Picnic Fun

This morning we played hooky from church and had a family breakfast here at home. We said farewell to Josh around 10 then headed to mamaw & papaw's church to join them for their church picnic. This year they rented a waterslide so we went to play and have fun. This water slide was really tricky to climb up the back so the little kids had a problem. If you add water to that then all the kids (big kids included) had problems going down. All in all it was a great day to enjoy the slide and wear the kids out too.

While the oldest two were off playing with papaw on the water slide, Paislee was able to get spoiled by mamaw.
Ye, even papaw went down the slide. Actually, for about the first hour or so while we were there he had to help Tuck up.

After a few hours all of the other kids started leaving so these three amigos were able to enjoy the slide all by themselves and take their time doing whatever they wanted. As you can see they gathered at the top to strategize their slide down.


Picture Perfect Day

Today Josh and I had the pleasure of going back to the place where I used to work and photograph their company picnic. This is the fifth year we have been asked to come and take pictures for the Goodman Campbell Group. Over the last year this company has grown so much that they now are the largest Neurosurgical Group in the nation. This is quite an accomplishment for a group that started out with 10 doctors. They are now up to 32...quite impressive. This year's picnic was at Monon Center in Carmel. It's always a treat to go back and see the people that I used to work with. Because of the 400+ photos we took and the hour long video, we thought we could share this one picture with you.

(Josh says he likes these pictures so much better because he looks about 50 lbs lighter...hahaha. I'm not sure if anyone else thinks this or not but he kind of looks like Chris Rock....anyone else think that? Oh, and he wanted me to add that he doesn't really need the book he is holding. He has mastered the art of coaching a live birth.)


26 Weeks

Today is the 26th week mark. 14 weeks (or in my case possibly 15) to go. Things are still going well. This little boy is starting to kick more and more and now you can actually feel it from the outside. Chaney was able to feel it and thought it was pretty cool. Everyday she gets up and asks if the baby is awake and kicking because she wants to feel it again and again. She is pretty excited. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is heartburn (insert lots of sarcasm). It is slowly showing up every once and a while. My next doctor's appointment is in a few weeks and this will be the glucose test. Then the following day I will return for my Rogam shot. I get more shots and needle sticks when I am pregnant than any other time in my life. Oh well, I guess it goes with the territory.

PS-Sorry no belly shots. We have been outside and you know how good you look after you have been walking and sweating in 90* temps and 95% humidity. Yes, its one of those days when you look in the mirror and realize in your wedding vowels why you say for "better or worse." Today is worse day.


Out of My League

As a mother of three little ones, I pride myself in thinking I can answer any question that comes my way. Two of three have hit the "question phase" (or are still in it) and I can navigate my way around and give good kid friendly answers. Yes, I'll even field the occasional anatomy or birds and the bees question and not give too much important info away. Of course, as a mom, I've mastered the divert and distract method...they ask a question or want a toy and you divert their attention and distract them with something else.

However, in the last few days I have come across a topic that has even stumped me. Since this has been the summer of comic book heroes, Josh has been so excited to go see all of these movies and (hopefully) get the kids on this bandwagon. Over the weekend he saw the new Captain America and showed the kids their very first short clip of a Star Wars Movie and got them hooked on the Avengers cartoon. (Please note these are all age appropriate, we aren't that bad of parents.) Now, if any of you know me you know that I know nothing...NOTHING about these. (Well...other than what I pick up from my nerdy friends-Emily, husband and The Big Bang Theory.)

This morning after they were up and breakfast was eaten, they asked to watch the Avengers....then, came the questions. I was stumped, well, not really stumped, I just didn't have a clue. This is where the teamwork parenting really pays off for us. He knows the nerdy, sci-fi stuff and I'll answer the sports questions. Oh well, this phase will last for a bit and I'll either learn some new stuff or they will move on to something else. The joys of parenting;-)


Boys are Back

Today Jaclyn and her boy crew, along with mom and Olivia came over to play in the pool. It was definitly very HOT & HUMID out. We kept cool by dipping our feet in the pool and taking turns playing in the sprinkler as well. Judging by the naps afterward, I think its safe to say they had a good time.

Hank played in the house and kept shooting everyone with the water guns. The house was his hideout.

Paul & Tucker

Paul & Tuck were playing baseball with golf clubs. When they were swinging we made sure everyone was out of the way.

Pete showed off his new walking skills (only about 3-4 steps) and climbed up the slide. He is quite the mobile little guy.

Paislee taking her turn riding (or sitting) on the gator.

Popcycle break


Favorite Quotes of the Week

Out of the mouth of babes...and husband a too.

Josh: "Kids, I just want you to know that your daddy is made of steel. I just choose for there to be a soft layer on the outside so you don't hurt yourself."

Chaney: "I think we should name my little brother Hot Lips."

Tucker: "Are you kidding me, dude?"

Paislee: "Hey Jenn!" (I'll have to be honest, I did not hear Pais say this, Jennifer swears to me she said it. I had gone to change my clothes and Pais had propped herself up on the lawn chairs in a modeling position and wanted Jenn to look at her.)


Splash Island

This evening we headed out west to Plainfield. My friend Jennifer and her family lives there and we have started making it a summer ritual to head there for the afternoon/evening/night then go to Splash Island for "Wet Wednesday." We did our best to stay in the water as much as we could because when the sun went down it got kind of chilly. However, everyone...yes, EVERYONE had a good time. If you have been with us this summer at a pool or heard any of our stories you know that Pais has been avoiding the pool at all cost. Tonight was a whole different story. It did take her a little bit to get used to it but after that she was all about the water. She loved it.

Here are the kids at Jenn's house entertaining Gabriel. He is now 2 months old and had a captivating audience in these 3. They all loved him and hanging around im. (I hope this carries over to when ours comes home.)

Jenn & I

We took one family pic then put the camera away so we could get wet.


Food & Fun at the Kleine's

This evening we headed out to the country to spend sometime with friends. The Kleine's hosted an event for the "young adults, 20-30 something crowd." I'm glad we still qualify to fit in that group. There was about 25-30 of us who gathered, talked and played games together.

Some of the guys playing botchee ball.

Nothing shows off your competitive side like a "friendly" game of whiffle ball. (PS-Just ask Rachel Kleine about her hitting slump.)

We also had a few extra guests join us...guests of the furry kind. The Kleine's have five puppies they are trying to sell. Tonight these five "little" ones joined us for some fun outside.


Date Night

This is what happens when you try to take pictures of yourselves...

This is what happens when a volunteer graciously volunteers to take our picture...

Josh and I took advantage of a Ruth Chris gift card that we had and celebrated our anniversary a little early. Josh will be training the week of our actual anniversary. It was a nice evening away with great company and good food.

(PS-Funny story about the nice gentleman who volunteered to take our picture...Josh and I were in the garden-ish area just laughing and attempting to take pictures of ourselves. This gentleman in a yellow Corvette volunteered. However, he grabbed the camera I noticed he had no pointer finger. Apparently, some accident had removed it. So now you know why the pictures are far away and not zoomed in on. I'm not sure if anyone finds that as funny as we do, but we thought we would share that story.)


Trip to the Fair

Tonight after dinner we headed to the fair for a few hours. The kids wanted to go see some animals and we all enjoy a little fair food food too. Paislee loved going into the "petting zoo" portion. She went and said "hi" to all the animals and was really irritated when a pig would not cooperate with her and let her pet him.

Really, all the kids enjoyed the petting zoo. Chaney and Tuck were able to hold a baby duck. Poor duck, there were a few occasions when I thought he was going to get strangled. But, he survived.

Each year the National Guard brings over one of there Hummers, helicopters and this year they had a blow-up obstacle course. (Like the one BRCC gets for the Harvest Hoedown) To say the kids enjoyed this part would be an understatement. We had to limit them on how many times they went through the obstacle course. (Otherwise we would have sat there all night.)


4th of July

For the Fourth we were invited to some friends house to hang out for the evening and enjoy some fireworks. For the kids, we set up a slip-n-slide and had many other things for them to do. They enjoyed themselves too.

Hudson was using his baseball bat on the slide.

Pais found her car...and her driver/pusher (Ella).

She also found a 4-wheeler her size and very much enjoyed riding around on this.

Tuck taking his turn on the slip-n-slide.

All the kids gathered round as Andy gave directions on what to do with the sparklers.

Andy's demonstration

All the kids watching with great anticipation.

Chaney's turn
Tucker's turn

Paislee's turn
There was so much smoke around. I think we had like 6 boxes to go through. Needless to say the kids did enjoy it all.