February Pics in Review

Somebody got in the pantry and found the raisins.

Cool whip and banana anyone?

Paislee loves to get on top of her toys and roll around on them. Not sure where she learned this trick from.

Just a note...

Do I have anything on my face?

This is what happens after late nights and early mornings. He's a hard workin' man.

She loves to put (clean) wipes on her head and walk around.

And Chaney's rest time routine....her own picture taking...

(Disclaimer: All iPod pictures)


Funny Friday: Cheese

If you say "cheese" to Paislee then this is what you get. Seriously, this little girl is full of personality....I'm not sure if you can tell or not.

(Disclaimer: All of these pictures were taken with my iPod so this is the reason for the graininess and the reason a few are a bit blurry. But I think you get the point regardless of quality.)


Do you see what I see?

I see this...
and I know who has been in the pantry.

Yes, she's guilty but she doesn't care. This is one of her daily tasks and she has a blast doing it. (If we had known cans were so much fun we would have stopped buying toys a long time ago.)

I think she inherited our sweet tooth.

This is her newest thing, she tries to sit on everything....everything! The can of corn was the lucky one today. You should see her trying to sit on her balls, she is constantly rolling off but it doesn't bother her at all. But it sure is entertaining for the rest of us.


Fun Friday

Today I'm trading my "Funny Friday" post to "Fun Friday." Since the weather was beautiful again today we spent most of the day outside trying to soak up some sunshine. I think we succeeded..

We did a little of this...

and this...

and this...

then we ate lunch...then took long naps.

Then we went to the Pensey Trail where we could run, race, throw rocks and sticks into the river and do this...

and this...



...we were able to get outside. Today we enjoyed a beautiful 60* day here, not too bad for the middle of February. We took full advantage of it and went outside. We cleaned...really, I cleaned the inside of the car out while the three kids ran around. We went for a walk then went for another walk when daddy got home. The kids loved walking, running, jumping through all of the puddles, mud and snow piles.

Miss Hollywood

Miss Movie Star

My clan

I have no idea why Chaney pulled her pant legs up...but she did.

These two loved playing in the snow. Really...at what point do you get to play in snow when the temps are 60*? Around here that rarely happens. Needless to say they got into a snowball fight.
Look at how wet Tuck's jeans are. Look at Paislee look at Tucker with pure adoration. She loves that boy.

When we got home from our walk Josh and the oldest two enjoyed more snowball fights. Paislee and I walked around to find more ice chunks so she could eat them.

New Bible Study

I'm so excited...tonight I start a new 12 week study on Daniel. This will be my fourth Beth Moore study. I so enjoy her studies and lessons. Previously, I have done David, Believing God and Esther and enjoyed each one so much.


Happy Valentine's Day

This is our 15th Valentine's Day together (10 married and 5 dating), WOW!...that makes us sound really old. We were able to spend most of the weekend together at the marriage conference and had a great time just hanging out, just the two of us. Today, as the actual day is here, we won't be celebrating too much. In fact, I have a dentist appointment...nothing says love and romance like a semi-annual trip to the dentist, huh? The kids came down with the stomach flu over the weekend so we are waiting for another one to fall victim to this crazy virus.

This song below is the song that we had sung at our wedding and the one we danced too. I think this song describes us so well. I would go on and on about what a wonderful man I married and fell in love with, but honestly, that is for him and not for the whole world;-) So, on this Valentine's Day, Josh, I hope you know that I love you more than I did yesterday but less than I will tomorrow. You make me a better person and I thank you.


Funny Friday: T-shirt

Sooo....Should I wear this shirt to the marriage conference this year?

Disclaimer: I inherited this t-shirt from my sister and wear it around the house and to run. I love my husband dearly and would never say marrying him was a "big mistake."



You guessed it. We went to the Children's Museum today. Emily (& Charlotte), Amy (& Ryker) and Raendra (Clayton & Colin) joined us at the Children's Museum today for some time out of the house. The new Dora and Diego exhibit is in town so we were able to check that out. The Barbie exhibit and the Dinosphere were the big hits.

Paislee was able to ride the carousel for the very first time today. She really did like it, but her eyes are (kind of) telling a different story. She wanted to ride again so Amy and I swapped kids and she took PK and I took Ryker somewhere else.

Anybody want to race? Tuck loved driving this, Ryker loved climbing on it.

Paislee loves to drive too.

Chaney and Charlotte playing with the Barbie phones.

The boys pretending to take pictures of the girls on the Barbie runway.

Chaney is digging for fossils.

Paislee wore herself out. We were out from about 9-3 so I really thought I would have a car full of sleeping kids. However, I was wwaayyy wrong. My kids got in the car and got a second wind and laughed and giggled the entire way home. At least they weren't yelling and fighting with each other, right?

Tucker was laying down to look at the glass exhibit up above him. Really, I think he was so tired he didn't want to get up.