8 Months

Happy 8 months Paislee Kate!! Everyday you seem to make us laugh more and more. In the past month you have mastered the art of crawling. You have shown us how you can pull up on couch, kitchen chairs, bed, toilets, bath tubs...basically anything you want. One day this past week I caught her standing up then she let go...yes, she fell straight down. She is not satisified with her new tricks she is constantly finding ways to do more...sometimes that is good and bad. The good is that she is becoming more and more independent, the bad is our baby is getting big too fast. Her two bottom teeth are now in and it looks as though some more are in the works. Her new favorite things too say are da-da-da-da & ma-ma-ma. She has also enjoyed blowing raspberries and spitting...really, though, who doesn't enjoy that, right? I have found her and Tucker under the table in deep thought and conversation, pretty sure this maybe the duo that is trouble. Below are some pics of her at the pool today.

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