2 Year Check Up

Today was Paislee's 2 year well baby visit. She was a bit apprehensive about going and seeing Dr K. After she had her weight and height checked we went to a room where she was able to play and come out of her shell. Her stats are below:

Weight - 28 lbs = 66%
Height - 34.5 in = 65%
Head - 20 cm = 99% (I think her thick hair throws this measurement off)

Rigley went to the doctor with us today. He and the older kids have been fighting a nasty cough/cold the last few days. Rigley is on his third cold and is only 8 weeks old. He sounds so pathetic when he coughs. Dr K checked him out just to make sure everything was ok. As she was listening to his lungs Paislee said, "Rigey (she can't say Rigley yet) my baby." She is very possessive of her little brother. Everyday she and I have a discussion about who Rigley belongs to.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

We hope that this holiday season finds you and your family happy, healthy and enjoying our Savior's birth.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6


Tinsley Christmas Eve

Christmas eve evening is always reserved for the Tinsley Christmas.  I think this tradition has gone on for some forty years.  We are blessed to have our grandparents still around and they so enjoy seeing everyone.  This is the only time of the year that some of them get to see grandma and grandpa.  Josh and I figured up this morning that out of a possible 81 people we had 53 there last night and were missing 28.  Most of the 28 were out of state in Tennessee, Florida, Missouri and Georgia so I guess they have good reason not to be here.  We did miss everyone who was not able to be there.

Some of the traditions that we have, started by my grandpa is every year we do family pictures.  Most of the time we dread them but when you look back over the years it is always fun to see how much we change and how much our families grow.  We also read the Christmas story from Luke, sing Christmas carols and end the singing session with 12 days of Christmas.  The 12 days are divided up and we all make up our own motions...needless to say there are endless laughs and righfully so.

Rigley at the beginning of the night...looking all handsome in his shirt and vest.

 Aunt Anita and Uncle Morris were missing their 2 kids and their families so they borrowed Paislee and Rigley so they would have someone to sit with them.

 Uncle Marvin's family (he passed away in 2005)

 Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Wayne's family (uncle Wayne was sick and her other 2 girls were out of state)

 Aunt Linda & Uncle Ken and three of their kids (the other 2 girls and their families are out of state)

 Grandma & Grandpa and the girls

Mom, Doug and our crew (this year Olivia was in Florida with her dad and Madison joined the picture)

 I had to put this picture in here for a few reasons. One, my mom can hardly take a picture without closing her eyes and having the goofiest fake smile there is.  We were all laughing, telling jokes and probably doing some inappropriate gestures behind the scenes and between pictures.  Two, this picture turned out really well with us all smiling and, well, looking beautiful as always...if I do say so  my self.

  Mom & Rigley (another successful picture with a real smile and eyes open)

Each year Grandpa chooses someone to read the Christmas story and he chose Grandma.

Rigley at the end of the night.  After a big meal (or in his case a few meals, pictures, singing and his first round of 12 days of Christmas I think he was done.  Or at least thought so when I took this picture.  After a cat nap he was back up until about 11 last night.)


Check this out

I put Rigley in the corner of the chair so I could get up and grab something and came back to this...


Paislee is 2

Paislee is 2...wasn't she just born?  Today we celebrated with the usual tradition for breakfast...cake & ice cream for everyone.  Well, almost, Paislee decided she wanted scotch-a-roos so that is what she got.    This evening we had grandparents stopping by and dropping off presents.  We spent a quiet evening in because of the crazy holiday schedule coming up and because of the newest addition.

**Note:  Apparently I'm still not used to the blogger setup yet.  The breakfast pictures are her naked at the bottom and the pink shirt is cake time after dinner tonight.

 Pais was  hilarious as we were singing.  She seriously looked at each person to see their facial expressions and smiled at us all.

 Paislee got some new princess dress-up gear.  Here she is modeling her earrings.  

 Looks like the scotch-a-roos were good.

(I usually write each child a letter for their birthday.  Lately, I have not had time to collect my thoughts and write a letter so it is coming....just not tonight.)

Happy 2nd Birthday Paislee Kate

Why, Paislee, why?  This seems to be your favorite question or phrase right now.  We know that you use this "why" phrase as a learning time and for absorbing information but, I'm not gonna lie, it sometimes drives us crazy.  Each day your vocabulary seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  It seems as though from the 18th month to now you have finally begun to talk.  You are now turning your words into sentences...or  maybe phrases that I can understand and sometimes sentences.  We think that you used the first 18 months to let your brother and sister do all the talking for you.  (They do enough talking that they may as well speak for you, right?)

Your bright blue eyes, your blond (curly) goldy locks and your booming personality bring a smile to our face many times a day.  Some days your personality is so evident and so fun.  Many times when we go out to church or any other public place you come off as a shy girl but as soon as you warm up you are loud and play well.  Sometimes your facial expressions let us know what is going on in that head of yours before your words are ever spoken.

You love being the big and little sister.  Your older siblings let you play the "baby" when they play house.  They also love to carry you around, beat up on you, boss you around, make you their slave....need I go on? You love to hold Rigley and talk to him.  You love to watch him get his diaper changed, take a bath with him, shove the poppy (pacifier) into his mouth when he needs it...and when he doesn't need it.  You are the first person to let me know when he is awake or when he is crying.

You are still a champion sleepter.  You (& the rest of the bunch) head to bed around 8:30-9ish and you sleep until 8:30 or so.  Each day you lay down around 1:30 and will sleep about 2-2.5 hours.  Your red shirt is your best friend and a must have wherever we go.  (red shirt = her security blanket = an old VBS shirt of mine.  When we transitioned her up to her crib we took one of my shirts with her so that it would have my scent.)  Now two years later she still has it.  Not like just carries it but sleeps with in on her head and sniffs it.  After a few hours of playing and not having the shirt you will find her starting to wind down, she will find her shirt and hold it up to her nose and start sniffing it.  If you have seen it you know that there is a knot on the end.  The shirt is so long that we tied and know on one end and the  knot has to be there.  If it comes out she quickly alerts us.  You are getting much better about leaving it on the floor and not needing it until you are tired or are going to bed.

Apple juice is still your favorite drink of choice.  We mix about 3/4 water to 1/4 of juice and you drink it just fine.  Just like your older siblings you didn't really take to milk right after nursing but I'm sure you will in the next year, just like they did.  Black olives are your favorite food and I'm sure you would eat them at every meal if we would let you.  You are a great eater with a sweet tooth for peppermint patties and candy cane kisses...where, oh where, would you get that from?

You have learned that to survive around here you must hold your own and fight back.  Your "fight back" is sometimes too good and has taught you to start instigating fights.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen you hit your brother in the back of the head while watching cartoons.  The funniest part is we just let you do it so you will learn your lesson.  We will give you props for your "fake" cry, it is getting better.  You have gotten alot better about not (fake) crying so much and just fighting back.

The one thing that your daddy and I love is that you still love to cuddle with us, not only at home but out in public too.  You have such a sweet loving personality.  In the last month or so you have volunteered to start praying at meals with the AMEN being your favorite part.  During the rest of the prayer you are monotone and quiet but when the AMEN part comes it comes out forceful and lound.  You love to get books out and read them and loves to have them read to you too.

Paislee Kate, you are a blessing to our family.  There is not one day that goes by that we don't double over in laughter because of you.  It seems as though we just celebrated Chirstmas with you as a newborn and now you are two.  Where did the last two years go?  Each day you get more beautiful and more independent and leaving the "baby" part of you behind.  You mean so much to us and we love you beyond words.


Some More Smiles...

Each evening I head to bed and Josh gets to spend some "father-son" time with Rigley.  He smiles alot in his sleep and last night Josh got these smiles.

(Rigley looks really washed out because the lights were off and Josh's phone has a light, flash, so it makes Rigley look bad.)


A Few Funnies

Since I use this blog as a scrapbook/journal for our family, it is only right that I add funny sayings (or stories) in so the kids will look back and laugh and maybe roll their eyes at the things they say.  

Here are some that are "blog" appropriate:

-Tuck told me he had a spider in his nose.

-We were riding in the car back from town and Tuck says, "What that smell, it stinks?" Chaney replies, "Its your breath."

-As I'm putting Tuck's jacket on he tells me he has an arm pit wedgie.  (This happens when he doesn't hold his sleeves and when the jacket gets put on his sleeve bunches up around your armpit.  Yes, he made this term up himself.)

-Rigley started crying in his sleep, crying enough to wake himself up. He was still in his bed so I leaned down to talk to him and so he could see me. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Tucker then turns to me and says, "Maybe he doesn't like your face, mom." Thanks Tuck.

-So...Paislee was showing me the duck hunt game on the iPod and asking me to show her how to play. Tucker comes over just wanting to look, not causing problems (for once). PK (Paislee Kate) takes her hand and covers the screen so he can't see.  (I"m guessing she has seen her big sister do this once or twice.)

-On our way home from church we were going home on a country road and  came upon an older couple out for a Sunday drive so I passed them. Then I hear this:
Tuck: Mom, why did you pass them.
Me: They were driving slow.
Tuck: Why were they driving slow?
Me: They were an older couple and they seem to drive a little slower so they can look around.
Tuck: You' re old mom and you don't drive slow.
Me: Thanks Tuck.

One morning last week we were all up (except Chaney) and were watching cartoons.  Since I was in the room with them I decided to put Rigley on the floor (for his safety, it is best he is not on the floor without proper watching) so he could watch the ceiling fan and see the other kids.  Tucker and Paislee decide to get on either side of him and talk to him.  For some reason Rigley kept looking at Tucker and Paislee did not like that.  She kept taking her hand and moving Rigley's face back to her, but he kept turning back to Tucker.  So..the little ornery girl that she is she moved his head back so he was looking at her then she grabbed his earlobe...yes, she grabbed his earlobe so he couldn't turn his head again.  I thought that was a pretty smart move on her part.  

...never a dull moment around here...


First Smiles

This morning I (& Rigley) were up before anyone else and I had to get in the shower because we start our December Christmas celebrations today with our first one around noon.  After I was done I got down on the floor and was talking to Rigley.  Guess what??? He looked at me, locked in on my face and smiled...not once but for about 5 mintues.  He was full of himself.  Since he was born he has been smiling in his sleep but never at anyone.  I think it's only right that he smiles at his mom, right?  I mean, afterall, he does see me more than anyone.  I'd say this day got started on the right foot.


December Birthdays

December is a big birthday month for our family, we have 6 birthdays.  Tonight we all gathered at Buca di Beppos for dinner and some family fun.  Everyone was able to make it, however, Tommy, Sarah, Josh & Rigley did not want their picture taken and I was taking the pictures.

Silas (he was playing DS and did not want to look at the camera), Josiah's friend, Josiah and Tucker 

 Jaclyn, Pete and Rick (apparently Rick forgot the ugly sweater party was last weekend.)  The funniest part about his ugly outfit was the table behind ours kept talking about it and were trying to "casually" look at him the entire evening.  Their "casual" was terrible.

 Dad & Barbara

 Audra & Tony

 Brooke, Jordan & Chloe

 (My) Mamaw & Papaw

 The girls...Chaney, Paislee & Ella  Tonight we let Paislee sit down with all the kids.  Ella does such a good job of watching and playing with her.  Paislee loves her.

Hank & Paul


Family Pictures

Married for 10 years...4 kids...Its never too late to have your first family pictures done, right?  A few weeks back we had our very first family pictures done.  Tabitha (same photographer who did Rigley's newborn shoot) was gracious enough to do these for us.  Considering we had tired kids (note to self: night before family pics kids must stay home and not spend the night some place else), a newborn who has his own schedule, 4 kids to try to get to look at the camera and smile at the same time....I would say Tabitha did a great job.  Below are some of my favorites.