Lost in Translation

One of my favorite parts of watching (or listening) to my kids grow up is listening to them talk. As with all aspects of life, you must practice to make perfect.....and so it is with talking. Listening to kids talk and carry on conversations is always humorous because they use the wrong words at the wrong time, put so much animation into pointless jargon and the are really just regurgitating what their parents say, right? Right! Kids try so hard to say the right word, or what they think is the right word but physically their tongue, mouth, muscles or whatever is not strong enough to make the sound they need so they just spit out whatever. So below are a few of the words that you may hear around our house or if you are with our kids.

funder = thunder

movie feodore = movie theater (fe-o-dore...not to be confused with Alvin, Simon & Theodore)

paint polish = nail polish

weeweeder = weed eater

cupsi = Pepsi

doonuts = doughnuts

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