Starting a blog

I swore I would never start a blog. But, recently with the holiday and visiting with family members (and friends) who live out of town, state and those who we just don't see very much, it became very apparent that if we don't keep in close contact with those people we quickly fall behind in what is happening in their lives. When you don't see these people for months their children quickly grow-up and you don't recognize them anymore. Also, another reason why I am doing this is because I have been journaling all of our daily happenings, random comments, funny (but not so funny at the time) adventures that happen. And by adventures I mean things that happen that infuriate us but then we can look back on and laugh.

My promise, as a "blogger" is to make the posts cute, funny, interesting but most importantly memories that we can share with our families and friends. I will do my best to get a post up every week, if not more. I hope you enjoy.

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