Another New Friend

Finally!!!  Tonight Amy, Robert and their boys came over and were kind enough to bring dinner for a second time.  The first time Amy brought dinner Rigley had his newborn pics done and we were not able to make it back in time to see them.  Then we tried to get together a few other times but illness and the holidays have interefered a little bit with that.  But tonight we made it work.  The older kids had fun playing upstairs while us "big kids" enjoyed an evening together.  Rigley was able to meet another new friend, Camden.  Camden was born in September.  If you look at the pics below it almost looks like Rigley is smiling at him.  


Bath Time with the Littles

Today we had our last Thanksgiving celebration.  Since Rigley's umbilical cord finally came off on Thursday morning we decided to give he and Paislee a bath this morning so we didn't have to worry about them tonight when we got home.  Paislee was very happy that she got to take a bath with him.  She played in the back and didn't bother him at all.  In fact, Rigley didn't mind his bath at all.  I think she's happy that she has a new bath buddy.  


Black Friday

Don't let the title fool you.  If you know me then you know I am not a shopper so there was NO way I was heading out for any part of black Friday.  After two family events yesterday we are all wiped out.  The kids actually slept in a little this morning and Josh went back to work.  Since it was a shopping day Home Depot was having a special build day.  Santa Claus was supposed to be there but due to scheduling mix up he showed up at the wrong time.  Papaw and Papaw Short braved the madness and took the three to build napkin holders.  The snowman design makes them right in season.  Tucker started decorating his, notice the face.

The day after Thanksgiving is reserved to spend time with our friends who are in from Texas.  Each year we gather at Emily and Jason's and spend the evening with them and Dan and Stacey.  This year each couple had a new addition so in one year we added 3 little blessings to the bunch.  

 Evelyn (far left) was born in May, Hank was born in August then Rigley born 3 weeks ago.

We tried to get all the kids in a picture so please excuse the blurriness because everyone was moving...and it was almost 9 pm when we were trying to take this.  Tucker finally has some more boys to help him take on all these girls.


2nd Dr's Visit

Today Rigley went back for his 2 week checkup. In the last few days he has come down with the same cough that Tucker and Paislee had so we were thankful that his appointment was today rather than after the holiday. He weighed in at 10.6 pounds, was 22 3/4 inches long and his head circumference was 15 inches. He seems to doing quite well. Dr. K listened to his lungs and said everything sounded good. His cold must just be all in his nasal area. He did seem better today, not coughing as much or sounding as raspy. Hopefully he will continue to get better each day.


Evening with The Littles

This afternoon Dad and Barbara came and picked up the oldest two to spend the night with them.  Paislee told us earlier in the day that she wanted to stay home and take advantage of her time with daddy and stay home with him.  She and Rigley stayed home with me this morning while Josh took the "oldies" to church.  It's only fair she wants to split time with mom and dad, right?  We fixed supreme nachos and hung out.  

Paislee loves being a big sister and loves her little brother soooooo much, can you tell?

Rigley came down with the same nasty cough and cold symptoms that Tucker and Paislee had about a week ago.  At two weeks old we (he & I) have already spent a few nights sleeping in the recliner so he can be at an angle to drain that junk out.  I hate when the little ones are sick, especially at two weeks old.  He goes to the doctor tomorrow for a 2 week check up so Dr. K will see how he sounds.

One of Josh's favorite things to do with Chaney and Tucker was to snuggle in bed and watch a show or movie before bedtime.  When Paislee came and was old enough to do this there was no more room in the bed and with three not everyone could lay by dad.....and usually a fight was started somehow, someway when all three were in bed together.  One of Paislee's favorite things to do is get in our bed and snuggle down in the covers and watch a show.  So, guess what daddy and Pais did tonight.....yep, you guessed it.  In bed watching movies....


1st Doctor's Visit

Today Rigley went back to the doctor to see how he was doing.  According to Dr. K he is doing fantastic.  His weight when we left the hospital was around 8 lbs 13 oz.  Today he weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz, was 22 in long and head circumference was 14".  He is growing like a weed.

I asked Rigley to flex and this is what I got...

He will go back next week for his 2 week check up.


First Week at Home

We have officially been home one week now and here are a few things I have noticed...

-The newness of having a baby in the house has still not worn off. Rigley is still the first person they want to see when they wake up.

-The oldest 3 are convinced that every time he cries he needs to eat.

-When Rigley gets his diaper changed he usually gets pretty mad because we take his layers of clothes off and he hates to be cold. As soon as we get him cleaned up and if he hasn't settled down the other 3 come in and start singing to him. He loves to listen to them sing.

-I have a wonderful husband who has pulled double duty this week at home. Not only is he still working from home but he is also doing all of my duties (laundry, cooking, cleaning up, groceries, etc). Each morning he was up working at 6 am before the kids got up and I'm pretty sure he has gotten less sleep this week than a normal week of work.

-No matter how much you tell these little people not to touch Rigley's cheeks or pacifier that is the first thing they touch....never fails.

-If Chaney could she would carry Rigley all around this house. The first 12 hours we were home she had picked him up twice without Josh or I knowing it.

-I forgot how many diapers a newborn goes through.

-The alcohol on the belly button and vaseline on the circumcision makes for a high maintenance little boy. We are almost done with the vaseline.

-When we come home from the hospital it always amazes Josh & I how big and independent our youngest (in this scenario, Paislee) is. Pais seems so much more independent, full of personality and just plain orneriness since we've been home. It's all been in a good way though.

-When I see my four kids sitting on the couch together it makes for one proud mama....and brings a few tears to my eyes.

A New Friend

Tonight Rigley got to meet one of his new buddies.  This is Henry or Hank.  Hank was born mid-August and is a very happy guy.  I'm sure that he and Rigley will grow up to be life-long friends and have many memories together.  Since Hank and Rigley are tiny little boys we have come up with a nickname for them.  Meet Hank the Tank and Big Rig.  I'm sure these nicknames will fit them perfectly.


Christmas Tree Time

It's that time again...Christmas time.  We usually put our tree up on November 1 but for obvious reasons the tree got pushed back for a few weeks.  The kids wanted to put the ornaments on so we let them.  By looking at the pictures below it maybe kind of obvious since the ornaments only go about 75% up the tree, they couldn't reach the top 25%.  After they were done "decorating" and their attention had shifted to something else Josh and I went and fixed the ornaments to even them out just a little btt better.  We will probably finish decorating the rest of the house tomorrow.


Look Alikes

The other evening Josh and I were talking about how much our kids look alike at birth.  So, for fun, I decided to go search through our pictures for some birth pictures for all the kids to see if we could guess who was who.  Who do you think is who?

Did you guess right?  All of these pictures were taken right after birth...you can tell by their little swollen faces.


Bath Time

Since Rigley is scheduled to get some more pictures done tomorrow we decided to give him a bath this morning.  His umbilical cord is still attached so we did the ol' fashioned towel bath.  The older kids loved getting down on the floor with him and enjoyed watching him get mad and cry.  (Tucker has come down with a nasty cough so we made him sit up above.)  Honestly, they really thought the best part of the bath was when Rigley peed...twice...all over. 

 Nothing like Johnson & Johnson's pink baby lotion to make a baby smell perfect.  I love smelling babies when they have this lotion on.

(iPod picture)  He was all done and getting snuggled in for some food and a nap.

PS- Since Josh has been working from home this week I am actually able to rest and blog, which is very nice.  However, Josh goes back to work on Monday so blogging and picture taking may come to a screeching hault for a while.


Finally Home

Tonight we made it home from the hospital about 7.  The kids were so excited to have us home. (I use the word excitement but I'm not sure if that word even describes their happiness.  Seriously, these guys love "their little brother.") They made a sign and put up balloons and even yelled surprise when we walked in.  I walked in the front door  (and Josh was a few steps behind me with Rigley) and the kids saw me and asked where their baby brother was.  I responded with, "Well, we left him at the hospital, only mommy came home."  All three of them had a look on their face of pure disappointment....then daddy came in with the car seat and the little guy.  Josh could barely get inside the door before they were trying to get him out of the car seat.


Welcome to the World

Today we welcomed our newest member to this bunch. Rigley Benjamin Brown decided to finally arrive today at 4:08 pm. He weighed in at 9 lbs 5 oz and was 23 in long. His older brother and sisters were able to meet and hold him tonight and they are very excited he is here.


40 Weeks

Today is the date, the due date. But, as most of us know it really doesn't mean a whole lot, just an estimated time of arrival. Things are still going well. Baby boy is still moving around and apparently is still quite comfy in his current surroundings. I do feel like he has dropped just a bit, just enough to make it a little more uncomfortable to sit. Contractions are still an everyday occurrence but not anything that is sending me to the hospital yet.

Yesterday was my 40 week doctor appointment. It looks as though the sky is 75% clear for landing with an opening now of 2 cm. So, really, not much change. If I make it to next Thursday (my next dr appt) then I will have to sit for a non-stress, stress test. Kind of confusing, but basically I go in and get monitored for an hour to see how active the baby is.

We are still looking very forward to meeting this little guy, hopefully very soon. I'm afraid that this little guy will be our biggest baby. Maybe it's mom's intuition but I'm thinking a 10+ pounder. I guess that is what I get for having such a comfortable uterus where he can camp out for 40+ weeks.


October Pics in Review

October iPod/iPad/iPhone pics...

 We were outside playing and the kids were pretending to be napping in the yard.

 Our pumpkins when they were lit outside.

 A few Sundays ago I apparently ate something that was loaded with salt.  I was so swollen, more swollen then I have ever been with any of my kids.  I came home from lunch, took a cat nap then woke up to legs/ankles the size of Canada.  I asked Chaney if she would give me a foot massage.  (Secretly, our kids think its really fun to play spa and give us a foot massage.  And really, they are pretty good at it.)  So, I took full advantage of it and was a willing participant.

 Recently we have changed this little guys routine on him.  His schedule was to lay down during naptime and actually sleep.  However, since the weather is changing we are not outside as much and he is not using as much energy as he needs to.  The midday nap would cause him to lay in bed at night for sometimes 60-90 minutes before he would fall asleep and calling for his dad about every 10 minutes.  Josh and I decided to make naptime a rest time, just like Chaney.  He now has to lay down for a few hours and watch a movie and just relax.  The picture above is from this past week.  I walked in the room and said he had about 15 more minutes of laying down.  I went in 15 minutes later and found him snoozing away.  I will say that his new routine is working out much nicer.  He now is so tired that we start bedtime at 8:30 and he falls asleep much quicker.
 On a rainy day they got the Nerf guns out and were taking target practice.  Their shot is actually getting much better.

This past weekend Josh and I were able to (finally) enjoy the Sugarland concert.  Unforetunetly, we forget our cameras so the only pics we could get were with Josh's iPhone.  We had great seats...not bad for a full refund on the first concert then free tickets for this one.  This show was high energy and Jennifer and Kristian barely stood still on stage so getting a picture was hard.
 This is a picture from the screen while she was singing "Stay."  This was the calmest they were all evening.

Our new favorite drink around here is Peppermint Hot Chocolate form McDonalds.  Even the kids are liking it.  I finally got them their own cup and they sat at the table and played coffee talk for about 45 minutes.  It was hilarious listening to their topics of conversation.  They were trying to act like they were high schoolers.