedings (all you moms can sympathize that running from room to room or upstairs at 2 am is craziness). Her favorite things to do now is to make this crazy noise that sounds like she is struggling to breathe. The first time she did it I thought she picked up something, but no. She seems to make this noise the most when she is nursing so it sounds like she is getting smothered, this child is full of personality. She had a few firsts this week... waving...toenails painted...first scratch and goose egg (courtesy of #2)....never a dull moment around here. She has finally agreed to give baby food a chance instead of the power struggle that we have had, and she has enjoyed it. Still no teeth, although they look like they could bust through any day. Paislee is still very much relaxed, laid back and is a very happy baby. She loves to watch her older siblings play and is bored to tears when they are not around, seriously. Its amazing to see how time continues to fly by. We take it one day at a time and realize that this phase of our lives will soon be over so we must enjoy. Each day when Josh gets home Paislee sees his face and lights up. She reaches out and grabs his face and does her (own) version of kissing by sticking her open mouth on his cheek and nose. Is she destined to be daddy's girl? ...We will soon find out.

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Emily said...

That last picture of you and Paislee is adorable!