Splash Island

Wednesday we headed out to Plainfield for the day (& night). Jennifer, my high school buddy and college roommate, lives out there and we don't see her near enough so we went on a road trip. The plan was to leave here before naps so they would sleep on the way. As always, the plan works perfectly in your head. So, before we left they were dropping like flies...

We finally loaded up and PK stayed asleep but the older two talked, laughed and sang the whole way....(insert future visions of family vacations). We arrived at Jenn's then went for a bike ride. (Just a note: When our kids don't take naps they tend to get very clumsy.) So the bike ride to the park was very comical. I think they were playing "bumper bikes" on the way. The park was really nice and the kids loved the equipment. Chaney didn't want to get her picture taken so just the younger two...

After the park and a bike ride home and dinner we went to the "night swim" (7-10pm) at Splash Island. The kids absolutely loved it. The evening was beautiful and still very warm so the water felt nice. Jennifer was a huge help and the kids loved playing and swimming with her. Paislee even loved the fountains, sprinklers and water. She was splashing as much as the older kids were. Days like today are very fun but also tiring. On our way home we were in the car for about 5 minutes before all three crashed. As we reached our exit on the interstate we encountered a very hard rain shower. I'm not talking like a slow down to 50 mph rain shower, I'm talking flashers on, 20 mph, praying the entire time rain shower. Josh is usually with me to do the driving but it was all me. Good thing I always have a Heavenly Father with me to help guide me in ANY situation...even rain showers, whew!

(PS-no pics of night swim...expensive piece of equipment + 6 little hands + water = Not a good idea)

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