Labor Day Fun

*Catching butterflies
*Feeding Cody
*Riding (tractors) lawn mowers
*Laying down reading books under the shade tree
*Baking cookies
*Cathching frogs
*Using the drill
*Riding in the back of the truck
*Playing ball
*Walking through (Aunt Pat's) woods
*Picking green beans

Since daddy and papaw are still working on the bunk beds we decided to spend Labor day over at mamaw and papaw's so we could hang out while they worked. The weather was beautiful and we spent the whole day outside and had lots of fun.

Chaney using the drill (Just check out Josh's face)

Tucker caught his first butterfly

Tucker feeding Cody

While we were snapping green beans Paislee decided to do a taste test. She seriously gnawed on that bean like an old man gnaws on a cigar. It was hilarious.

Chaney building something with the scrap wood.

Tuck on the mower

Trouble?? I think so

(Disclaimer: all pics taken with iPhone)

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