Sun Fun

After a crazy weekend and last week's hot, hot, hot, hot air....we are relaxing today and enjoying the sun (and cooler temps).

Chaney was in her first wedding this weekend. She successfully walked down the aisle throwing out flowers like she was a pro. After the wedding, Josh & I mentioned to her that since she won't be dating until she is 30 and may not marry until she is 40 that this could be her only wedding for a long, long time. She didn't think that was as funny as we did;-)

Below is a video of Chaney and Tucker "helping" each other into the pool. They love to play together and have become great friends..and some days great enemies. They do get along very well. When Tucker was first born I thought we were crazy for having them so close but when I see them play now I am so glad they are so close. Soon enough, PK will be out there assisting in the fun, but for now, she is with the "supervising crew" instead of the "wrecking crew."

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