June 22- Break In

Well, we figured out that breaking and entering is not something that Josh and I will be getting into. The last few nights have resulted in some strong storms. This night, or should I say early morning, was no different. At 3 am I was awakened by thunder and checked out the weather...severe storms coming. The shade tent that we set up for Chaney's party was still up. I checked on it out the window and realized that the wind was so strong that it was pulling up the stakes from the ground. If this tent came loose and found it's way in someone's windows then it would be our responsibility so I woke up Josh and out we went to get it. We were able to get the tent down with out getting struck by lightening, however, we locked ourselves out. Mind you, that our children (mostly Chaney) hate storms. The first clap of thunder and she is screaming..blood curdling. Let me refresh, locked out at 3 am...storm is here...thunder...kids alone inside. We checked all doors and windows...nothing. We tried breaking into a screen to get in another window...nothing. The good news was I had planted tomato plants a few days prior and left some gardening tools out. So we broke into our own house with our own tools. We sent glass from the very back to the very front. Refresh...Storms...screaming child...glass EVERYWHERE. We cleaned up glass for 2 hours. Lesson to be learned...Hide a key outside ASAP.

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