Sense of Humor

Anyone who says that God doesn't have a sense of humor doesn't know Him very well. Beth Moore often talks about God's sense of humor showing up at random times, which at those times may not be very funny to us.

So to prove this, I have a story or two. Most of you know that I hate the stomach flu. As Becky Flink says, "Avoid the stomach flu like it is the plague." Personally, I would rather have bronchitis than the stomach flu. When we were little if one of my sisters came down with it I would immediately start in on my crackers and Sprite diet. Really, there is no truth behind this diet but in my mind if I did get the stomach flu then I had less to come re-visit.

The humorous part of this is that I have been blessed with a son who has a sensitive gag reflex. Chances are if he gets choked on food or drink that it will come back out. Needless to say when he gets a cold or has sever drainage you can create an image of Josh and I running with trash cans trying to catch his volatile eruptions. Seriously, when the coughing starts, we run.

Another story...I'm a sports nut. Sports shows, news, games...I am there. There is no denying that I am a tom-boy but I am also girlie. I enjoy getting made up with make-up and nice clothes to head out with my favorite guy. My first born daughter, however, is nothing sports and all things stages and singing, dress up and cheerleader. It's so cute to watch because she enjoys it so much and puts so much effort into it. We have gone out and played soccer, baseball and other sports but she just isn't that into it, well...let's just say that the coordination switch has not been flipped to "on." As long as she enjoys what she is doing, I could care less. God gives us talents in all different areas.

One more funny story...The geese have moved from the back yard to the front. Enough said!

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