December Pics in Review

All of these pics are taken off of our mobile devices and not in another blog posts.  This is just a sneak off the chaos/fun that goes on behind the scenes.

 Chaney had her hair in a pony tail and flipped it over to make it look like this
For our NYE party Josh made sword, hats and dogs with balloons
the boys with there swords
Chai with a caffeine level...nice!
Pais reading a book to her baby
My baby and me
Yes, one day the temp was in the 70's and Rigley wore shorts
Rigley playing under the covers while we were making our bed
Riggy with his sword (I love these jammies)

My baby and me after a bath
Riggy found more toilet paper
Pais has to put her kisses up so the lil bro doesn't steal them
Riggy's hair designs by the sweeper hose
Pais turns 3
Tucker shaving
Tucker trying on clothes...and acting nuts
Chaney at her Awana's C-mas party
My oldest and me

 Making a snowman inside because outside it is too windy & cold
Tea party for all four
Every boy needs a pair of Carhartts
Pais telling us to play Taylor's song "22"
First time I've ever seen a blizzard warning on tv
He is always climbing on something
Rides in the laundry basket courtesy of the big sister
Finding a verse for Jan. 1

Tucker made this necklace on NYE and wants to give it to Charlotte
Everybody lazying around watching funny youtube videos
Big boy in a Lazy boy
Beautiful sunset

New Year's Eve

Tonight mamaw, papaw, Jake. Melinda, Crista and Addie came over to help bring in the New Year, or our "kid" version of New Year's.  Jake and Melinda are in from Georgia and have been here for about a week and we have only seen them for a few short hours on Christmas Day.  The kids were very excited about seeing them.  So excited that they sat by the window waiting there arrival.  Chaney waited at the front door and the youngest three at the front window.

Our "kid" friendly party had midnight arriving at 7:30 pm here.  We had a countdown on the iPad that we hooked to the tv so everyone could see.  We ordered some pizza, made some necklaces, bracelets, key chains, popped lots of bubble wrap and then celebrated the New Year with milk and cookies.  The kids loved hanging together and it was super nice that mamaw and papaw got to play with them all.

Since all the grandkids were here we decided to get some pics with mamaw and papaw...and when we were taking the pictures I did not even notice Chaney was playing with mamaw's hair...oh well!

And here is the video of the countdown.  Tucker was afraid the noises of the poppers were going to be too loud so he went and hid upstairs, that is why you won't see him.



Today Josh took the three bigs and went to his grandpa's house where they rode the four-wheeler and went sledding.  Paislee's eyes are super sensitive to the sun and so we thought the snow would bother her so we made her wear sunglasses.  As you know, what one does they all need to do, so that is why they are all in sunglasses. 

Daddy and all his snow buddies.  Mom had the hard job of staying at home with Rigley while he took a nap.  This is the first time I was able to sit and watch a basketball game in its entirety for quite some time.

Paislee was daddy's driving buddy and was a speed demon.  She like to drive fast and flip everyone off.

The sledders...


Jungle John

Tonight we went over to the library to see Jungle John.  He is part of Silly Safaris and does such a good job with the kids.  Tonight was his holiday themed animals.  The three oldest went right up to the front and sat down and really enjoyed the animals.  Rigley, on the other hand, wanted to walk around and talk to the audience so he and daddy went to another part of the library to play for a while.  Tonight we saw a lizard, hare, puppy dog, dove, bull frog and a reindeer.  The kids loved the reindeer and even got their picture taken with him afterwards.

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like Pais is looking at John in a dreamy kind of way.  I really think she was checking out the antlers.

First Snow

This morning we woke up to some snow on the ground.  As the day went on I think we ended up with about 7-8" of snow.  The kids begged all day to get out in it.  For us, this is the first measurable snow fall in about two years.  Last year was unusual in that we had no snow...but very cold temps. After the wind calmed down a little we went out.  Josh and I had been out taking turns cleaning out the driveway so we didn't have to clean 4' drifts out by the end of the day.  The plan was to send the two oldest with him because we felt like Pais would not enjoy the wind on her.  After she saw we were getting them ready then she was not happy she was left out.  After getting her ready she went out for a total of 10 minutes.  They played outside for about an hour.  They needed to get some energy out, they were getting on my nerves! 

The littles sat at the window and watched. Pais looks pretty pathetic doesn't she?


Christmas Night

As if another round of presents was not enough excitement for our kids, we had finally told them that mamaw and papaw Doug had baby goats, as in triplets.  They were super excited to see the babies.  But then we told them the baby goats were inside then it was almost too much to handle.  These little things were inside because their momma is not able to feed them.  They had kind of a rough birth and their little bodies can't afford to spend extra energy trying to keep warm so this is another reason why they are inside.  They are being bottle fed, just like real babies.  There are two that have dark brown heads and one that has a light brown head.  They are pretty cute and very little.

We had a great dinner and enjoyed spending time hanging out with our family.  I love to see all these kids play together.  My mom's house is kind of like a zoo, literally. Obviously she lives on a farm but inside she has one cat (that thinks he rules the roost) three little dogs (maltese, I think) and now the goats.  There is always some animal for the kids to chase.

(PS- Josh and Rigley stayed home that is why you won't see them in any pics.)

Bennett Christmas

After our morning festivites we went over to Josh's grandparents for a while.  This is the first time in quite a while we have all been together.  Jake, Melinda and their girls were up from Georgia this year....just in time for some major snow to come in.   Josh's grandma is not in real good health so it was nice that we were all their for her last Christmas.  

The kids were sitting on the couch and I got my camera real fast to get this picture.  Leecy (far left) thought I had stolen her mom's camera to get this picture so she would not smile for me.  I tried to explain it was my camera and she was not believing me.

 Addie and Rigley were feeding her baby doll some lunch...

All of the kids...

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started a little early.  Chaney and Rigley were up around 6:30 but they had to wait until Paislee and Tucker got up.  They were allowed to look at the presents but could not touch.  About 7:30 the other two got up and our festivities were under way.  On Christmas morning before presents we always read the real Christmas story.  The kids gather around and we listen then open presents.

(PS- the girls wanted their hair wavy this morning so we braided their hair last night.)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.
-Luke 2:11

From our family to yours, have a blessed day.  Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


Christmas Eve

Today was a pretty lazy day today, which I was thankful for.  The last three days have been kind of nuts so we needed this.  I promised the kids we would make cake balls.  We love these things and I had never attempted them so I thought today would be perfect.   After baths/showers and everything else that spontaneously came up today we finally made them.  The kids had fun decorating them.  Funny thing is we ran out of red food coloring so our "Christmas" themed cake balls went straight to a "Valentines" day theme rather quickly.  Oh well, they all still tasted good. 

At dinner we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" then we went to look at Christmas lights.

And we put some cake balls out for Santa.  Santa may have to get back to running sooner than expected.


Tinsley Side

Normally the Tinsley side meets on Christmas Eve.  However, this year circumstances changed just a little bit.  My grandpa has been a pretty sick fella.  In fact, a few weeks ago he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis and we were not real sure he was going to pull it out.  This man is 88 years old, he loves the Lord and his been serving the Lord for many years.  Since then he was released from the hospital and is back in the nursing home.  Tonight we met there to visit  and sing to him.

If you know much about the Tinsley family they are singers.  Each and every Christmas eve since I was little we read the Christmas story from the Bible and sing carols.  Each year we end with the 12 Days of  Christmas.  We met at the nursing home and filled his room with the daughters, grandkids and a handful of great-grandkids and we sang.  Grandpa was alert and smiled at us.  He hasn't been talking or saying much these days.  He looked like he really enjoyed us there and knew what was going on.  After we were done we all had a moment with him not knowing if this would be our last time or not.  

After the nursing home grandma invited us over to spend some time at the house with her and our relatives.  It was so nice to see them and spend time with cousins that are in from out of state.  Most of these people we see once a year and others every other year.

Josiah did not want to be left out...

My cousin Julia and my mom.  Julia would baby sit us a lot when we were little.  She was almost like a big sister to us.