Mud Mask or Fall in the Mud

I know that we have all witnessed someone doing something funny (falling, slipping, hitting their head, etc) and our first gut reaction is to laugh hysterically. However, the guilt soon overcomes us and we know that we should ask if this person is ok then, if they are ok we resume laughing hysterically. As a parent, I know that these times come more often then not and today we had another such circumstance happen.

Before, I dive into the story, let me just preface the story with this...During the summer we usually have two blow-up pools that we fill with water and try to set them side-by-side. We leave enough room so the kids can pull something in between and jump off of it. Since the temps and humidity have been so high the last few days we are in the water pretty early. Today, we were out around 10. Around noon or so I had gone in to get lunch started and left the sliding door opened so I could hear the two oldest outside playing. After a few minutes, I hear Chaney with a whiney-type cry (not a real cry but more like I'm not sure what to do cry). I was certain that Tucker had taken advantage of me not being out there and decided to beat up on his sister. However, that was not the case. I run to the back door and see this brown child looking at me. Now, by brown, I don't mean last name Brown. I mean face, hair, shoulder and arm covered in brown....mud brown! Chaney had gotten out of one pool and was going to the other and slipped and fell. After two hours of splashing around the ground around the pool had become so saturated and pretty soft and apparently she forgot about that. As I saw her coming to the back door I did my best not to laugh...at least where she could see me. I did the "mom thing" and asked if she was ok. After I got a "Yes, I'm ok," that's when I started laughing. Oh, of course I went and got a camera and this is what I saw....

She is pretty pathetic, huh? We got her washed up and she was as good as new. But the laughter still lingers on...on!


3 Bikers & a Spectator

What a day. Today we loaded up all of our bikes and headed over to the park for a little while so the kids could take advantage of an empty parking lot and rode all over. I think they had fun.

Well....the bikes were entertaining for a while. This crew decided that riding through the puddles is only fun for so long. They needed to get out and test the puddles with their shoes.

"Hey guys, wait for me."


Swimsuit Models

Today we had a chance to try on our swimsuits before our vacation. (And by "our" I mean the kids only. This mama is NOT trying on suits or taking pictures of it.)

***all pics removed due to creepers***

Tuck was in the middle of singing a song, can you tell?

They are acting like they love each other, that's unusual.

This picture is cute but reminds me of a mugshot, not sure why.

The Chaos of June...

...is about to begin. Really, May is almost over, it seems so hard to believe. As we approach the month of June it brings fun and a few life changes for this bunch.

Let the countdown begin...

in 7 days Josh's new promotion (& new job) becomes effective.

in 12 days we have an ultrasound to make sure we have one blessing in the oven, and to see if the balance of power will go back to being even or if the females will have permanent power.

in 14 days we leave for vacation down South to visit family and to hang out with even more family.

in 25 days our first blessing will be 5. Seriously...5, where does the time go?

in 26 days VBS begins at church.

in 33 days the chaos ends and we go back to life as normal...whatever that is.

Also, I can't forget the 6 open houses and one wedding that we have all sprinkled through this. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it and what I have to do to get ready for this.


Tucker vs. The Marker

Final Score -
Marker - 1
Tucker - 0

(Disclaimer: all iPod pics)

It's a PTL kind of Wednesday...

(PTL = Praise the Lord)

In the last week or so we have quite a few things to be thankful so I thought we would share with you, just to show what an awesome God we serve.

*First of all, we have a few good friends who welcomed their first children over the weekend.
-On Friday, Jennifer and Chris welcomed their son Gabriel Harris Pearson. He weighed in at a whopping 6 lbs 10 oz. You may remember they were able to conceive via IVF. I think his name is very appropriate considering the circumstances.
-On Sunday, in Corpus Christi, TX, our friends Dan & Stacey welcomed Evelyn Sofia Gaines. She was a healthy 8 lbs 8 0z. She has very cute chubby cheeks;-)

Each of these ladies did very well in their first delivery, and needless to say, very much in love with their little bundles. Congrats to each of you!!

*Secondly, over the last few months we have been praying for a few job situations within our family. No need to bore you with details but let's just suffice it to say that God has been moving in these situations. In the last week the doors have been open and two new jobs and opportunities have been opened.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


Silly Safari

Today at our church our local MOPS group had an end of the year event and was gracious enough to invite us to come and watch. Amazon John and his Silly Safari came in to show us some very interesting animals.

We were there a little early so we were able to play in the dome. Paislee and her friend Parker did a little chit-chatting before hand. He was trying to share some of his lunch with her but I don't think Pais was interested. Parker and Paislee are just one week apart.

All three of them enjoyed playing the big rig game. They were able to pretend they were driving a semi. Really, I think they enjoyed the extra large steering wheel.

Amazon John has quite a routine that he does. The kids love it and his "fruity-crazy" personality is perfect for a gig like this.
This is Ellie Phant (elephant) his Great Dane. He then showed the kids her similarities with a real elephant (ears, color, big feet, long nose, etc.).

This is an American Alligator.
This is a kinkajou.

The owl, the large owl.
This owl had quite a personality. Each time John would say the word "wings" the owl would extend his wings out.
Each time he would say the word "eyes" he would turn his head so you couldn't see his eyes.
This was a bullfrog. The kids were especially interested in this because we have a bullfrog in the pond behind our house. Each evening and during the day we can hear him making his noises. So now the kids understand what kind of animal makes that noise.

And the snake.

He also had a rabbit, turtle, and a tarantula. Afterwards he had most of the animals out so the kids could come up and look closer and even touch. Our kids really enjoyed that. Then we played some more...


No Complaints

No complaining about the 87* temperature and sunshine that we were able to enjoy today. (Especially when the average high for this time of year is 71*) We spent most of the morning outside planting our veggies and flowers. Then we spent most of the afternoon/evening outside enjoying some sprinkler time and more sunshine. (Check out how white these kiddies are. We better start working on our tan before vacation.)

As usual...anything (& everything) becomes a weapon

Well.....maybe we have one complaint...our friend that we have appropriately named "Broken Wing." (Long story... but in short, its just part of the ongoing goose saga that we have going on here. I think we are on season 4. We do our best to keep the neighbors entertained.)


Mom's Night Out

Tonight my sisters, mom and I had a night out. Usually Mother's day serves us a double whammy. Not only is it Mother's Day but usually it lands on mom's birthday (10th). So this year we decided to have just a night out with all of us (older) sisters and celebrate Mother's Day and mom's birthday. We enjoyed an evening out at the Cheesecake Factory laughing and eating lots and lots of fat-free food and dessert.

We would have taken more pictures inside but if you know anything about our family you know that a few flashes from our cameras can send about 3 out of 5 people into an instant migraine. So we waited to get pictures until we could get outside. So we were kind of in a hurry because we were battling a setting sun at 8:45 to get these pictures done. The funniest part was we were trying to dodge cars that were driving through the parking lot. I'm sure anyone dining on the outside of the Cheesecake Factory was enjoying our craziness. But it was all worth it. We enjoyed our evening out together.