Updated...On a serious note

Since July, I have tried to leave at least one message a month about Graham & Randi. Graham is my brother-in-law's brother, sorry for the confusion..... so Jaclyn's brother-in-law. In July he took a nasty spill off of his horse (Crockett) and was considered, by medical standards, to have major brain trauma and a spinal injury and was never to return to his old self. By reading their blog you can get an update on what he is doing now and how far God has brought him.

Since Thanksgiving was last week Graham, Randi and the boys were in town to visit family. On Sunday they spoke at Rick's church. If you'd like to listen click here. Let me give you advance notice that this is about 30-40 minutes long and you will need a kleenex. The speaker is Gary Stump, Graham and Rick's dad. The way that this family has handled this entire situation is a testament to how awesome our God is. They never underestimated how big God is and all that he can do. Tragedy is nothing new for this family. When Graham (& Rick) were little their mom was killed by a drunk driver in an auto accident. When you listen to what they have endured you can see the faith that they have. Never, for one second, did they question God and ask "Why me?" Honestly, if I was put in that scenario once or even twice....I think my faith would waiver just a bit. What an inspirational story. What a journey of faith.


Monday's Thoughts

I must confess today's items are ones that I have "borrowed" from friends on Facebook or other blogger moms. I know most of you will agree with both of these. Enjoy...

This link is from another blogger friend who happens to attend church with us. It has some very good points that (I'm sure) most moms struggle with. It has some very encouraging words for us. (Thanks Jen!)


Christmas Card Out-takes

This year we are going against the grain and actually sending out Christmas cards. We figured that three kids into this "family" thing we might as well start. You have to start somewhere, right? So, now, those of you who never received a card from us it wasn't because we forgot you, we just didn't send cards to anyone. While Josh was on vacation he helped (I use that word loosely) to keep the kids attention. We do our own pictures here because I like to photograph the kids and we are too cheap to take them to get pictures done.

We had the kids start singing a song (apparently it has motions) to try and keep them interested.
Taking a guess here....Tuck must have stepped on her toes

Tucker, the consoling big brother

Yep, pretty sure he is digging for gold

Really, who doesn't want to kiss the baby?

Tucker decided to run for the camera...literally.

Check out the fake smile

She reminds me of Chandler on "Friends"

Paislee get out of the way

Pretty sure Tuck made her mad

Christmas cards are ordered and hopefully on their way soon. No worries...none of these pictures made the cut.


Fun with food

What I thought was a nice easy (and healthy...but don't tell them) snack of banana and nutella ended up being fun with (edible) finger paint. As long as they had fun and no one was hurt, right?.....that's just a normal day around here.


Friends Friday

Who needs black Friday when you can have friend Friday? The Friday after Thanksgiving is a day we look forward too...at least for the last few years. Not because of shopping but because we get to hang out with Dan & Stacey. A little over two years ago they moved down to Corpus Christi (Texas) and we don't see them near as often as we should. Tonight we all gathered and played games and spent the entire evening together while the kids played.

We were trying to get the kids together on the couch for pictures and Charlotte wanted to sit by Tucker. He first kissed her on the head then put his arm around her. (Did he learn these moves from his dad?...I don't think so)

The kids are sitting on the couch (the kids are sitting youngest to oldest, we didn't plan it that way). Dan and Stacey are expecting their first so next year we will have one more to add to this picture.

Paislee was making her scrunched smiley face but stopped once we were looking at her. Actually, we are lucky Pais was still conscious. She had such a rough night. If you were to lift up her bangs she has three bruises on her forehead. For some reason tonight she was in the wrong place at the wrong time....needless to say, tonight was NOT her night.
The adults (thanks Chloe for taking our picture. The kids were starting to creap back in.)


Hot cakes, get your hot cakes

Since Josh is on vacation this week, guess who is making breakfast each morning (well with a little help from #1 & #2)? We have loved having daddy around for breakfast time. This morning they got breakfast ready before Paislee even woke up, so when she got up she didn't have to wait to eat.

This is our secret to making from scratch pancakes, that counts, right?!?!

She loves to be in the kitchen helping with whatever she can.

Check out the fake smile...

Tuck's turn

Little mama helping

Finished products

On a side note, a few days ago I posted that our schedule had been a little strange. Josh was on jury duty. He was selected for an attempted murder trial. For those of you who don't know, Josh graduated with a criminology degree, so this trial was right up his alley. He really enjoyed serving and learning all kinds of new things.


Monday's Reflection

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."
-Jeremiah 1:5

Chaney Marie

Tucker Allen

Paislee Kate

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
Psalm 139:13-16



Today after church we headed out for lunch with the family. Paislee could not wait to get her hands on a chocolate chip cookie, can you tell?

We told her she had to share with mamaw, this wasn't exactly what we were thinking, but it worked.....

(Disclaimer: iPhone pics, thanks Audra!)


This & That

Maybe this post should be named "Let the chaos begin"...I think that maybe the more appropriate name. The weeks of holidays always seem to be chaotic but this Thanksgiving season has started a week early. I'll just give you a quick update as to what we are all up to...

Josh-Well, I can't really say what he has been up to this week. Maybe in a few days I can talk about it.

Katie-Since Josh's schedule has been different or crazy (whatever way you want to look at it) this causes my schedule to be crazy.

Chaney-This week she has displayed her "mom" skills quite well. There has been a few times this week that her and Tuck have been upstairs playing and he has to go potty. (All of this, of course, while I am down stairs feeding PK) Chaney is able to get him to the potty, lift the lid and help get his clothes out of the way. She has also displayed her feeding skills. While I am trying to get dinner ready she will sit and feed Paislee. She is also good at consoling her little sister.

Tucker-He is still doing well with the potty training. He continues to give us hardly any notice so when he says "gotta pee" we make a mad dash to the closest potty. In the last few weeks he also thinks its really fun to climb really high on something and jump. Earlier this week this is what I found...

Yes, he climbed on top of the van and was getting ready to jump down on the cement floor.

And last, but not least, Pasilee-She is once again moving to another milestone (...as if crawling and walking is not enough...) is now climbing. Anything she can hike her little knee on she does and then sees where she can go. This is what I mean...

She does find a way to get down without falling off.

What a week....



Just like Daddy

Lately, I have been catching this little boy doing more and more things like daddy. In my opinion that is a great person to be like;-)

Tuck has daddy's hunting hat on and his (Tuck's) camos. The necklace is not a daddy thing, its a big sister thing.

Whenever Josh is working intently on something you know because he'll have a pen behind his ear. Tucker was drawing and then this is what I found.

You can bet anytime we eat a meal the first thing Josh goes for is a toothpick. And now when he gets one Tucker wants one.

(Disclaimer: iPhone pictures)


11 Months

Happy 11 Months Paislee Kate

What a big month you have a had. You have now been walking for about 10 days. You are cruising right along. You now walk room to room trying to find people and things to play with. You now sneak up the stairs when no one is looking and make it to the top on a regular basis. You love to climb on your desk and stand on it then somehow seem to find a way to get down without falling.

You also had three more teeth break through and are slowly making their way down. You have about 4 more on the bottom wanting to come in (this may explain why you seem a bit more grouchy than normal). You continue to make us laugh with your fake cry that quickly turns to giggles. You love to play the "puppy dog game" with your brother and sister. It's so hard to believe that next month you will be one year. Where does the time go?


Country meets Skating

You are never too old to roller skate....right? Well I guess my body will tell me tomorrow. BRCC hosted a Western themed skating party for the young adults at the church. It was fun to hang out with other adults and have a good time skating. Something about skating always makes me feel like a kid again. Below are some pictures and I will post others on Facebook.

Amy & I

Sarah, Jessie, Jamie


Cowboy shooting the indian

Becky & Rick won "chicken poop" for their prize winning outfits

Everybody (except Josh, he took the pictures)

The girls (the boys got bored with picture time and wanted to go back skating and playing cards)