Silly Goose

Tonight we took it easy and watched a movie. I looked to the floor to see what Pais was doing and this is what I found....

Really, she enjoys being like this.

(Disclaimer: Pictures taken and edited on iPhone)


Sweeteeeeee Peteeeee

Tonight we took dinner up to Rick and Jaclyn and were able to hang out for a little bit. The kids played outside and watched the farmers in the field. We were able to sit and visit and hold baby Pete. He seems to adjusting to life with two older brothers pretty well. So far he has only had one scratch...not too shabby for almost two weeks old, right?

Hank is trying to hide...and apparently eat his fist.

Pais was chewing on a hot roller. Really, what else would you chew on at aunt Jac's?

Paul making sure Paislee was doing ok.

Tucker holding Pete. He does very well with babies, but he never wants to hold them very long.

Pete. From the nose up he looks like Paul. From the nose down he looks like Hank.

Chaney loving on Pete while the "big brother" watches carefully.

Chaney loving her baby time. I handed her Pete and she said, "Mom, you can go away. When he cries I will come get you." She is very good with babies...for only being 4.

Who doesn't want to rub a babies head?


Let Them Be Little

"Some days I feel like I have the hardest job and some days I feel like I have the easiest job, but everyday I know that I have the best job." -Me

Some of you that stay home with your kids know that somedays you have your good days and some days you have bad days. Some days you feel like all you do is say "no" or are getting on their case for one reason or another. The thoughts that run through your head are something like..."Why can't you do this...or When you are old enough to do this...When you grow up..."

Many times we are in a hurry to rush them to the next phase...walking, talking, potty training, running, crawling, etc. that we forget to enjoy the moments that we have now. Enjoy the moments when they want to hang on your arm, crawl in your lap, take a nap with you, whisper secrets in your ear, listen while you read a book, play sidewalk chalk, share your meal, share your bed, give you a kiss or hug in publc...I could go on and on.

Me, being the country music nerd, have run across many songs that have the "family" type theme to them. Lonestar has an incredible song that will make you cry. To read the lyrics, click here. Below I put a slide show of our kids with this song. I would lying if I said I didn't cry at all while making this. Time really does pass by quickly and you see this more while watching your children grow up before your eyes.

Let me say that I am blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with our children. This was a decision that was decided on by both Josh and I and prayerfully thought out. We know that everyone does not have the chance or opportunity to do this.


Goofy Pictures

These pictures are all real life pics that happen throughout our days here at home. I always have my phone on me and so I can catch all these things with my iPhone camera. (Not the greatest quality but it captures the moment) These are some funny pics that I have captured in the last few weeks.

This picture is blurry but I think you can get the point. (Chaney will kill me later for posting this but I think its cute) Chaney, obviously, was going to the bathroom so everyone decided to join her and have a pow-wow. They really enjoy themselves in here. Usually they use this bathroom for their office.

Tucker got into Chaney's lip gloss...not sure if you can tell that.

Pretty sure this is Paislee's way of telling her brother and sister that they talk too much

"Did I smear my lipstick?"

We told Tuck one night that they do this to bulls and pigs and he didn't believe us so we did it to him.

One of Paislee's favorite games. We get between her legs and play peek-a-boo.

Paislee's thoughts..."What is this crazy lady doing and why is she so close to me?"


Birthday Dinner

Tonight we headed to Broad Ripple to spend the evening with Dad & Barbara for our birthday dinner. Usually they take us all out but we spend more time trying to corral children and finding them something to do that going to their house is much easier. They grilled steaks and had cupcakes as our birthday cake. We had a nice time spending the evening talking, visiting and all sorts of fun stuff.

Chaney and Tucker took the ones with worms

Paislee chewed on her spoon while we ate cupcakes. She is trying to bring the top 4 teeth in. 2 have broke through, we are waiting on the other 2.

Tucker ate his cupcake like an ice cream cone...he only ate the top. This may explain why he talked the ENTIRE car ride home.

Family pic

Dad & Barbara with the kids

While we were visiting tonight we decided to take a walk around the block. While walking we noticed something moving through one of the neighbors yard. As we investigated closer we noticed an entire family of raccoons. And by family I mean 5...YES 5 of these creatures crawling around in the grass. As we got closer 3 of them ventured back to there home (the sewer). Then we must have spooked the other 2 because they ran back a few minutes later. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough but you can see the last one trying to scurry and get back home. You don't see much of this stuff living in the city.


Kids will be kids

Reason # 56 Why I should win "Mom of the Year Award"

Kids say the darndest things right? Or in this case sing...Those of you who know me well know that I am a country music fan. When we make short trips into town I often leave the radio on instead of playing the kids music because they are busy talking and looking out the window for more interesting things. In the last few weeks I have caught my oldest two singing a few lines or two of the songs that they have heard. Now, most people think of country music as sappy ol' love songs (and in this case I wish it were) but it wasn't. However, to their benefit, they are remembering the cathchy little ditties that will stick in your head. The first is Billy Currington's "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer." Video

The second is Kenny Chesney's "She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy." Video


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to US...and by us I mean Josh and I. Yes, we share the same birthday. At first I wasn't sure about this birthday sharing thing because usually you want your birthday to yourself. But, it seems appropriate to share this day because every other important day (wedding, kids birthdays, etc) in our lives we share so why not this one too, right? RIGHT! He is exactly one year older than I so we are officially 24 & 25. HaHa! Actually, 32 & 33. The plan for tonight was to spend the evening with the family and go to dinner this weekend. But we decided to change our mind and had a dinner at Outback. We enjoyed the evening out just celebrating us. (Let me translate, we enjoyed eating our own dinner and adult conversation). We came home with enough time to sneak in and scare everyone in the house. It was very funny!


Dr Visit

Today was Paislee's 9 month visit. I always forget that on the 9 month visit they do an iron test. Today I thought this was a normal appointment until they said the prick test. They stuck her in the foot and she was fine. BUT...then they had to squeeze her foot to get blood and put in a small vile. The squeezing is what she hated the most. She let the nurse have it. But she quickly recovered and we went back to playing. Everything checked out normal and she has four teeth starting to come in on the top. One is almost through...that explains the gnawing on everything. Her stats are below:

- Weight 21.1 (91%)
-Height 28.5 (79%)
-Head 18.5 (98%)

You can tell she has been moving around ALOT because her weight is starting to slow down. The other two did the exact same thing.

Chewing on something to keep her occupied...and to help with her teeth

She wanted off the table to go crawl

Trying to keep ourselves occupied while we waited for the results

(Disclaimer: iPhone pics)


Future Farmers

Harvest time....This is my favorite time of year. The weather is cooling, trees are turning, fields are ready for harvest, tractors are out, animals are running everywhere....so much fun! Since harvest season started a few weeks ago tractors, combines, wagons, and semi's are everywhere and my kids LOVE IT! They love scouring the fields for any kind of (farm) equipment. We knew papaw Doug was going to be in the combine tonight so he asked us to come over and ride. The kids (and by kids I am including Josh) were so excited, they could hardly wait. Seriously, I think they were more excited than Christmas morning, it was very cute. We pulled up and they just starred at the tractor and combine. I think it was hard for them to understand they are really this big. The combine has a jump seat (basically a passenger seat) and Josh was able to ride with the older two. The ride had a little fun for everyone...the kids saw two baby deer and Josh was very much intrigued with the on board computer:-) Needless to say they would be back out riding now if I didn't have to drag them home for showers before church tomorrow. Thanks papaw Doug, we will be back to ride some more!

They could not wait to climb up.

Look how big that tire is

Papaw Doug finding his seat

Everybody ready?

Let the dust begin


+1 for the boys

She popped! Jaclyn finally had her bundle of joy...another boy! Mr. Pete arrived around 10:45 this morning. He looks just like his older brother Hank. He and mommy are doing well. With Pete, Jaclyn now has 3 boys under 3. The count now is 3 grand-girlies and 6 grand-boys for the Blackford side. We are used to girls, this boy thing is all new for us.

Zoo Day

What a beautiful day! Today was a perfect day for the zoo. The sun was shining, mid 70's and not many people were there. We were able to see all the animals, the dolphin show, watch the elephant get a bath, train ride, pony ride, merry-go-round and pet the sharks. Really, what more could you ask for. Oh yeah, dinner at Pucini's...we did that too. Below are some pics from today.

Paislee's silly face

Paislee was asleep in the stroller so she didn't make this family pic


9 months

First, let me preface this post by saying that Miss Pais is fighting a cold. Usually I try to take pictures the day of but needless to say the chances of me getting a good picture with nothing hanging out the nose was not really going to happen. These pictures are from the Labor Day celebration at my dad's house. Paislee hung out with her dad most of the day and enjoyed herself.

Happy "9 months" Paislee. What a personality you have. You continue to think you are "bigger" than you really are. You want so much to play and run with the big kids but you can't. In the last month you are hanging on to the furniture and walking around. We have caught you standing by yourself. Then, suddenly, you try to dance and you instantly fall. Slowly, little girl, and you will be walking soon. You continue to love the stairs and are climbing them to find big brother and sister. You love huge animals (horses, cows, etc) but are terrified of the animals that are your size. You still love to blow raspberries especially on any skin that you can find. In the last week you proved that you can drink from a straw. You can say (or repeat) "uh-oh." You still only have the two bottom teeth but I think a few more are making their way in. In the last month the funniest thing (we think) is that you are starting to show jealousy when holding your older brother or sister. Really, we shouldn't laugh, but we do find it funny because you break out in this bogus fake, pitiful cry. A few times you will fall forward and bury your head between your legs while sitting on the floor. It is so funny! You love feeding yourself and are eating more and more table food...with the 2 teeth that you have. You have started to drink some apple juice and apple/cherry juice and are slowly starting to like it. On one of the cool days a few weeks ago we tried to put tennis shoes and socks on her and she hated it. I mean HATED the shoes. The socks didn't bother her but the shoes made her so mad.