Party Day

Saturday we spent most of the day over at Mamaw & Papaw's house. Saturday was Papaw's Birthday....25 th birthday (+ or - 30). We went over early and helped put the finishing touches on the homemade ice cream...and by finishing touches I mean taste testing to make sure it was suitable for everyone else. We also were able to feed Cody some apples, get a few lawn mower races in and help decorate. Chaney caught a baby frog and named it "Butterfly." The kids were surprised with a pinata and took some swings to see if they could bust it open. For being papaw's birthday, the grandkids sure made off like bandits.

We enjoyed dinner with Jake & Melinda's family and were able to enjoy some time outside with some of the extended family as well. We kind of had a 2-in-1 party....a going away party. In the next few weeks Jake & Melinda will be moving their family down to Georgia. Jake has a job opportunity their and feel that this is where God is leading them. Melinda has family down there and they will be close to them. They are excited about their move and we are excited to see what God has planned for them.

Below are some pics of the days events...

Future (soft)baller?

Check out that form

Hhhmmm...Where do I hit..

I'll just hit Daddy's head

Lawn mower races...here we come

Cody, the horse. The kids love to share apples with him.

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