April Pics in Review

Chaney took this picture. She and Tucker were playing with the iPod one day and she was snapping away and he was running from her. I'm guessing he thought she was done and snapped this where it looks like he is posing.

Pais and Tuck eating some grapes and watching a show.

Fudge bar anyone? It's really good, just look at my face.

Just playing on the stairs.

Mamaw Janell stopped by one morning and left Long's yeast donuts. Paislee is trying to show us hers.

Almost every morning Chaney and Tucker drink chocolate milk (that we warm up) or chai tea (barely any chai and lots of milk) and pretend that it is their "coffee." One week they wanted to drink their coffee in the travel mugs. They thought they were big time.

Yep, she can fall asleep anywhere.

Most evenings at our house, you will see this scene for about 30 minutes or so. On the iPod we have a deer hunting game that the kids love to play. They also like to watch daddy play it.

Skater boy getting ready for Home Depot workshop.

Our new iPad arrived last week so this was everyone getting some "play" time on it.

These two love the deer hunter....

...as do these two. They are only allowed about 30-45 minutes a day to play. The funny thing is that Tucker gladly gives up his time as along as Chaney plays deer hunter and (trys) to kill the big brown bear. Seriously, the bear scares him but he loves to watch Chaney try and shoot it.

The iPad comes with Photobooth. Guess who loves to take their own pictures in different effects? (this is the mirror effect)

...the normal effect....

...the thermal effect...

Hopefully soon we will be able to get more outside pictures. It seemed like it rained almost every day in April. And when it wasn't raining we couldn't get out in the yard to play because we had a soggy backyard. Please, May, we want sunshine and more outside time.


Inside Fun

Today was another soggy and wet day. But to help us have fun we had Silas over to play. It was still about 65* out so we pulled the cars out of the garage and lifted the door up about 6 inches and let some fresh air in. The kids spent the morning riding bikes and picking up worms. Yes, you read that correctly. The worms were also looking for some dry places so the kids started playing with them.

When the kids go to the garage to play, Paislee goes out and plays then crawls up into her stroller and sits there. Seriously, she could sit there for an hour and watch them play. Let's face it, if the kid are riding their bikes she is much safer there.


Whatever Chaney does, the boots are always on. Apparently you have to by stylish to pick worms and ride bikes.

We also painted a little bit. Each of the kids had a magnet to paint. Thank goodness for washable paints;-)

Not sure if you can tell this little boy loves Chaney....like LOVES her. When you see him at church or around he is rough and tough but here, he loves to kiss on her and keep his arm around her. (Not sure what Chaney is doing, maybe holding her nose?!?)

Since I am writing about worms, I thought I would share this funny story (or at least I think it's kind of funny, you may think its gross.) One day last week we were leaving the house in the evening to go somewhere. Since we have had rain for what seems to be 15 straight days, we had quite a few worms that were snuggled up under our garage door looking for some dry but damp space to lay. Everyone is in the car ready to go and I am out of the car picking up the worms and throwing them into my flower beds. As we all know, worms are great for the soil so I want worms in my flower beds. I get in the car and my husband says to me, "You are such a country girl." Not sure what you think but I think that's a great compliment;-)


Crazy Days

Whew! Another holiday weekend is behind us. What a great (and wet) weekend. We enjoyed lots of time with family, eating good and unhealthy food and loving every minute of it. The kids enjoyed getting spoiled by the Easter Bunnie(s) and two different egg hunts. The rain spoiled the outside hunts but they still enjoyed the hunts none the less.

This weekend we didn't take any pictures...gasp! I know, we will probably regret it later but we enjoyed time with the family and didn't even take our cameras out of their cases. Before I end this short little tidbit I do want to share a video. This is an amazing rendetion of "How Great Thou Art" by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill. I watched it Friday night on tv and it was incredible.



Do you remember this post? Sorry for the delay in posting details, we still had a few people to notify before we posted our "official" announcement. The first trimester is now done and I am looking forward to heading into the second. Due the nature of announcing a pregnancy I know that with it comes lots of details and questions so below I answered the most "important questions" that I know you are dying to find out details to;-)

-How far along are we?
Today, Thursday, April 21 is 12 weeks

-When is the due date?
November 3....however if you look at our current trend we are thinking about October 30. (Chaney was 41 exactly, Tucker was 40 weeks 4 days, Paislee was 40 weeks exactly)

-Are we going to find out the sex?
Josh is always a big advocate of finding out the sex. The first two I really wanted to know. We have both, a boy and 2 girls, so I don't really care one way or another. One reason we like to find out is to get all the clothes out and get them washed and put away, this does make things easier for when we get home.

-How am I feeling?
Honestly, I have felt about the same as my other pregnancies. I have no energy and am tired. When the kids go to bed I am soon asleep in the lazyboy too. I have moments where I eat and could get sick and if I don't eat I could still get sick....the usual, for me. A few smells bring me to the point of gagging so I stay away from those things. Unfortunately, dirty diapers are not one of those things.

-Was this a surprise?
No. If you are familiar with us and our family planning, you knew it was coming.

-Are we done having kids?
Never say never;-)

-Are we excited?
Yes we ALL are excited. The kids love to take my iPod and share the heartbeat with any and everyone. All of our babies have re-appeared and everyone is "mommying" and "daddying" the babies getting ready for our new baby.


Just Helpin' Mom

Today was a great day to be outside. We were able to play most of the day and actually got some work done. Since serious storms and rain are coming in for the rest of the week, the kids and I decided to get our tools out and work on the yard. We were able to get the yard trimmed, mowed and even raked up some of the dead grass clippings that had decided to stay on the ground from last years mowings. The kids were able to use big rakes (or swords) and got to put their gator to use. We picked up all the dead grass and put it in the back of the gator and then drove the gator to dump it all. Actually, that toy of theirs came in really handy. They were really a big help and had fun doing it. Actually, I heard them all giggling and saying, "this is so fun." I'm sure it won't be long until it's "not fun" to help mom and dad. But until then, I'll treasure this time and try to make it as fun as I can.

Chaney wanted me to take this picture. I think she is trying to work on her modeling;-)


Busy...but Productive

Just a weekend that we needed. Mamaw & papaw graciously volunteered to keep the kids (all the kids) on Friday night...over night. As you can guess, there really wasn't much hesitation on our part. We figured if the older two were there then Paislee would stay just fine. This was her first time to stay away with someone else other than mom and dad. As we figured, she did just fine. In fact she slept in until 8 am, usually she is up around 7 or so. Josh and I enjoyed a date night Friday night at one of our favorite place, Puccini's, then went for dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. It was a nice evening out with just us. Saturday morning we got up and enjoyed some cheesecake for breakfast then were off to Home Depot to get some home repair type items. Josh and I had a "to-do" list and since the kids were gone we were going to try and get some chores done.

One of my chores was to get our seeds for our garden and get them planted. This year we are starting them all indoors in a "greenhouse" type environment then we will transplant outside. The kids really like watching these to see if any little seedlings come up. While I was playing in the dirt, Josh was busy fixing towel racks and putting new hinges on the kitchen cabinets. Nothing hotter than a man and his drill, huh?:-)

Another one of our to-do's was to get the kid's bikes fixed. We had some bikes handed down to us from Sarah and her crew. One of the bikes needed to new tires, tubes, training wheels...basically everything. By the time we went to Walmart to get all these items we found it was cheaper to buy a new bike. So, guess what? The Easter bunny dropped off two new bikes for some very happy kids. Just a FYI...the Easter bunny doesn't usually bring gifts this big, usually just lots of candy.

Chaney likes to accessorize her bike with her purses.

All in all it was a good weekend. We were finally able to get out tonight and enjoy the bikes on a short bike ride without the wind blowing them off of their bikes. I'm sure these will provide lots of entertainment this summer.


It's Official...

...I am now a little nervous to take my kids out in public for fear of what they may say out loud. I knew this day would come. I remember my sister, Sarah, telling me stories of the things Ella would say. While the stories are very funny and very innocent they are also very humiliating for a mom. As I have learned, in my very short 5 years of being a mom, you can not prepare yourself for what can come out. We do our best to stay on top of things..such as inappropriate words (hate, stupid, ugly, etc.) cutting people down, speaking kindly to others, being nice...sometimes the inquisitive side comes out. I mean, they are kids and how else do they learn if they don't ask questions, right? However, if only those questions didn't come in public places when they see something that prompts those humiliating moments.

For example, yesterday we were enjoying a beautiful day taking a walk to the little stream that we often frequent. We passed by a house that was getting a delivery from the FedEx woman. She was wearing shorts and had a noticeable tattoo (and by noticeable, I mean, from her knee to her ankle, so it was fairly large). My kids are used to playing with "fake" tattoos and they even have an uncle who has a few decorated shoulders and arms from tattoos. Tucker proceeds to say, "Mommy, why does she have a big tattoo on her leg?" Before I even have a chance to respond, Chaney says, "Ohhh, she probably got that from a party." WHAT?!?! Seriously, where do they get this stuff from. I'm praying that since her truck was still running that the purring sound of her diesel engine was enough to disguise my inquiring kids.

Example #2: A few weeks ago we had a family date night and made a few quick stops to Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was a Friday night so needless to say it was a bit busy. During the visit, we had a sales associate ask us if we were find everything ok. As soon as he asked, Chaney says, "Why does his voice sound like a girl?" Pretty sure that I put my hand across her face, covering her mouth, faster than my face turned red. I wasn't mad, just a little embarrassed. She was just asking a questions. I guess now we just need to work on "the time and place" to ask these questions.

As you all know, its never a dull moment being a parent. Sometimes its just a little bit more embarrassing than others.



Boxed In

We had an empty diaper box laying around the house so the kids decided to keep themselves occupied while it rained outside. The oldest two might be a little big for the box, but it didn't stop them from having fun...and maybe getting a little stuck.

Miss Hollywood, I mean Paislee, did not want to play in the box. Paislee wanted to play movie star. She likes to put her glasses and coat on and walk around.

(Disclaimer: iPod pics)


This is how...

...you get all the ladies in your house irritated with you. Tuck puts on Chaney's robe, he rides on Paislee's trike then won't smile for mom. What are we going to do with him...

...I'm pretty sure he doesn't care...at ALL!


Workshop Day

Today was another Home Depot Workshop day. Today's project was a flower box. They are ready to plant their spring flowers and watch them grow...or play in the dirt. Tonight's project is to paint the flower boxes with bright, springy colors. This project will especially be helpful while mom and dad watch the Butler game...or at least try and watch the game.

We tried to snap this picture before they left but no one...NO ONE wanted to give us a serious smile.


March iPod Pics in Review

Another one of Chaney's self portraits while "resting."

Milkshake buddies. FYI-When you share a milkshake with Pais you better get your drinks fast because she will drink, and drink, and drink....

Snack time....yes, a piece of bread.

Nap time around our house lands somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:00-1:30...sometimes its too much to ask of Pais. On this day she fell asleep on the couch about 20 minutes before we laid down.

Paislee is modeling the bug glasses that Tucker received for his birthday.

One of Tucker's favorite snack is crescent rolls and jelly, can you tell?

Paislee also enjoys the jelly.

This picture makes me laugh. I love the way she is holding her head up with one hand while picking her nose with her other hand. It's still cute to put your finger up your nose at this age, right?

All of my children standing at the back door yelling at the geese who are in the yard. They are trying to scare them away.