Corning Fun 2010

"There's more than corn in Indiana...." After this weekend, I think I may have to reconsider that saying. I love getting fresh (frozen) corn out of the freezer in the winter but with that comes the hard work of freezing it. I have seen, felt, been sprayed by, and smelled so much corn in the last 72 hours that if we don't see each other for a few weeks, I am ok with that. Mom and Doug did most of the hard work and were very generous to share their abundance of corn with all of us. Its fun to sit around with the sisters and mom and talk and have a good ol' time. We took a break from "corning" and went out and found a "big digger" so we took some pictures. (Disclaimer: Pictures taken from iPhone)

And who enjoys the leftovers of the corn? Why, the goats of course...

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