Katie vs. Geese Round 75 (Insert ding)

Many of you know the battle that we (or I) have with the geese. I hate these things. I really believe that these things are the work of the devil. In my heart, I truly believe that God sits and laughs (and we all know that He has a sense of humor) when these things enter my yard. If you are a neighbor of mine I'm sure that you get a good laugh when you see me run into the yard trying to scare these things off. We have tried various methods to scare or move these geese away but nothing has worked. Well, I take that back, when we had our dogs the geese never messed with us, for obvious reasons. Since the dogs have moved out of the house we now have a battle with them. We have tried the stationary hawk and owl, grape kool-aid, air soft guns for (quick) motivation to leave, etc. It is nuts! One day I tried running at them to scare them away, then in turn, had a goose turn around and run back at me hissing (this was quite the sight)...needless to say they won that battle, but they will NOT win the war.

I'm not sure if God is trying to teach me patience with these animals or not. I mean, I have three kids under 4 so I thought I was a sure specimen of patience. These geese creep into our yard at night and close to our bedroom window and start their annoying honking sound. Are you serious...they are mocking me. At bedtime, I have no energy to play their game. However, when I wake up at 7, they are still in the yard waiting on me....then we start all over again.

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