December Pics in review

Below are pictures from December that have been taken on my phone. This is just real life around this house. Enjoy...

This is a fine specimen of a (little) man...watch out girls. Seriously, he gets this way at least once a day. (Still not sure where he gets it from)

Paislee loves to climb the stairs then stick her head in between the banister rungs so I can see her pretty little face.

I guess these two thought it was cold in the house. The laundry baskets are their trucks and they pack them up then sit in them. Oh, to have their imagination....

I see you

So peaceful when he is sleeping. When he is awake it's a whole different story.

She loves to wear her daddy's hat and put her glasses on.

Tuck, I think your glasses are missing something.

You'll often find these two doing this....after they wake up they go to the couch, share a bowl of (dry) cheerios while they watch Barney. Check out PK's hair...the nighttime really does bad things to the hair.

Learning to dip her french fries in ketchup.

PK was playing with Chaney and Tucker and they put her in this chair, I think she liked it.

Our moviestar

Liv was over and all the girls got their picture taken while Tucker napped.

Paislee and her driver. PK loves to be pushed and they love to do it.


Nerdom at it's Finest

Yesterday I did something I never thought I would do. Actually, I did it twice. I joined a watch forum, not just one, but TWO. I just made everyone aware of my "nerdom." BUT...let me tell you why. The watch below is a rare Japanese Seiko watch, a limited edition, you may say. Long story short, I received this from a Japanese man who was working with my dad back in the mid 80's. I've done some research, emailed a few watch guru's (geeks) and finally found what I should do. This watch is an early 1970's model and contains no battery, it runs on a spring and takes 300 movements to get a 24 hour charge. It is a very heavy diver's watch and shows Japanese and English days. Seriously, if you wear this watch for a few days your arm my ache a little. I won't tell you exactly how much I can sell this watch for but let's just say that my research and time spent was not wasted...at all!

On a side note...seriously, I did not know watch collecting was such a huge hobby for some people. They can spend hundreds or thousands on a single watch. These people are die hard. And there are some very expensive watches out there. Yikes!


Sled Fun

Snow + sled + 4-wheeler = FUN!!!

Today was Josh's last day of vacation before heading back to work tomorrow. Since the kids are feeling better (and rain is coming in and warm weather) we figured today was a good day for it. They (Paislee and I stayed in) headed out toward grandpa Short's house and he graciously allowed them to use the 4 wheeler. They went on trails through the woods and did lots of riding in the yard. They had a lot of fun, I think daddy had the most fun.

The three musketeers

The masked two-some

Josh dumped them off the sled. Actually, he did it a few times (not on purpose).


Last couple days in review

We are still here....barely alive, but still here. It seems the last couple days we have traded our Christmas presents for kleenexes, cough medicine, long nights, short naps, and nose suckers. Paislee started coming down with a bad cold on Christmas Eve and has since graciously shared it with her brother and sister. Around this house if you hear someone sneeze you better get a kleenex ASAP...it's (s)not good. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas day festivites...

Tucker and Chaney watching patiently as Paislee opened presents. We start with the youngest and work our way up.

Santa brought Chaney a new puzzle. (It's a little bigger than Santa thought, but that is ok.) She now has a better understanding where Dan & Stace live, (my) uncle Pete and where Crista is.

Mamaw and aunt Pat reading them a new book.

When we go to mamaw and Doug's house Chaney loves to get the dress-up clothes out and change. The entire night she wore this wedding dress around. She loved it. She is playing the new dance game on the Wii.

These two are seriously fric & frak. They are tied at the hip.

Meet the newest family member, Bentley. This was mom's Christmas present. He is a Great Pyrenees and will be huge.

This is the newest addition to our family....John Deere Gator. The kids received this and (I think) will enjoy it very much. Paislee has determined that she would much rather ride in the back then the seats...we'll see if that really happens.


Merry Christmas to all

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14


Tinsley Christmas

Tonight was our Christmas celebration with the Tinsley (my mom) side. It seems each year that our family grows by a few more members each season. This year was no different. At last count we are up to about 80 people with about 65 in appearance tonight. We officially now have aunts/uncles/cousins living in Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. Christmas is the one time of year when we are all together (or almost all together). This year's gathering still holds the same family traditions as it always has:

- a feast of a meal all cooked by our family
- handmade desserts
- family pictures
- grandma & grandpa kissing for all the cameras
- reading of the Christmas story
- singing Christmas carols
- animated 12 days of Christmas

Melvin & Mary Lou...better known as grandma & grandpa

Grandparents with their girls. My uncle Marvin (the only boy) passed away tragically about 5 years ago.

Aunt Cheryl's family...They are all in attendance

Aunt Linda's family...they are missing Brian (Melanie's husband)

Aunt Anita's family...they are missing Chris and his wife Alicia

Uncle Marvin's girls and their families...5 of 6 girls are here

Mom's crew...I think we are the best looking crew....ok ok I may be a bit biased. We are missing Jaclyn's family and Liv.

One of my favorite parts of the Tinsley Christmas...

It all started with these two about 60 years ago. Around this time of year I am so thankful that I was raised knowing what the real meaning of Christmas is all about. It is nice to be with family and even open presents. But, with the birth of Jesus, we have everlasting life.

Merry CHRISTmas!!


Brown Christmas

Tonight was Christmas celebration #3 with the Browns. We spent the evening with mamaw & papaw (Josh's parents) and had a great time. Mamaw tried out a new recipe on us then we played then presents then played some more. The kids (and mom & dad) made out like bandits...Santa has ALOT of work to do.

The kids listening to mamaw talk about the Christmas story.

Chaney listening intently

Thanks mamaw & papaw for a fun filled evening...and the presents!!

Today was also Paislee's one year doctor appt. Her and I went to the doctor before heading to the Christmas celebration. Here are her one year stats:

Weight = 23.5 lbs (81%)
Height = 29 in (43%) were not sure if this is correct or not
Head = 19.5 (99%)


New Toy Fun

This toy below was the last minute Christmas present we needed to get for a certain little lady. Josh and I worked on putting it together last night. Getting this put together along with the other presents will make for an easier Christmas morning for mom & dad....because we have two other events on Christmas day.

Paislee was able to play with this some last night but when she woke up this morning this is the first thing she wanted to do. I think she likes it, what do you think?

She has a wipe and is cleaning it

The car is now put away for safe keeping until Christmas morning. We just let her test drive it.

(Disclaimer: all iPhone pics)


Chaney & Tucker's Day of Fun

Today Dad and Barbara braved the nasty weather and came our way to get the kids, at least the older two, to keep for the day and night. Pais & I finished some Christmas shopping and she helped me assemble (or climb on) some toys. The plan for them was to go to the Children's museum then to the park where they could play in the snow. These were the pictures that I received throughout the day. It looks like they had a blast. I'm sure these two will sleep good tonight.