Just the two of us

On Wednesday evening Chaney was invited to spend the night at aunt Sarah's. She was so excited to go. Usually when she goes Tucker tags along but on this night it was just her. In fact her words to us on our way over was, "Mom, just drop me off I can go in the house by myself. I don't need anyone to take me in." I'm not sure if she is showing her independence or just embarrassed by her family. I really thought that this would come much later like 13 years old instead of (almost) 5. Anyway, when Chaney is gone it throws a different dynamic into the routine of the others. Around here, Chaney is queen bee. Tucker, usually, does anything and everything she wants to do and then Pais does whatever. However, when she is gone Tucker takes over the lead role. He steps right into the leadership role. He plays well with Paislee, he is the initiator of all things conversation, he takes over. It's nice to see this different side of him. Paislee and Tuck have done a great job of playing together and spending "quality" time together.

I think they were catching up on a few Barney episodes. These two love Barney.

Sword fight...Yes, these are swimming noodles, but they make great swords...
...I think she got hit in the head, what do you think?


Dr. Visits

Today the girls went to the doctor. Paislee had a 15 month check-up and Chaney had a re-check of her ear to make sure her infection was going away. One of the highlights of the trip to the doctor is watching the fish in the huge tank. They both enjoyed the fish much more than getting their picture taken, can you tell?

Chaney was trying to help Paislee look in the right direction. Apparently something else was more interesting than looking at mom.

Our little rolly polly baby is thinning out. The rolls on her legs are pretty much all gone now. Her stats today were:
Weight = 24.5 lbs ((71%)
Height = 31" (65%)
Head = 20" (99%) Apparently this kids has lots of brains


Driving Miss Paislee

Since the last few days have been so nice we have been outside soaking up the warmer weather. We have made sure the gator has been charged for lots of rides. Around here Chaney is the chauffeur. When we first got the gator I thought we would have huge fights about who is driving. But we don't.....yet. Tucker and Paislee are perfectly content letting Chaney drive them around. Don't get me wrong, Tuck does drive some, but he likes to ride shotgun. This contraption has two forward speeds and Chaney loves to fly around the yard zooming at the highest speed. She is quite the little driver and has proven she can maneuver around random obstacles that appear in the yard. However, every once and a while you will find a passenger half in and half out....we are still working on that:-)

Waiving to the crowd

Check out these next two pics....look at their faces. Can you tell they are related?

Pow-wow at the gator....parents not invited.


I promised....

...a night out and today she took me up on my offer. On Tucker's birthday we were all supposed to go to the zoo. Unfortunately, the night before Chaney was up ALL night complaining of an ear ache. On Wednesday (Tuck's b-day) she and I went to the doctor then the girls stayed home while daddy and Tuck went to the zoo. She was so upset that we promised her a night out with one of us. Tonight she took us up on her offer and she and I went to her favorite place...O'Charley's where she got her favorite soup....loaded potato soup. It was a fun night out and I'm thankful that she is feeling much better.


Spring is a comin'

Today was a welcome change. We enjoyed sunshine and temps in the 70's, basketball was on all day and the kids are finally feeling better. I guess you could say today was almost....perfect. When Josh got home we were able to get the swings out and the kids were able to play. Even the mama and papa turtle came out to enjoy the weather. Baby turtle jumped in before I could snap his picture.

Even the gators were out....

Paislee wasn't sure which gator she like better. She tried them both out.

One thing was for sure, she did like the slide...with George's help.

We even played frisbee. The wind made frisbee time much more fun.

And we drove...

...and drove...

...and drove...

...until the battery ran out. But they had a blast.


Tucker is 3

Happy 3rd Birthday Tucker!!!

Dear Tucker,

The mom who said that the bond between a father and a daughter was something very special apparently never had a son. You, my son, are a precious gift from God that continues to give more and more each day. You live life passionately. Your compassion for your sisters is so sweet and sometimes short lived. You are the the epitome of the "protective brother" to both of your sisters. You indulge your older sister and are her permanent dancing partner, dress-up dummy and best friend. You enjoy making your little sister laugh and sometimes you try to instigate things to make her mad....most of the time you succeed in your endeavors. Paislee adores you and she loves to have your attention.

Tucker, sometimes you test our (especially your mom's) patience like no one we've ever known. One minute you tell us one thing just to contradict yourself 30 seconds later. At bedtime, you call us up numerous times after we have tucked you in and told you good-night just so we can take you to the bathroom one more time. Secretly...We think you just want to see us one more time. You have a smile that could pierce the heart of any person. You have the personality that could charm anyone. I think you get your personality from your daddy. You have such a tender heart that if we get irritated with you or scold you the tone of our voice can put crocodile tears on your cheeks in a heartbeat.

Growing up with all sisters and having mostly girl cousins, I did not become real familiar with a boys personality until my nephews came along. Then, at that point I was not with them 24/7 to learn the DNA that these mysterious boys have. When I became the mom of a son, I understood things much more. For example, I learned that boys are hard wired to make the sound of a car, truck or tractor, they can make any long object into a sword and turn any other object into a gun. Need I go on? I have discovered that no matter how many times you are told something, scolded or grounded you will continue to throw, hit, jump on something or someone about every 15 minutes. As a little boy...150% little boy...you are consumed with all things flatulence. Talking about it, making the pretend noises or really doing it can keep you busy for hours. In your mind there is nothing funnier than the making the pretend noises just to get the attention of your sisters or parents.

Tucker, you are becoming quite the little prayer at dinner and bed time. You so enjoy Sunday school and going to church. Our prayer is that you continue to have a longing to search out God and love Him unconditionally. We pray each year as you continue to grow and mature that you will be a godly man who has a heart of compassion for the Lord.

Tucker we hope that you had a fantastic third birthday. We can not wait to see what happens in the coming year. You bring so much fun and excitement to our family. And (I'm not gonna lie...) you are adding a few grey hairs to our head. But we love every minute of it.

We love you Tuck!


Needing your help...

I realize that most of you who read this blog are moms, aunts, sisters, grandma's, dads, uncles, brothers, grandpa's, etc... I am asking for your advice. I have a few (very good) friends who will be first time moms this spring. This is where you come, I need your help. Could you pass along some advice to help them. Eventually, I will have a list compiled and will be organizing and giving to them. I have a few questions to help you jog your memory. Feel free to answer them all or just one. Try to remember when you were a first time mom and what you wish people would have told you.

-What little tidbits of advice do you wish someone would have told you?
(Ex: Just because a child sleeps through the night for a few nights does NOT mean it is a permanent thing. Teething, sickness and some small changes in routine can quickly throw a sleeping child into a non-sleeper.)

-What little tricks have you figured out that could help someone else out?
(Ex: when you are out with a newborn baby -or any baby- make sure you have at least 3-4 extra pairs of clothes. Blowouts happen quickly and often.)

-What do you wish people would have told you about motherhood?
(Ex: When you become a mom you become so much more selfless.)

Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at ktblack10@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance for your help.


Play-doh Mishap

Today we were playing Play-doh and a piece went missing. Where or where could it be...

I did warn Josh that if he saw something in her diaper that was bright red or orange do not be alarmed.


Little Fingers Plate

One of the kids favorite snacks (and sometimes meal) is what we call a little fingers plate. At our house, the plate consists of black olives, cut tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. A snack like this is especially loved by the girls because they love black olives and tomatoes. Tucker is a sucker for the cheese....and he loves to share with the floor:-)

Pais loves it. Today she (almost) finished off two tomatoes and quite a few black olives.

Check out the way she eats her olives...
Yep, finger in the middle
It just taste better that way
Big brother came in to help with the cheese eating

Oh, wait....Pais, can I have a cheese?


One of those days...

You know what I mean, right? The kind of day that you need 10 more arms, 12 more pairs of hands, 3 more laps, 4 more legs and about 8 more hours of sleep. Oh...and about 5 more pairs of knees to fall on and ask for patience. Yeah....it's been one of those days.

As I finish this up, it is now my evening out for bible study while Josh takes over the helm........Here's to hoping tomorrow is better.


Home Depot Workshop

Since today was the first Saturday of the month the (two oldest) kids went to the Home Depot Workshop. The project was a race car. We don't have action shots of them putting it together, we just have the finished project shots.

They also got their own aprons that they can wear to the workshops and put their pins on of all the projects they have made. (Note to self: Find the other pins.)

Chaney loves her apron and has worn it around all day and stuffs various things down into the pockets of it.

Tucker enjoys his apron too, however, he was unwilling to participate in picture time. So, we had to improvise....
...she didn't get to participate in the workshop today. One day soon, little lady, and you will be able to go too.


Friday's Funnies: Quotable quotes

Today is just a few tidbits of what is said (and heard) around here. It's always funny to me to sit and listen to little people carry on conversations.

-Chaney and Tucker were having a conversation and I hear Chaney say, "I'm a big fan..."

-"Mom, I'm not real sure how to say this so I'll just say it..." This is how Chaney started a conversation with my one day.

-Most of the time when we are in the car we are usually jamming to some kind of music. Usually it is music that we all know and can sing to. One day in particular we are driving into town and Chaney, "Tuck, do you want me to sing in my man voice?"

-"Mom, pretty sure my fever has cracked." Chaney told me this when her fever had finally broken.

-Chaney had a zit on her leg and apparently tore it off...at least that is the story I got.

-One evening Chaney told us she was tooting like a lobster. (I'm not exactly sure how that is but we will take her word on it.)

-Tucker has a love/hate relationship with apple cherry juice. He loves it but it doesn't work real well with his little system. Chaney know calls it his poop juice.

-Goose egg on your head is referred to an egg-goose around this house.

-One evening after dinner, Chaney had eaten so much food that she lifted up her shirt to show me that her belly was going to crack.

-"Tucker, mom told me that you are not in the family anymore." One of Chaney's best....what do you say to that?


Beauty Shop Day

Today was manicure day. The kids needed their fingernails and toenails clipped so we decided to go all out and take off old polish and apply new polish. The kids really like to do this and I don't mind doing it. Honestly, even though we use the "quick dry" polish I still find myself somewhat hyper-ventilating because I try to blow on their nails to expedite the drying process (for the sake of my carpet and furniture). After we are done I feel like I just ran like 3 miles...whew!


Chaney was the first customer and got her fingernails and toenails painted....
...we had to do two different colors on the toes.

These two are the next customers in line....apparently they were keeping themselves occupied while they wait patiently.

Yes, even Tucker gets in on the nail painting. You may think we are crazy for painting our son's nails...but we really don't care. His father has requested that we only paint the big toes so that is what we do. Plus, do you know how hard it is to tell him he can't do something when his younger and older sister can do it? It's just not that easy...

Paislee's turn...
We were able to get her toes painted and one hand. Yes, one hand. I think she is inspecting the work...
...still inspecting...

Overall, I think we had three happy customers. (Tucker's face doesn't really show it, but he was happy)