John Deere

The plan for today was that Chaney & Tucker were supposed to hang out with Silas today at aunt Sarah's house. Well...Tuck ended up hanging out with me and Paislee. Really, what boy doesn't want to hang with the girls? We ran some errands and hung out. When Josh got home we went to go see some "Johnny tractors." He is obsessed with these things so we do our best to accommodate and look for them in fields and at farms. And if we can't find one you can always bet there is one at Smith Implements so this is where we went.

Corey Combine

Tucker in the combine's tire

Johnny tractor

Dad & Tucker

(PS- We did not make up the name "Corey & Johnny." John Deere has books for small children that use these names and they have stuck.)

Disclaimer: Pics taken with iPhone

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