When Paislee comes up missing you can usually look one place and find her...at the bookshelf. We would like to think its because she loves books and wants to us to read to her. However, we all know that she loves the bookshelf because she can make a huge mess and eat the books. (Disclaimer: Picture taken and edited on my iPhone)


90's are back

We got a quick break from the 90's and now they are back. We (the older two and myself) decided to beat the heat by going swimming. After church on Sunday we went to mamaw's pool and hung out most of the afternoon. Paislee and daddy stayed home to take a nap. Sarah and her crew came over so we had plenty of fun and plenty of people to play with.

Ella & Olivia


I think Silas and Tuck were racing.


Something new

This week Paislee experienced some new things.
*Pushing chairs across the floor while walking behind them.
*Climbing stairs
*Sharing a sucker with dad

Each week she becomes a little more brave and tried new things to see how she does. Below is a picture of her with her sucker and a video of her walking behind her toy. This girl will be walking before any of the others....this is both a blessing and a curse I'm afraid.


Girls & Boys

As the parents of both a boy and a girl it is amazing to us just how differently they are "hardwired." Growing up in a house full of girls we only had one way to do things...the girlie way. Now I see things much differently. Just one of the many differences...boys are born knowing how to make the engine sound and that everything they pick up is a weapon. Girls are born with princesses and dressing up on the brain. Today Silas was over and the boys instantly found the sticks in the yard and they became swords and guns. But after a while, Chaney got her way and found a dancing partner.

Pretty sure this stick is bigger than him.

Secretly...I think Silas loves this.


Fish feeding

The (older 2) kids have found a new hobby...feeding fish. The pond behind our house is full of wildlife. On sunny days if you look across to the opposite bank you can see the "Turtle Family" out enjoying the sun. Seriously, they are lined up like stair steps so our guess is dad, mom, baby, baby & baby. Josh took some bread out to feed the fish yesterday and the kids loved it. We are unsure as to what kind of fish are in the pond, maybe we will find out soon.

(Disclaimer: iPhone pic)


Bad Habits

Our kids love to play in the cars. They could play in there for hours. They drive us to get dinner, Florida, Mamaw & Papaw's, church, school, etc...basically anywhere you can imagine, they can take you there. Recently we found our new driver. Usually she is an innocent bystander but not anymore. Unfortunately, I think she is picking up some bad habits. Really not sure where she was taught to drive with her feet. I guess when you are that cute you can do whatever you want, right?


Football Party

It's that time of year again...Fantasy Football Time!! For the last 7 or 8 years Josh and I are in a league with some friends from church. We enjoy doing this and love getting together one time a year to draft our teams. Last year Becky and I were pregnant with our little ones so this year we decided to get them together for their "party" while the adults were partying. Hudson was all decked out in his Colts gear while Paislee was just decked out in her "girlie" gear.

Playing follow the leader...
Hanging with Andy...


Friday Fun day

Welcome back 90's temps, how we have not missed you. Today was hot...hot...hot! Jaclyn and the boys came over for a while. Aunt Jaclyn is due very soon with baby #3 so we are getting all of our "cousin time" before they hibernate for about a month. Friday is usually trash day in our neighborhood and all the kids love watching the guy and the "big truck." We had to venture out to the front of the house to watch.

...taking their time so they didn't have to jump into the cold water.

Hank & Tuck showing Paislee how the toy works.

Hank showing off his modeling pose. (Pretty sure he gets that from Rick)

...and what would a Hank & Paul play date be without a "Hank" look. Here ya go.


Summer Time Food

Who doesn't love summertime food? Its the only time of year that your dinner plate is more colorful than the colors outside. Summer dinners, at our house, consist of home grown corn, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and many other veggies. At our house we only have a couple tomato plants but we have lots of friends and family members that share with us.

We have lots of green tomatoes...

...and we are starting to see more red tomatoes. Yeah!!!

Frisbee time

Tuesday was another BEAUTIFUL day here. The temperature was mid 80's and the humidity was very low. We enjoyed the weather by playing frisbee today. Tucker loves to throw the frisbee. In fact, he has (acidentally) thrown two frisbees in pond. His throwing skills are not yet perfected so it is quite random where his throws go.

I think this is his "I need a drink" face.

Paislee can't play frisbee yet so she had to play with her toes.

Paislee in a calm moment.



Well, the day is finally here....the day we said our good-byes to Jake, Melinda, Crista & Addie. Today Josh helped them pack the big truck up and then we all joined them for dinner. They are pulling out early in the morning for their drive to Georgia. We wish them luck as they begin their new life and work there. We are trusting the Lord that he has opened doors for them down there and that they are following His will. Good luck Browns!! Hopefully, we will be visiting sooner rather than later. We love you all!

We always have to feed Cody if we are at Mamaw & Papaw's.

The two little girls.

Someone must have been making funny faces.

The older trio.

The older trio...apparently riding a roller coaster.

The oldest two.


8 Months

Happy 8 months Paislee Kate!! Everyday you seem to make us laugh more and more. In the past month you have mastered the art of crawling. You have shown us how you can pull up on couch, kitchen chairs, bed, toilets, bath tubs...basically anything you want. One day this past week I caught her standing up then she let go...yes, she fell straight down. She is not satisified with her new tricks she is constantly finding ways to do more...sometimes that is good and bad. The good is that she is becoming more and more independent, the bad is our baby is getting big too fast. Her two bottom teeth are now in and it looks as though some more are in the works. Her new favorite things too say are da-da-da-da & ma-ma-ma. She has also enjoyed blowing raspberries and spitting...really, though, who doesn't enjoy that, right? I have found her and Tucker under the table in deep thought and conversation, pretty sure this maybe the duo that is trouble. Below are some pics of her at the pool today.

Pool Date

Whew! This morning all the kids decided to get up at 6:30...yes, 6:30. All I can say is that I'm glad it happened on a Sunday. The good part about them waking up this early is that we can take our time getting ready and enjoy the morning. The bad part is...its 6:30 in the morning. We made it to church early then went to McAlister's to enjoy lunch with the family. Needless to say we all took naps then headed to Mama Janell's pool (condo pool). Chaney reminded me earlier in the week that we have not gone to mama's pool so we went. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Tucker had his green float around him and this made him brave enough to jump and venture into the deep end. He loves to go under and jump in from anywhere. Chaney also loved the pool because she could touch the bottom (in some parts) and she could jump off the edges. Paislee enjoyed the pool also. She liked kicking people who got in her way and loved splashing herself.

Look at the color difference between mom and Paislee...lol!

Tucker doing his thing.

We tried this picture about 5 times and this is the only one that turned out.

Audra looks thrilled.

PB & J break...what a stud.