Stand Up

Watch out world, here she comes. PK has mastered the crawling thing, now she is working on her speed. Tucker dropped some cheerios on the floor earlier this week and Paislee took off faster than I have ever seen her crawl. Her new thing now is standing up. Twice last week I went to get her from her bed and found her standing up leaning on the side. (I guess that is my hint to lower the bed down, I better get on that.) Goodness girl, slow down growing up, will ya? She has figured out that her new found freedom of standing up has its advantages. For example, she is now able to spy on her older siblings while they are sitting on the couch. She sneaks up and starts to take their toys. For the first time this week I heard Chaney yell, "Mom, get Pais out of our stuff." This will not be the last time I hear this.
Also, with this new found freedom comes multiple ways to fall and hurt yourself. So, not only is she getting more mobile but you will find multiple bruises on her head, forehead, legs and arms because she is constantly falling. She's a tough girl, she bounces (not literally, don't let the rolls fool you) back up and keeps on trying.

This was her first attempt at pulling herself up.

She was trying to sweet talk Chaney into giving her some Cheerios.

She is so proud of herself, can you tell.

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