A Day With the Boys...

...Jaclyn and her boys. Today we spent the day at Jac's (new) house. She moved in April but this is the first time we have visited. As you can tell from the pictures below we "broke" the house in well.

What is this, you may ask? Well, it is a pile of pillows from a couch. Any "good mom" knows how to keep her children entertained. You let them throw all the pillows off the couch then jump on them for hours. Then jump from the couch onto the pillows.

Yes, even Paislee joined in and didn't even get hurt once. I think that was a miracle in itself.

Then, there was a little of this...

Yes, sliding down the stairs...head first. With swords and guns, of course.

My favorite part was the ring leader, Chaney, getting her "team" together for 1-2-3 team.

Then, the littla mama had to tend to her motherly duties...feeding time with Pete.


Funny Story

Paislee and I had just gotten home from the doctor today and Josh was out mowing the yard so that meant the older two were out playing. I'm putting some stuff away and Chaney comes in and says, "Mom, did you see me?" I said, "No, I was putting some stuff away and wasn't paying attention, what happened?" Her reply was, "I fell down the slide." I said, "Are you ok?" "Yes," she says, "I went down the slide bouncing and I bounced so hard that I thought Jesus was going to fall out of my heart."

I suppose the good news is Jesus lives in her heart and bouncing up and down really hard will not make Him fall out.

18 Month Check-up

Today was Paislee's 18 month check up. Currently she is getting in 4 new teeth, her vampire, pointy teeth. They haven't bothered her too bad but you can tell a difference in her when she gets a dose of Tylenol. No shots today, but you would not have known that by they way she cried. The other two were not scared of the doctor, they were unsure of her but did not cry. Anytime Pais goes and I set her down to get her weight or check her height she busts into tears. During her exam today she was able to sit on my lap and she still busted into tears. Poor girl! Her measurements today were:

Height: 32 in (58%)
Weight: 26.8 (81%) her clothes were on, usually they are not
Head: 20 in (99%) yes, she still has a huge head

She did have fun playing with the dr's chair.


VBS Wrap-Up

This week was VBS and tonight was the show for the parents. Below are the pictures that we took at the show.

During the week of PandiaMania (our theme this year) we had a one of our pastors dress up as a panda bear. Paislee and he had a love/hate relationship. From a distance she loved him and could spot him anywhere. However, when he wanted to give her a high five or shake hands, she hated him. During the program she watched him most of the time.

The pre-schoolers were all getting arranged.

Chaney spotted us and waived, sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Chaney doing her motions.

Tucker was not interested in the least to get up and sing so he sat with us and watched. He was really excited about his new shirt and was showing it off.

Silas doing his motions.

Ella (on the right) was a JoyJammer. She was up leading music, she really enjoys it.


Family Pictures

On Tuesday evening before Audra and Tony left someone decided to have an impromptu family photo session. So...we all went (or ran) to the beach and snagged the first passer by to take our picture. Overall, it turned out pretty well. After this shot we went ahead and did some (individual) family shots. As you can tell we didn't do the customary khaki pants and white shirt theme for our beach shots. It was a more casual "come as you are" type theme;-)

Hilton Head 2011 (Jordan, Brooke & Chloe Caldwell are the family on the far right. They bolted as soon as this picture was done so we didn't get a family shot of them.)

Josh, Katie, Chaney, Tucker & Paislee

Tommy, Sarah, Ella, Josiah & Silas

Rick, Jaclyn, Paul, Hank & Peter

Audra & Tony


Chaney is a Whole Hand

Happy 5th Birthday Chaney Marie!!!

Dear Chaney,

Time really does fly by. It does not seem like five years ago that I pushed for three hours trying to get you out the door. The moment we saw you all of that was forgotten. You immediately brought tears of joy to our eyes. You are now growing into a little young lady and out of the "little girl" phase.

In the last year your love for fashion has started to shine. You love to pick out your own clothes and get dressed in the morning before you come down for the day. Maybe your love of fashion comes from your aunts because it's definitely not from this mama. You love to accessorize your outfits with lip gloss and any other make-up we allow you to "play" with. You are quite the little fashionista.

Chaney, you are the oldest and great leader for your younger siblings. You are a great helper to your parents. You actually enjoy playing with your brother and sister and interact with them very well. Somedays you do instigate a little bit of trouble but I think that is part of being the oldest. Somedays you even try to act like little "miss mommy." Did that bossiness come from aunt Sarah...hahaha! (We tease Sarah all the time that she has the personality of the oldest child because of her bossiness.) Already you are showing lots of love to your youngest sibling that hasn't even made an appearance yet. You are constantly pulling up my shirt to hug and kiss on him. I'm guessing that when he comes home he will be your personal little baby doll.

Recently we cut about 6 inches off your hair so now it lays right out your shoulders. Now whenever we can't find you we look in the bathroom and find you in there just brushing your hair. It's so funny, because you come in and say, "How does my hair look. It's beautiful, right." Every time we go to a family event with my family all we I hear is how much you look like me. Honestly, I have not gotten out pictures to look, I'm just assuming that means you must be the cutest thing around;-) Now that summer is now here your sandy-brown hair has sun made blonde highlights. Your skin seems to tan very well, I'm guessing that comes from your dad. Your eyes are still as blue as ocean water and sparkle in the light. Your smile is contagious.

Chaney, you are truly a blessing to us. Each day you make us laugh with the random things that come out of your mouth. Since you are our first and oldest we have learned (and failed) so much with you. You are a forgiving and patient person and we are so thankful for that. Each day when I sit and watch all three of you play and interact I can't help but think that the day you were born so was I.

We love you bunches, Chaners!

Keeping the Tradition Going...

The tradition around this house is that when it is someone's birthday we are allowed to have cake and ice cream for breakfast. Since today was Chaney's 5th birthday and it happended to land on Sunday (and still part of our vacation) we decided to spend a restful day at home getting ready for a hectic VBS week. Daddy was even home to celebrate with us. Usually birthdays land in the middle of the week and he is at work.


20 Weeks

It's hard to believe but we are 20 weeks into this pregnancy. Only 20 weeks to go. If the second half goes as fast as the first half we will be meeting this little boy very soon. I'm still feeling good. The tiredness has finally subsided a little bit but now I find myself worn out by the end of the day. The good news is that I have only gained 9 pounds 20 weeks in so I am excited about that. I think with babies #2 & 3 I gained 9 pounds in the first week. I think my other three are keeping me on my toes and out of the kitchen.


3 Stooges

Just in from an evening dip in the pool and getting ready to relax before bed. Loving vacation down South.


Red Eyes

This little guy has been learning to swim this week. He has found it's easier to swim underwater...with his eyes wide open.


Paislee Size Pool

We found a pool (or bucket) that Paislee enjoys. We found her earlier today with both feet and both hands in it. At least she found something she likes.

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. Since we don't have a laptop anymore I can't download pics from the camera. Anything I post this week are pics from the iPad/iPod).


Never Missed a Beat

We are visiting some of our family down South. It's been almost a year since we've seen Crista and Addie. But the moment we walked in the door they started playing with each other like they hadn't missed a day. Ahhh....cousin fun.

(I apologize in advance, these pics are a ken with my iPod)


Drive Time

This morning we left for vacation. Our goal was to leave early, like 4 am early, and let the kids sleep in the car for a few hours. However, our plans did not go as planned. We have come to figure out that when we travel, our plans never go as scheduled. To start off the morning, Josh and I overslept and we woke up at 4 instead of leaving at 4. We rushed to get up and get things together and throw the kids in the car. The last few days the kids have been so excited about vacation that they can not stop talking about it. So, of course, it would be that when we got them up to get in the car that they decided to stay awake. BUT, the good thing was that they each grabbed a cat nap or two on the way. However, none of them fell asleep at the same time...Bummer!

Check out these sleeping beauties...


Drum Roll Please...

It's a BOY! Today was the ultrasound day. Since we will be on vacation at 20 weeks the doctors wanted us to have it done before we left. I always enjoy having the ultrasounds done. To me, it's kind of like a sneak peak into their little world. Even though we won't get to meet him for a few more months I always can pick up on their little personalities by the way they act or move. (Maybe its mother's intuition.) This little booger has a bit of a stubborn side. He wanted to stay on his stomach almost the entire time and move end-to-end or around but would not really flip flop. He measured in at 18 wks 6 days and today I am actually 18 weeks 4 days. The due date won't change, it is still November 3. And as we all know, not a day early, all our kids come at 40+ weeks. There are a few more pics below.

Drum Roll Please...


May Pics in Review

(Disclaimer: all pics are iPad/iPod/iPhone)