Harvest Hoedown

Tonight was the annual Harvest Hoedown at church.  Since it was actually on Halloween night and a weekday the crowd was kind of thin compared to normal.  Personally, with little kids, the thinner crowd was a nice change so our little ones could do more of the "big kid" type of inflatables.

 The train inflatable was for the pre-school age kids.  Last year Tucker seriously played on this for the entire 2 hour time.  This year he and Chaney played for a little bit then like the bigger inflatables better.

 Our little bumblebee that was kind of a sourpuss all night.  She really didn't get happy until we changed her out of her outfit.  She so wanted to go on the big slide and do the things that Chaney and Tucker were doing but her usual sidekick (me) is a little impaired at the moment.

 One of the highlights of the evening is always doing the face painting.  

This year Tucker got his face painted.  Dawn made a Captain America type logo on his forehead.  He didn't want to wear his mask and carry his shield.  He told us he didn't want to take his shield in because he was afraid he would hurt someone.  We thought that was pretty funny.


Haunted House

Tonight was the annual haunted house and neighborhood party at dad and Barbara's house.  Each year its funny to see which of the kids will actually go through the haunted house and which ones are scared.  All of ours went through.  I'm not gonna lie, they were rather timid at first but after that they were good to go...and go...and go.  To be honest, we all have to give Josiah a pep talk over and over and over to get him to go through.  After the haunted house we had a great big chili supper then played outside.  What a great evening to spend outside.

 We were waiting on some of the other cousins to arrive so we decided to eat some snacks and take some pictures.

 These guys were waiting for all the other cousins to join the "grand kid" picture.

 Do you know how hard it is to get 10 kids to look the same way and take a picture?  We had the kids in this pose for maybe 5 minutes and I had 30+ pictures of this pose.  It's crazy...but fun!  Next year we will have three more kids to add to this addition.  Brooke and Jordan are expecting their little boy on February 14.  Jaclyn and Rick are expecting their #4 in April and then our #4...whenever he decides to come.

 Tonight we had a pumpkin carving contest.  This was actually a surprise, we had no idea this was the plan.  Jordan and Rick working hard.

 Tommy took off for a fight night so Sarah pulled her crew together to work on theirs.  I didn't realize that I didn't even take a picture of Josh working on ours until I downloaded the pictures...ooppps!  But Josh did win the prize for best pumpkin.

Pete was walking all around.  I actually got him to stand still for a second.


39 Weeks

Not much has changed....except that my belly is growing.  I had my doctor's appointment today and nothing has changed.  Baby is still hovering.  His heartrate was in the 130's and still sounds good.  He is still moving around but not as much.  The good news is at this rate I should be able to make the Sugarland concert tomorrow night.


One Happy Boy

Or should I say one happy super hero?!?!  This year for Halloween the plan was to not purchase any new costumes.  Sarah has given us some and after hitting a few clearance sales last year I thought we were in pretty good shape.  However, if you have been around this little super hero lately you will understand how much he loves Captain America.  Anything that he can find in the house becomes his shield and sometimes he requests that we address him as Captain America, not Tucker.  It was our plan to get him a shield for Christmas but how can Captain America have a shield but not outfit to go with it.  So...we gave in and the hunt was on for a costume.  (Note to self: Do not try to find the most popular outfit with 10 days to go before Halloween.) First, I went online to Target and Walmart and they were sold out.  Like, I could not even do the site to store before Halloween.  So, trusty ol' Amazon it was.  (The bad thing is you pay a little more too.)  He picked one out that he like and we ordered.  However, when we got it, we (or maybe just I) had been deceived by the description and picture.  I thought there was a shield included...but there wasn't.  So, the hunt was on for the shield.  Back online, every shield was sold out at the same stores.  I decided to take one last stab at our local Walmart.  I found a shield (that doubles as a frisbee) that works perfectly.  It has a handle on it and (most importantly) he loves it.  I would say that we have one happy boy!


Special Home Depot Day

Usually Home Depot Day falls on the first Saturday of the month.  However, today they had a special build and some extra stuff outside.  (I'm thinking it has something to do with Fire Prevention week but I could be wrong.)  Anyway, we had Liv with us today and we met papaw at Home Depot.  Today's build was a fire boat.  

 The kids with their finished projects.

In the parking lot the Greenfield Fire Department brought their "smoke" house to teach kids what to do incase of a fire.  The Coast Guard also brought a boat but the kids were not able to get in so they were kind of bummed.  Home Depot also provided hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.  It was a nice day to take it in.
 Chaney crawling

 Pais crawled up the stairs...
 ...then walked.
 Then at the end they had to climb the fence and take the ladder down.
 The funny thing is after we were done building our fireboat we went out to the smokehouse but the fire trucks had just taken off on a run so they didn't have someone running the smoke house.  So, we went on to the boat and ate some food.  As we were walking to our car the firetrucks came back and (we thought) we may have a chance to do the real smoke house.  However, they came, made a u-turn then headed back out because of another run.  Bummer!


38 Weeks

Well....I'm still here, still pregnant, still getting bigger while my sleep and patience are starting to elude me.  Really, in the last week not much has changed.  It seems like I am sleeping less.  I'm not sure if this is because of not being able to get comfortable, many bathroom trips or my husband's snooring that is rattling the windows.  Let's just say that I'm glad Friends is now on Nick at Nite because we have a nightly routine now around 3 am.  Some of the first trimester symptoms are coming back which clues me in that I'm nearing the end.

Yesterday was my 38 week doctor's visit.  (I'll stick with the analogy I used in week 36)  It looks as though cloud cover is starting to thin out.  It's about 50%  now with a 1-2 cm opening for landing.  This may look like progress is happening but with my body it doesn't really mean much.  I was dialated with Chaney early (like 37-38 wks) and she still had to be induced at 41 weeks.  So, I'm not putting much stock in this.  Now, I'm trying to figure out what chores I can (or what furniture to move around) to help coax this little one out.  Apparenlty, I'm still winning the award for the most comfortble uterus, yeah!  The good thing is that we are now all over our head colds so I'm really glad he didn't come in the middle of all that and get our germs.  God knows what he is doing and is proving His timing is better.

I must confess something...we got our tickets to Sugarland for their return concert on Friday, October 28.  I would love to be able to see them.  Secretely, I'm kind of wishing he holds off until after that but we will see.

PS-I was going to add another picture of me but no matter how cute I try to look right now, well, it just ain't happening.  There is no way I could be cuter than this little thing with her prego belly.

(Disclaimer: iPod pic)


They Grow Up To Fast

I thought you knew everything at age 13.  Apparently now its closer to 5, lucky me!  The last few weeks I have a 5 year old and her faithful 3 year old side kick who know absolutely EVERYTHING!  Like so much so they want to argue over teeny, tiny details of minor details.  And to be honest, lately I have had zero energy to argue back with them.  (I know for some that seems hard to believe but its true.)  We have been slowly bringing her (or them) back to reality but I know its just going to get worse before it gets better.

As most of you know I'm a huge country music fan.  Martina McBride has a song called "Teenage Daughters" that she personally wrote because she has three daughters, two of which are now in their teenage years.  Reading the lyrics to the song sound so familiar to me and my household as I grew up with three other sisters.  I'm sure most of you can relate to it.  The lyrics are below with the video under that.  The video is Martina with her (real-life) daughters and husband.

"Teenage Daughters"

I ain't complainin'
But I'm tired, so I'm just sayin'
What I think
And if we're being honest
Than honestly I think I need a drink

My baby's growin' up
She think's she's fallin' all in love
And that I hate her
At seventeen, she's just like me when I was seventeen
So I don't blame her

Do do do do
Do do do do
What are we gonna do ?
Do do do do
Do do do do
What are we gonna do about it ?

Remember when we use to be
Everything they ever need
We had them believing we were cool
It's like it happened over night
We're always wrong, their always right
We use to be the one's breakin' the rules
Now we're just mothers, we're just fathers of
Teenage Daughters

She rolls her eye's when I'm funny
But she's sweet when she wants money and her freedom
Oh my god, she's got a car
Swears they wont go far
And i wish i believed 'em

Their beautiful, wild and free
Everything we wish we could be
But their still crazy
Oh you know, the make us crazy

Yeah Teenage Daughters

I ain't complainin'
But I'm just tired, so I'm sayin'
What I think
If we're being honest
Than honestly, I think I need a drink


Finished Product

The kids didn't want to carve pumpkins....well, until daddy started carving his.  Of course, right?  The after nap craft today was carving pumpkins.  The kids wanted daddy to carve theirs first.  Daddy got to do all the work...but he didn't mind.  He actually really enjoyed himself and the kids didn't mind at all.  Below are the finished products.  The four pumpkins are Tucker's, Chaney's, Daddy's and Paislee's.  I didn't do one this year.  I just like watching the kids enjoy themselves.

Back to the Orchard

The Plan: Head to the Orchard around 10, let the kids play, get a pumpkin for Josh, eat a picnic lunch then get some apple slushies and head home.  We knew the weather for today was going to have a high of about 66* (around 5 pm) and it was going to be breezy but we thought we would be ok.

What actually happened was we got to the orchard around 10 then found out the temperature was 50* with a constant wind of about 30 mph with gusts of 40 mph.  Yowza!  The kids (and us) piled on our jackets and then we went to play.  Paislee's eyes were watering so bad from the wind and we were seriously wiping her nose every 30 seconds.  We all ended up playing for about an hour.  After the playground area everyone got a wagon and headed to the pumpkin patch.  For some reason the kids thought it was fun to take a wagon all the way out there.  The kids helped Josh try to find the biggest pumpkin he could then we came back in for pony rides.  After the pony rides and thawing out a little bit we went into the store and got a cherry pie and apple slushies.  We couldn't believe that with their frozen hands they wanted a slushie but they did and we promised so we got them.  I guess it doesn't matter the temperature apple slushies are always good.  We passed on the picnic lunch and just grabbed some food on the way home and ate indoors.  Overall, it was a good morning and we did have fun.

 Chaney and Tucker were hiding in the corn house to get warm.  Tucker kept his hood up like this most of the time he was playing. 

 Chaney and Tucker's favorite game is playing spies.  They love to try and sneak up on you and see what you are doing without you actually seeing them.  After we got into the play area today these two took off and then continued trying to spy on Josh, Pais and I.  The funny thing is these two social animals always end up meeting and getting new friends to join their "spy" crew.

 Pais driving the little John Deere tractor.  Her legs were a little short so she needed daddy's assistance.

 In the corn house again.

 Daddy & Paislee hiding out.

 Everybody and their wagons.

 Paislee got the free ride in the wagon and kept daddy's pumpkin from falling out.

 Chaney talked this lady's ear off the entire time she rode the pony.  Surprise....

Our young cowboy in the making.  Eat your heart our ladies...

PS-While we were there we ran into our friend Shane.  Some of you know him so we thought we would update you on what is going on.  He and his wife are still living out here in our area.  They are expecting their third little girl in December.  Shane is doing some pulpit filling in some rural Friends churches.  He and the family seem to be doing very well.


37 Weeks

I never did add a picture for last week and felt a little guilty so I'm adding a picture for this week.  Yesterday I went to the doctor and not much change.  Actually, they check you every other week unless you want to be checked and since last week was the lucky week I passed for this week.  The results came back and I am postitive for Strep B.  4 for 4, I guess I maybe a model of consistency.  Last week at the doc I was given a flu shot then mysteriously came down with a bad head cold over the weekend and felt terrible at the beginning of the week.  I spent more time sneezing and coughing then I would have liked...which meant many bathroom runs. (If you know what I mean:-)...)  Anyway, the kids and I are on the upswing and Josh is now the one feeling terrible.  I have had contractions for the last few days, nothing consistent but at least something is happening.  This gives me hope that he may try to come early.  I never had contractions this early with the other 3.  Only time will tell.  I'm guessing you will see an update for 38 weeks next week.  This mom is not getting her hopes up....yet!


Pumpkin Decorating

Since Wednesday the kids have been asking to decorate the pumpkins.  In the past, we have decided it is much easier (and safer) to decorate the pumpkins with markers.  This year we told the kids we could carve them but they really didn't like that idea.  They think its fun to get out the big pack of Sharpies and go crazy.  Since it was such a nice evening out we threw a blanket on the ground and enjoyed the evening coloring pumpkins.


 You'll notice a few of the kids have shed some clothing.  This is because I don't trust them with their markers yet.  We try to save the clothes.

 ...and now you know why we shed clothes.  Paislee decided she was done with the pumpkin and wanted to decorate her belly button.  This marker will take days to come off, at least we can put some clothes over the top of her.  If you look closely she has about 5 different colors scattered out on her chest and legs.  Silly girl...

 Chaney's finished product



36 Weeks

The 36 week mark has quickly approached.  The weather this week has been beautiful and we have been outside most of everyday. I guess its only natural that I find myself more tired each day. The combination of three other munchkins and almost another munchkin reaching full term in utero is enough to wear a person out. Well....if you combine all this with limited (frequent bathroom runs and uncomfortableness) sleeping it really begins to wear you out. All things considered I really have nothing to complain about. Physically, all things are still going well with baby boy and myself.  In the last few weeks he has started getting the hiccups.  The kids love to feel my belly when he gets these, they think it's the coolest thing.  My ribs are starting to tell me the room he has inside is getting limited...yowza!  The heartburn is settling down a bit. Since the cooler weather has hit I'm no longer eating tomatoes from the garden as much or tomato based foods as much. Smaller, more frequent meals seams to be easier on my digestive system.

I think it's safe to say the three other kids are still so excited about this little guy. Each day we talk about his growth, his name(s) and when he is going to be born.  They want to hold him so bad but for now they are content touching my belly...like they all do it so much some days I feel a little claustrophobic.  But I don't complain, at least they are not shunning or hating his impending arrival.

Today I had my 36 week appointment, from this point on it's back to the doctor every week.  In the last 4 weeks I have only gained 2 pounds but feel like I have gained about 5 inches.  His heart rate was in the 140's.  Today was a strep B check.  I'm guessing it will come back positive, I was positive with the other three. The doctor also confirmed that this little boy's head is down and ready to go.  (My ribs could have verified that.)Also, in the words of the doctor, "Your baby is ready to come. He is circling the airport, however, the airport is closed." 

(We didn't get pictures yesterday so hopefully we will get some today and I will add them in.)


A Day at the Orchard

(First of all, let me preface this post with this...I'm not a huge fan of the new blogger layout.  I like some features about the new layout but still like the old for other reasons.  So these pictures are not in the order that I would have wished but I will work on getting better about learning the new layout.)

The weather this week has been beautiful.  Everyday has been bright blue sunny skies with the sun shining so brightly.  We have taken advantage of it all and been outside each day until the sun goes down.  Jaclyn had a free day this week so we decided to plan our annual trip to the Tuttle's Orchard for today.  Today was perfect, actually, with the kids in jeans I think they were a little too warm.  Looking at the kids faces this evening I think each of us got a little sun on our faces and arms. The kids loved running around the strawmaze, sunflower maze, the straw stack, the playgrounds, the parking lots and the pumpkin patch.  We brought a blanket and had a picnic lunch and topped it off with apple slushies.  Yum-Yum!

Our deal (or my deal) with the kids and pumpkins is that if they can not carry it to the wagon then they can not get it.  The pumpkin must be small enough that they can carry it.  Chaney's first pumpkin that she (tried to) pick up was too big.  Then, she found the perfect one.  I won't mention the part that this pumpkin was still so heavy that she would take about 5 steps then have to set it down then another 5 steps...but her perseverance paid off and she made it.

Paul found a pumpkin that was just his size.  Actually, the boys thought it was fun to pick the smaller pumpkins so they had gathered about 10 but had to narrow it down.

Pete enjoyed playing in the mulch.

This maybe my first picture with Hank smiling.  He had just got down from the straw stack and I'm guessing he liked it.

Tire swing is always a hit.

Pete was showing off his social side and was waving at anyone and everyone.

I took this picture from across the play area and it shows Chaney's social side perfectly.  She got up on the tractor and stayed there for about 30 minutes.  She stayed and talked to any and everyone who came up.  She is such a little social butterfly.

Paislee likes to go down the slides like this.  Not sure how many times she is going to get hit in the face before she realizes this is not the best way.  But, who am I to argue with a 22 month old.

This was take #4 of getting all three in one picture together.  This was as good as it was going to get.

We visited the animals when we first arrived.  This llama was still trying to wake up and did not want to socialize with us.  We did visit him again later in the afternoon and he was out.

It's so bright she needed her shades.

Racin' time

These two loved the straw stack.  Chaney's pants were a little big so each time she came down off of it we had to get the straw out of her pants.  She was an itchy mess.

Apparently this little goat was hungry and wanted food that was a little out of his reach.  He managed to get up and get what he wanted.