Picnic at the Park

For about the last week or so Chaney has requested that we have a picnic at the park. Since the weather has been beautiful the last few days we decided to go for a picnic for dinner. We waited on Josh to get home then packed up our pb&j's and headed to Southeastway Park. The kids have not been there in such a long time. We enjoyed playing on the playground and eating dinner there as well.

After dinner we headed to Frosty Boy for a sweet treat and were surprised to run into our other Brown friends, Amy, Robert & Ryker. We enjoyed sharing a part of our evening with them too.


This Maybe the Only Time...

...you see this little squirt going down the slide into the pool, at least for this summer. Since the weather has been a little cooler we took down the pools but have not completely taken the air out. The kids love to jump in them and just play. Paislee throws all of her toys in the pool and then jumps in to play. This morning we put the slide in and she liked it.


Taking it Easy

The last few days have been pretty busy. Monday we were at Jaclyn's most of the day for the kids to play and for one certain momma to get B-U-tified. Tuesday Sarah called and asked for Chaney and Tucker to go with her and Silas to Chuck E. Cheese and go swimming. Since they were gone Paislee and I decided to have a lunch date with daddy. Today we woke up and just hung out at the house. We may or may not have stayed in our jammies all day. We played beauty shop, dress up and even painted a little.

Pretty toes...yes, Tuck gets his big toes painted.

Pretty fingers...yes, Tuck got his thumbs painted. Don't judge. (Emily, you may soon have this battle on your hands too.)

Spiderman is so sweet to this witch. If this Spiderman ever comes to save you I think his painted thumbs and big toes have given away his identity.


Half the Trouble

If I keep 'em like this does this mean they will only get into half the trouble that they normally do?

Each morning when the kids get up they like to snuggle in blankets and watch a few cartoons. This morning Paislee asked to be wrapped up in hers and I found the "toga" style that seemed to work perfectly. Then, the older two wanted it done. If only I could find a way to get these blankets to stay like this all day....hhmmm. I know that I would definitely have a lot less fighting going on if the blankets would stay like that.

(Disclaimer: all iPod pics, sorry for the blurriness)


A Little Bit of Perspective

Josh and I celebrated ten years of marriage on August 4. Since Josh was out of town on business I surprised him with Sugarland tickets for Saturday, August 13 at the Indiana State Fair. We have been to the fair for many concerts before and (really) are not big fans of the grandstands. The grandstands are old and leave little room for long legs and they pack you in there like sardines. On the flip side, what better place to watch a country concert than the "prime" hick spot like the state fair, right? What other place breeds Wranglers, cowboy hats and boots? Another advantage of a state fair concert is that they don't serve alcohol so it's kind of nice to not get beer spilled on you or have to watch the "drama" that follows these intoxicated (and most of the time) annoying people. Little did we know that an evening that we had planned as a fun, light-hearted and entertaining would turn into an evening that we will remember forever. For the first 24 hours after the event each time we closed our eyes this tragic event played over and over on the inside of our eyelids.

Let me give you an idea of where our seats were. We could look at the stage straight on but were almost at the top of the grandstands, like about seven rows from the top. Thank goodness for last minute buying and cheap seats. (The picture below is a picture we took to while Sara Bareillas was still performing.) This was our view.

We promised Chaney we would take a picture of Sugarland but we did some test shots on the opening act to see what kind of shots we could get. She is in the green dress with her guitar and her piano is behind her. The dream catcher like thing in the background is the set for Sugarland. The white flare-like light fixtures are for Sara's set also. All of the light flares, piano, musicians were all off the stage when it collaped. In fact, the stage hands had just finished setting up the entire stage for Sugarland's show.

From our perspective we were able to watch the weather (lightning, clouds, dust, etc) roll in. I'm not going to give you a count by count assessment of what went on. The news has given us plenty of play-by-play of the happenings and if you are like me then you are probably sick of hearing it. I've heard accurate stories and some not so accurate stories. I've heard of people giving themselves all the credit about how they lifted the trusses by themselves and single-handidly saved people. I can tell you everything that I saw was a group effort. It's amazing to me that with 14,000 people to see an event that you can have almost 14,000 different stories and perspectives. With that said, I can tell you I have not seen one radar that could prepare you (or a stage) for 75 mph wind gusts. Being from the country and seeing first hand damage of straight-line winds, this was not straight line winds. This tent/canopy was the only thing damaged. Straight-line winds would have a path. As good as the meteorologists are in Indy, none could have known the exact moment of the gusts. Watching the stage fall from our perspective was like watching it in slow motion. I compare it to watching your kids build a block tower. You can see that its slowly starting to lean to oneside but by the time you try to warn them the damage has already been done and the structured is scattered everywhere.

As soon as the structure fell I thinks it's safe to say that the madness set in. We witnessed people in the grandstand going into complete shock, like shutdown mode. They were paralyzed with fear and literally would not move. Our thinking was that they must have thought that a tornado was near and coming toward the actual grandstand. We heard accounts from other concert goers of some audience members trampeling out so fast that they were literally running over people. One specific story we heard that a pregnant lady got knocked down and her husband was on top of her covering and doing his best to protect her from the mad rush. (No, this was not me.) From a personal perspective I can tell you that Josh and I were calm. In a chaotic moment like this I'm sure my pregnancy hormones could have raged and I could have gone all "crazy" on these people but I was completely calm. I know and understand that this peace I felt was only given by God. I had no doubt that we would make it out ok and be completely safe. However, that was not true for everyone there. We knew as soon as that structure fell that there were instant fatalities, but the question was how many. What we could take heart and pride in was watching our community, brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow Hoosiers immediately stepping up and helping people out. Generousity and love were pouring out of these volunteers to get these trapped spectators/workers out. Seriously, this was the best moment to see people helping people. Josh and I quickly moved out of the grandstands and went to our car as soon as we could. We were able to get out of the grandstands and into our car within 20 minutes of the stage collapsing. On the way home I don't think we said two words to each other. We were emotionally drained after seeing an event like this.

An event like this is tragic in so many ways, for so many families, not only for the ones who were actual victims but also for the entertainers themselves (Sugarland and Sara Bareillas) and for the other spectators who witnessed all of this. Josh and I hugged and kissed on the kids a little more the next day. We were just a little bit more grateful for what we had that day. Who would have ever thought that some of these people would never return home after attending a concert? I think its safe to say that the next time we attend a concert we will seriously look at the venue and stage set up. Maybe never getting front row seats is a blessing in disguise.

Below is the link to the YouTube video of the stage collapsing:


Fun Friday

Could this BE anymore true??

And, maybe, some of his goofiness...


Lose Something?

HHHhmmmm....what could it be...

What did I lose?

I know...my TOOTH, I lost my first tooth!

I'm not sure if you can understand her excitement in these pictures. Since she has been sick the last couple of days she has had plenty of time to sit and wiggle...and wiggle...and wiggle her tooth around. Last night, with a little assistance from her daddy, it came out. Now, it is her request that the tooth fairy not come yet. She wants to show off her baby tooth to any family members that she sees in the next few days. Kinda weird, I agree, but it is her request.


Easy Saturday

She finally got one. Yes, Paislee has officially gotten herself a Home Depot apron. Although she did not go today, she still maybe a little too young for that. Mamaw and Papaw did pick her up an apron, a pin to start her collection and activity that she (& daddy) did at home.

Today was our first Saturday "off" in about 6 weeks. (By "off" we mean nothing scheduled,no place to be.) We are taking full advantage of it. Daddy is home now after being gone since last Sunday so we are all soaking up his time and laying around being lazy. Since the (2 of the 3) kids are fighting nasty colds its kind of easy for us to be lazy. Mamaw and Papaw came and picked up the older two before lunch to head to Home Depot then we met them for lunch later. The kids are enjoying their pencil boxes that they made and are practicing their artistic abilities while watching a movie.


10 Years Ago Today...

Ten years ago, on a bright sunshiney day much like today but a very HOT, H-O-T day we were married. Since that time we have been through so much. We have loved each other more, lost family members, cried, changed jobs, quit jobs, been let go from jobs, started a family, laughed alot, disagreed, agreed, had a few fights and discussed alot. We have had many things change. The size of our family has (greatly) increased as have our waistlines. We have seen some things decrease, like the size of our bank accounts and the space in our house. IF only we could switch the waistlines and bank accounts, right?

But, honestly, through it all I can say that my love you increases more each day. I love living each day by your side. Everyday that goes by I'm thankful that you chose me to be your teammate and partner in this journey that we call life. I'm grateful that God blessed me with a mate that challenges me to be a better person. But more than anything, I am thankful for you. Happy 10th Anniversary, Josh!
(I just wish we weren't several hundred miles away from each other to celebrate.)


List to live by...

11 Things a Husband and Wife Must Agree On

In marriage, there are certain things that you can “agree to disagree” on and other things that you absolutely must agree upon. A husband and wife must agree on the following.

1. You are married for life, no matter what; except possibly for unfaithfulness, abuse or abandonment. Therefore, the “D” word, divorce, should never be used.

2. Your marriage is a top priority and you will do whatever you need to do to strengthen it.

3. You will strive to meet the sexual needs of your mate. Sex will not be withheld as punishment or because of lack of interest.

4. You will always be honest with your spouse and will speak the truth in love. That means no secrets.

5. Whether you would like to have children and how many you would like to have.

6. Where you will live and what you will live in.

7. When and how you will discipline your children.

8. You and your spouse will always honor your parents and in-laws, but you and your spouse, not your parents or in-laws, will make the decisions in your marriage and for your children.

9. How much you will spend, save and share.

10. Whether you will have debt and, if so, what kind and how much you will allow.

11. Who you will worship and where you will worship.

*This is from Mark Merrill.com

If any of you know me well then you know that I am a huge proponent of marriage. Maybe this is for obvious reasons or maybe for the simple fact that I hate seeing people give up on marriage just to move on to someone else because its more convenient. This is a topic that I could go on for hours and hours but this is not the place nor do I have the time. I did come across this list today from Mark Merrill's website. He does a lot of things with Tony Dungy so his name may sound familiar.


July Pics in Review

Bad hair day?...maybe

You may think this picture is kind of gross but I think its kind of funny. The kids were playing with play-doh one morning and Pais' nose was running a little bit. I went to wipe her nose and saw this. Yes, ironically enough she was playing with green play-doh and put a piece of it right below her nose.

Tuck usually falls asleep with his hand under his head. I would think they would fall asleep but I guess they don't. Such a handsome boy. (He must get that from his daddy.)

Road trip to Jennifer's

So serious...
...ok, we will lighten it up a little. Do you like her 80's headband? She did her own hair.

These two love to play together in this chair and watch cartoons together.
Our newest thing now is everyone jumps in the shower together. Since its summer we often have those nights where they need to get in the shower and get all the sweat and grass off of them. Sometimes its just easier to put them all in together. We usually throw a shower cap on Chaney so we don't get her hair wet. But, with the threee of them, whatever one does they all want to do. Monkey see...monkey do. All of them in the shower with caps on and loving it.
First corn of the cob this year. She approves.

(Disclaimer: all iPod pics)