Date Night

Ahhhh.....Finally...Friday has come and a much needed date night with my man. The plan was for us to get dinner then head to the Fever game at Conseco. However, our plan changed. We so enjoyed eating our own dinner, having adult conversation and eating a warm dinner that we lost track of time and were going to be late to the game so we decided to do some of our favorite things. Before our three little blessings came along we were frequent visitors of Starbucks and did all of our grocery shopping together. So tonight we indulged in some (over priced) but tasty, warm drinks and did a little grocery shopping. I know...I know...we are boring but the important things was we could hang out....together and hold hands and not have the "kissing police" breaking us apart. We could talk and laugh and enjoy our time. And we did! Maybe we'll have another date night soon....our 9th anniversary is approaching quickly as is our birthdays. This year Josh will turn 25 and I will be 24;-)

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