January Pics in Review

iPhone pics in review is now iPod pics in review. Josh and I both sold our iPhones and are now back to regular phones and iPods. Here is some of what I captured this month.

Paislee loves to play guns with her brother. Apparently Tucker is trying to blow her eyes out.

They really do love each other.

This is what happens when Tucker lays on the floor, PK tries to wrestle with him. The good news most of the time he is pretty gentle with her.

Most nights we have wrestle night with daddy. This is usually what it looks like.

Paislee's favorite thing now is to climb up the chairs to the table. She is always so proud of herself.

Friday night movie night with the new sleeping bags, Pais didn't want hers.

Her favorite chair

Funny story...I have like 15 of these pictures on my iPod. Chaney only takes a nap once or twice a week but everyday she goes to her room for a few hours while everyone else naps and has her rest time. She has to lay in her bed and can take a few books, toys and sometimes takes my iPod to watch a movie. When I get the iPod back I have a ton of these type of pictures.

Me and my babies

Chaney loves to look at the Photofunia app so this picture is for her. Really, who doesn't love to see themselves on a billboard?

We had dinner at KFC, can you tell?



Some Guys Pizza

Tonight was GNO (girls night out) night. We tried a new restaurant, "Some Guys Pizza." It was pretty good. After dinner we went to the coffee shop to talk and hang out....and laugh...and laugh...and laugh. It was a fun evening out.

Here we are trying to take pictures of ourselves...it didn't work too well. (Or maybe it did and the camera really like me;-))

Amy got a picture of us

We broke out the iPod and flipped the camera around so we could ourselves and get better pictures.


Friday's Funnies: Paislee's turn

This morning Paislee has been running around talking, yelling, laughing (at herself) and showing off her crazy little personality. So, I thought since big brother and big sister have been featured on the last two Fridays it is now PK's turn. (Really, she wanted to do the interview but I couldn't understand about 90% that came out of her mouth;-))

These pictures were taken the other night. After dinner, we made a huge mess. We pulled out the coloring books, crayons and laundry baskets. The way we do it around here is we all sit on the floor and the (upside down) baskets become our desks. Paislee colored for a few minutes then it was more fun to pose for the camera and eat the crayons.

(iPod picture)

This her new favorite thing...find stickers and put them on her nose and walk around. Don't ask, I don't know where she gets this. Her brother or sister don't do this. All I can say is she has a mind of her own.


Cousin Fun

Today Silas spent the day with us. He arrived early so we ventured over to the church for some playland time....then a daycare came in with 20+ kids and that was our cue to leave. Chaney was so excited to see him, between his sickness and her sickness they haven't seen each other in a while. She asked, "Mom, when Silas gets here can I hug him. I've missed him so much." She loves him and I think he loves her too.

After we got home it was all things boy. Gun fights, nerf gun fights, wrestling, etc....but Chaney did get her way and they played house and there was dancing.

Personally, I think it's always a little funny when Silas comes over. For starters, I get a glimpse of what my life would be like with 4 kids, whew! Then at our house he plays with dolls (because Chaney wants to) and he gets a feel of what it is like to be a big brother. Since Silas is the youngest of his bunch he is the one who is often tormented. I thought the picture above was really cute of him being so sweet and consoling Pais.

Paislee needed a little help going up the slide so I left her shoes on. I know...I know...I'm not following the rules. Oh well, I don't think it hurt anything but it did help her to get enough grip to get up the slide.

The video below is them dancing while they watch a little bit of Camp Rock 2. Even Paislee got in on the action.


Sick Days

We don't want anymore sick days, well at least this mom doesn't want anymore sick days. Last Wednesday Tucker woke up and was real lethargic acting. I knew something wasn't quite right. Thursday morning he got up and you could tell by the smell of his breath and by listening to him talk that his throat was bothering him. After taking a look we found bright red swollen tonsils.....that were covered in pus. I did as any mom would do and webmd'd it. My exact diagnosis was tonsillitis. (Yes, my name is Katie Brown, M.D.) He had no fever so I really wasn't too worried. On Saturday he started acting himself and his tonsils had started to return to normal size.

Then....it was Chaney's turn. Saturday night she started in with fever. She ran a fairly high temp for her, about 102. Motrin/Tylenol would only bring it back down to around 100. She was coughing like crazy but didn't have any swelling of the tonsils. Finally, on Monday evening she started acting better and her temp was around 99 when she went to bed. This morning she woke up and was fever free. 48 hours (almost exactly) and this bug was gone. BUT...the cough is still here.

These pics were taken on Monday, she looks pretty pathetic. The good news is she is a good patient;-)

Hopefully, Paislee doesn't follow in this trend and feel the need to get sick.


An apple a day...

One of Paislee's favorite snack is an apple. To say that she enjoys an apple is an understatement. She LOVES apples. We have to peel her apple then give it to her and she does the rest. Usually, the way it goes is she heads over to the gator and sits and eats...and eats...and eats. Seriously this keeps her busy for about 30 minutes. She does like to get up and roam around the house with the apple. In her mind she is such a big girl when she does this. If we forget a part of the peel she soon lets us know. After she is finished you can not even recognize the apple.


Me & Mini-me

Tonight Chaney and I had an impromptu night out. We decided to leave the youngest two with daddy and her and I ventured out in the sub-zero temps to go check on (my) mom. Mom had some "maintenance" work done and we went to check on her. She is healing well and enjoying her pain meds. While we were there we picked up Liv and went out to dinner. It was a fun night out driving on the nasty roads. I think you can tell by the pictures below we had some fun with the camera before we left.

Tonight on the way Chaney and I had an interesting conversation. She started asking about questions about Jesus and God. I love her inquiring mind and the innocence of it all. She asked a few questions that made me laugh and view things in a different perspective. Chaney did say something that left a lasting impression and made me quite proud. Her exact quote was, "I love Jesus. He lives in my heart." It's things like this that make me think we are doing something right.

Friday's Funnies: Tucker's Interview

This week is Tucker's turn to be interviewed. His responses are a little bit more random and pretty funny.

1. What is something Mommy always says to you?
She paddles me.

2. What makes Mommy happy?

3. What makes Mommy sad?
*he made a fake cry sound*

4. How does Mommy make you laugh?
When you tickle us.

5. What was Mommy like as a child?
*no response*

6. How old is Mommy?
Three-two aaaannnnddd three

7. How tall is Mommy?
Really, really tall.

8. What is Mommy's favorite thing to do?
*he blows raspberries*

9. What does Mommy do when you're not around?
Lay in the basket. (I'm just thankful he didn't say casket.)

10. If Mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?
I don't know.

11. What is Mommy really good at?
Getting in the gator.

12. What is Mommy not very good at?

13. What does Mommy do for her job?

14. What is Mommy's favorite food?

15. What makes you proud of Mommy?
Make me mad.

16. If Mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be

17. What do you and Mommy do together?

18. How are you and Mommy the same?
Same friends.

19. How are you and Mommy different?
I don't know.

20. How do you know Mommy loves you?
You hug me.

21. Where is Mommy's favorite place to go?


Practice Run

Tonight Josh had ProPresenter practice at the church so we tagged along. We took some dinner to the church then headed to playland while daddy worked. We made sure we got out and spent some energy because we are going to be stuck inside again tomorrow as we get another 6" of snow. I'm thinking this could be the snowiest winter on record.

Pais has this new thing she does. Everytime a camera comes out she wants to look at the screen on the back instead of posing for the picture. So this is her running to look at the back of the camera.

Me and my baby (She is not much of baby anymore.)

Trying to get the three of them to sit still for a picture is almost impossible.

Chaney trying her ballerina moves

Tuck was trying to hide from me so this is him hiding on the floor behind a mat

Paislee and her (newly walking) friend Hudson. There are three little munchkins at church who were all born within a week of one another. Paislee's was on the 15th, Hudson on the 21st and Parker was on the 22nd.



Since I have started doing our blog, I find myself going and reading other blogs. Some are friends, family and most are people that I don't even know. The one thing that makes me smile is when I come across blogs that make these people sound like they are living this perfect little life. I'll be the first to admit, we do REAL life here. We have good days and we have our bad days. We have days when I feel like all I do is yell and get kids in trouble and we have days where we laugh and play all day. We have days when we stay in pajamas all day. We have days when kids take naps in my arms. We have days when we are up all night. I love my life, I love my kids and I love my husband and I would not trade them for the world.

Here are some of my confessions to prove this real life stuff is what we are all about. (I think any mom would agree you have confessions too. I maybe the only one stupid enough to share a few with you.)

-sometimes I like to watch my kids get really mad when they play or wrestle with each other. I like to see different sides of their personality shine through.

-when we go out to dinner, I sometimes order food that I know the kids don't like or won't eat so I don't have to share.

-I get up early so I can drink my morning tea in quiet before our day starts.

-I wish my kids would get up at the same time so I can fix everybody's breakfast at the same time instead of the three rounds we currently do.

-Josh & I often play Words with Friends and when he plays a word that is worth 50+ points I often accuse him of cheating (because he has in the past) then I fill my competitive juices start to flow and I get mad because I didn't think of the word first.

-sometimes for dinner we have cereal because I'm too tired to cook.

-some days I feel like I'm really strict on my kids (discipline wise).

-on the days when I want to get things done I find that I have less patience for my children.

-I don't share my Starbucks!


Out of the house

Today mamaw papaw called and had and idea to go bowling. So...we did! This was Chaney and Tuck's first time bowling and I'm pretty sure they liked it. We had too many pictures and videos to try remember this first time so we made a video. Enjoy!

Thanks to my fantastically talented video department for helping with this video. My husband is a nerd..I mean jack of all trades. He was able to do all of this on his iPod.


This morning our church had a women's event called Spa-la-la. We enjoyed brunch and enjoyed a little self-pampering. There were stations for a foot wash, hand waxing, hand massage and facials. It was fun to get away and do a little self-pampering. The company was good too;-)