Pool Date

Whew! This morning all the kids decided to get up at 6:30...yes, 6:30. All I can say is that I'm glad it happened on a Sunday. The good part about them waking up this early is that we can take our time getting ready and enjoy the morning. The bad part is...its 6:30 in the morning. We made it to church early then went to McAlister's to enjoy lunch with the family. Needless to say we all took naps then headed to Mama Janell's pool (condo pool). Chaney reminded me earlier in the week that we have not gone to mama's pool so we went. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Tucker had his green float around him and this made him brave enough to jump and venture into the deep end. He loves to go under and jump in from anywhere. Chaney also loved the pool because she could touch the bottom (in some parts) and she could jump off the edges. Paislee enjoyed the pool also. She liked kicking people who got in her way and loved splashing herself.

Look at the color difference between mom and Paislee...lol!

Tucker doing his thing.

We tried this picture about 5 times and this is the only one that turned out.

Audra looks thrilled.

PB & J break...what a stud.

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