As a parent, days like today are my least favorite responsibilities. I hate taking them to get shots. I understand that they are necessary and in the long run it is all worth it but I hate watching someone else inflict pain on my child. Paislee was due for 3 shots and one oral vaccine. She did very well throughout. In fact, as she laid on the bed, the nurse doing the shot tried to talk to her and smiled at her and I think that made her more upset than the actual shots. Not sure what that was about but apparently she didn't like him. After the last shot I picked her up and she was good to go. As we walked away the look that she shot the nurse was priceless. (She is her mother's child) After 2 rounds of Motrin and a three hour nap I think she has recovered quite nicely.

This evening she has been showing off her new trick of sitting up then going to the floor on her belly then going back up to sitting up....I think her legs are feeling ok.

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