Celebrity Friends

Some of you know that when I'm pregnant I frequently dream of "celebrity" people.  In my previous pregnancy dreams we did a lot of hanging out with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and the Paisley's (Brad & Kim).  So far in this pregnancy I can honestly say I haven't had any celebrity dreams...until last night.  

Last night we decided to hang out with the Mannings and the twins.  Yes, we were invited to their home to hang out with Peyton, Ashley and the twins (Marshall and Mosley).  The thing about these dreams is that they are so real and so vivid.  We were literally sitting on the floor playing with babies.  I think that I was talking more football with Peyton than Josh was (surprise!).  However, we did find out that Peyton really took the year off to hang with his babies.  The neck issue is just a big cover up.  What a great dad!


September Pics in Review

On Labor Day we went to the park and walked down by the river.  We wanted a picture of the kids but they really could have cared less. 

 This picture makes her daddy so proud.  Seriously, there is no denying she is Josh's daughter.  She maybe our biggest techno-nerd yet.  She LOVES the iPad.

 Chaney realized she could climb the walls in our hallway this week.  My mom and dad have quite a few pictures of me doing the exact same thing.  

 Pais wanted to wear Chaney's dress so we had to rig it up so she didn't fall over it.  She looks like a little Amish girl.

 Don't ask...they raided daddy's hats.

 "Butt Buddies"

 Chaney loves to read to them and pretend she is the teacher.  Although she can't really read she does have a great imagination to go with the pictures.

 Paislee's goofy face

I went up one day to get Chaney up from her rest time and this is what I found.  I guess she was pretty tired.


Baby Names

I must confess.  Every once and a while I post items on the blog then things change and I am made to look like a liar.  A few weeks ago I posted that we (I thought) had a name for this baby boy.  But, that evening Josh tells me he wasn't sure about that name and we should start our search again.  (This is what every 35 week pregnant women wants to hear.  As if I really don't have other things to worry about or get ready.)  So, I honored his request and we began the name search again.  We asked our expert panel (or as we call them the peanut gallery...the kids) what they thought about a name.  Below is what we were given...

Flash Flanigan
Hot Lips
Incredible Hulk
Captain America

Be assured that none of these names will probably be chosen but have made for some great laughs.  I think we have narrowed the name down to three choices but none of the above made the cut. 


Our Entertainers

Tonight we had a few errands to run. Since the kids were good we stopped for a sweet treat at DQ. While we were eating the girls decided to keep us entertained. (The face was Paislee's idea.)


A Few Things I Have Noticed...

In the last few weeks I have started to rest my body a little bit more.  I try to get my chores done in the morning when I have energy and am resting more in the afternoon and evening.  Since I sit and do a little less, it gives me time to think a little more.  Here are a few items I have come up with that I thought you would agree with or enjoy.

A Few Things I've Noticed....

-People who use the parking spots at the grocery marked for expecting moms or moms of small children are usually neither. My observation is that usually older, heavy-set people are using them because they are lazy.

-The handicap people at WalMart who use the handicap spots are usually the worse parked cars in the lot. And most of them don't pull out the handicap tag until they park.

-Listening to all three of my children laugh and play together could not make my heart swell anymore. I'm a proud mama.

-When people notice I'm pregnant with my fourth I rarely get a congratulations. Most of the time I'm greeted with, "Are you crazy?" or "You know what causes that, right?"

-Little boys can toot or burp on command, it still amazes me. Lucky for us we are adding another one to the bunch.

-The more kids we have the ornerier they get. Paislee may look sweet but she's a pistol. Really, I just think it's a matter of survival.

-Because of having 3 small kids & a few pregnancies, I think it's safe to say I may know where every restroom is in every public place here in town.

-My kids love to go to the doctor or dentist. I think it's because they rarely go.

-Paislee likes to throw her snacky-type food on the floor then get down on the floor and grab it with her mouth, kind of like a dog.  

-The phrase "because mommy & daddy said so" doesn't hold any weight when compared to "...well, Chaney said..." 

-Chaney could sit for hours and watch country music videos, especially if Taylor Swift, Sugarland and Lady Antebellum are playing. (There is no denying she is my child.)

-You could not pay me enough money to work at Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon.

-The things said jokingly to your children are often the things they remember most. For example, Chaney asked again, "Is daddy really made of metal." (She meant steel.)

-If I can take my shopping cart to the "cart holder" at 34 weeks pregnant, pouring down rain and 3 kids anyone else should be able to as well.

-Nothing can get a point across to a child like having a heart to heart talk with them with tears streaming down your face because they have frustrated you so bad.

-A 21-month-old child can both frustrate you and make you very happy with their independence.

-I'm not much of a Craig's List shopper but when I do browse their site, it drives me crazy when someone is selling an item and the picture that they post is the manufacturer's picture instead of their own product.  So basically they are showing you a brand new item when (I'm guessing) theirs is so stained and nasty they don't want to show the real product.

-I feel like with every meal I eat that my prego belly grows an inch.  So, at this rate I may have a 55 inch waist.  I will give an early prediction that this little boy could be bigger than the rest of our babies.

-Just when you think the laundry is caught up, it can quadruple in about an hour.


Ella is 11

Tonight we met up with the birthday girl and ate some dinner with her at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown.  What a great night.  After eating and singing we walked over to Pan Am Plaza to let the kids run and watch some hockey games.  This could be the last warm evening we have for a while and we wanted to enjoy it.  It was gorgeous out.  Its so hard to believe that 11 years ago we were all pacing the halls of the hospital until we saw her little face.  She brought so much fun and excitement to our family and is still so much fun.

 The two girls playing on by the flagpoles.

 Paislee couldn't finish her dinner but she sure did finish the scotch-a-roo.

 This picture is Pais running and making a turn but it looks like she is surfing. 

 We tried to get a picture of the three before dinner...it gets harder and harder for them ALL to look in the same direction.

 ...and Pais the cheeseball.

 9 grandkids with #10 on the way...

 All kids with aunt Liv included.

My babies


Twin Day

Yesterday Tucker picked out this outfit and got dressed by himself. (The best part about the outfit, in my opinion, is the navy blue t-shirt he has on underneath with bright orange horizontal lines.  It doesn't match at all but he doesn't care.)  Today he wanted to wear it again AND wanted Chaney to look like him.  He went and pulled a pair of jeans from her dresser (like his), found dark tennis shoes (like his) and found another plaid shirt (just like his).  When we went for our walk this morning they held hands and thought it was so great that they looked just alike.


32 Weeks

32 weeks in and 8 (or 9) more to go.  Everything seems to be going well.  Yesterday was my 32 week appointment and the heartbeat was ranging from the 130-140's.  This little boy is telling me each day that he wants to play soccer as soon as he gets out.  I'll refrain from passing along my weight gain and actual weight.  Let's just say that it is about the same that it was with Tucker and Paislee so we are guessing another 9-10 lb baby is on its way.  At this stage of the game, we aren't sure what we'd do with 7 pound baby.  Plus, ours always stay in and bakes extra long so that is another reason they are so big.  As long as he comes out healthy we really don't care.  Heartburn seems to be the one factor that is hard to control these days.  The heartburn maybe a result of my summertime diet of tomatoes, maybe I should change that:-)  We think we have a name settled on but won't be sharing that yet.  (If we have slipped and you have heard the name please be quiet.)  As with the other kids we try to incorporate our parents names into our kids names.  This time is my dad's turn.  His name is David Benjamin and since David is used for two of my nephews we'll probably lean more toward Benjamin for a middle name.  The kids continue to be super excited about his arrival.  Each evening (during #4's active time) they all sit on my lap and around me and poke at him and watch my belly move.  I love that they love doing this.  They are just as excited as we are to meet this new addition.  Paislee is ready for her personal little baby doll.  November 3 is still the due date but according to the trend in the last three deliveries I am predicting an October 30 delivery....maybe mama's intuition or maybe just wishful thinking:-).  Either way, he will come when he wants.

(Sorry for the bad picture.  I'm not one for pictures, let alone pregnant pictures.)

CMA Time

It's this time of the year that my nerdom and love of country music is at its finest.  The CMA Awards will air in early November but to make a little more fun (and of course scientific) I have put together a spreadsheet for anyone who wants to guess and added a point system in for a little more excitement.  If you would like to join or play please email or comment with your picks and I will add your name to the list.  (Or if you want the actual spreadsheet with points just let me know) Remember this is strictly for fun and for bragging rights.  There will be no prizes awarded but it does make it a little more interesting when watching the show.  If you are not familiar with any song or artist CMT.com will help and will have videos available.  Enjoy!  My request is that you have your picks to me by October 31.  Hopefully 7 weeks will be enough time to make an educated guess.  If that is not enough time then just pick the cute guys and pretty girls and you should do just fine:-)

Category Artist Title
Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Taylor Swift
Keith Urban
Male Vocalist of the Year Jason Aldean
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Keith Urban
Female Vocalist of the Year Sara Evans
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Album of the Year Blake Shelton All About Tonight
Jason Aldean My Kinda Party
Taylor Swift Speak Now
Brad Paisley This Is Country Music
Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give
Song of the Year Zac Brown Band "Colder Weather"
Jason Aldean "Dirt Road Anthem"
The Band Perry "If I Die Young"
Taylor Swift "Mean"
Kenny Chesney "You and Tequila"
Single of the Year Sara Evans "A Litte Bit Stronger"
Zac Brown Band "Colder Weather"
Jason Aldean w/ Kelly Clarkson "Don't You Wanna Stay"
Blake Shelton "Honey Bee"
The Band Perry "If I Die Young"
Music Video of the Year Blake Shelton "Honey Bee"
The Band Perry "If I Die Young"
Taylor Swift "Mean"
Brad Paisley "Old Alabama"
Kenny Chesney "You and Tequila"
Vocal Group of the Year The Band Perry
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band
Vocal Duo of the Year The Civil Wars
Montgomery Gentry
Steel Magnolia
Thompson Square
New Artist of the Year The Band Perry
Luke Bryan
Eric Church
Thompson Square
Chris Young
Musical Event of the Year Zac Brown Band w/ Alan Jackson "As She's Walking Away"
Loretta Lynn, Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert "Coal Miner's Daughter"
Jason Aldean w/ Kelly Clarkson "Don't You Wanna Stay"
Brad Paisley w/ Alabama "Old Alabama"
Kenny Chesney w/ Grace Potter "You and Tequila"
Musician of the Year Sam Bush - Mandolin
Jerry Douglas - Dobro
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar
Dann Huff - Guitar
Mac McAnally - Guitar


Family Fun Day 2

This afternoon we went over to Mom & Doug's for another get together and we celebrated Silas' birthday (yes, again) and Doug's.  The kids enjoyed playing with mom's new trampoline, Gus-Gus and Liv's "concession" stand.
 This is Liv doing her best Lady GaGa impression, pretty good.

 Paislee is playing us some dinner music.

 Tuck's balloon

 Trampoline time always turns into a giant wrestling session, but they still love it.

 Gus-Gus needed a nap after all the playtime.  This picture may not show his real size, he stand maybe about 3 inches from the ground.  He is very tiny compared to mom's polar bear of a dog in Bentley, the Pyrennes.  Gus-Gus does play well with the kids and enjoyed all the attention.

When she wasn't Lady GaGa, Liv was in charge of face painting.


Family Fun

This afternoon we went up to Dad & Barbara's house for a cookout.  The kids (& adults) enjoyed a much cooler day and playing outside.

 The little ones eating some dinner

 Bubble time

 Cupcakes anyone?  She will share, she only wants the icing;-)

 Tomorrow is Silas' 5th birthday so we celebrated a little today.

Jordan, Brooke & Chloe, Brooke is 17 weeks pregnant so we will be adding another addition to the family in February.  In this stage of our lives, this family averages a new birth of a child once a year.  Growing, growing, growing....so many little people, so many blessings.


HOT, Hot, hot

Today was another hot day around here.  I think we hit 100* but did have a nice rain shower in the afternoon.  Since today was the first Saturday of the month it was also a Home Depot day.  Today's project was a dry erase board.  Now each one has a personal sized board that they can work on their letters and numbers on.  The plan for this evening was to go to the Indians game.  However, (my) dad made the call a few days ago that it would be pretty miserable to sit and watch a game with 9 little people so we changed our plans.  The two oldest and I spent the afternoon at Sarah's pool.  The pool closes on Monday so we spent the last hot day in the water....and it felt good!

Before the kids left for Home Depot we wanted to take some pictures....and this is what we got.  I think it's appropriate to just call them cheeseballs.

These last two are my favorite...