July 9 - Fair Night

Jaclyn and her boys came over tonight and we headed to the Hancock County Fair. It was just us girls and kids...5 kids...all under the age of 4, now you understand why we received so many crazy looks. Paislee and Hank shared the double stroller while Paul ran circles around us, Tucker ran into everybody coming his way and Chaney was "people watching." My kids enjoyed the opportunity to crawl up on all the "Johnny" (John Deere) tractors. We really had a good time but our hands were full. We took off from the fair to Culver's to get some ice cream. We didn't think the cotton candy had really done its job so we went to load them up with ice cream at 8:45 at night. After a quick game of tag and ice cream on the Culver's patio we packed up to come home for our adventures of lightning bugs and frog chase. While standing outside at dusk (9:30) we saw the tiniest frog in the grass so we put the kids on the trail of him to find him....needless to say this kept them busy for a while.

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