Park Day

Today Josh took the oldest three to the park for just a little bit. The weather was just a bit chilly but no complaints for being February. They enjoyed being able to get out and run and I enjoyed some time with my littlest man.


Out to Dinner

Each year (my) mamaw & papaw plan at least two dinners with each grandchild and their families,  this way they are able to spend one on one time with each.  Tonight was our night for dinner and mamaw chose to take us out to dinner at the Kopper Kettle.  Josh and I were excited to go but we were not too sure how the kids would be.  If you have not been to the Kopper Kettle it is an old house renovated into large rooms with great big tables with lots of breakable things....lots!  The kids did very well and didn't break one thing...success!  We did enjoy our evening and the kids thought the restaurant was really cool, especially the upstairs...and the rocking horse.

PS-Rigley was with us but asleep in his carrier at the time all these pics were taken.


Wordless Wednesday...

...or maybe I should call it less words Wednesday because I'm still going to write something.  My friend sent me the picture on the left showing me a picture of her big rig.  I added in the picture on the right of my (happy) big Rig.


Sunday's Snapshot

The first two pictures were actually from last night's bubble bath night.  

We all got ready a little early for church this morning so we took a few pictures. Some of the subjects were not too happy about getting their picture taken...I'm not sure if you can tell who?  


Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things is the show "The Big Bang Theory" and basketball....especially watching those who can not play basketball attempt to play basketball.  So now you know my delight when Thursday's episode was about this.  I found the clip  on YouTube and I think the clip gets funnier each time I watch it.  So, for those of you who have not seen it, here ya go:


Rolling Over

Tonight I left Rigley on the floor while I was making dinner. I came back into the room and found this, our little man rolled over for the first time. He sure was proud of myself.


New Toy

About the last week or so when we hold Rigley up he has been wanting to stand on his legs.  Since he has been wanting to do this I thought we would get his exersaucer out just to see how he does.  His neck is getting stronger each day but I knew it wasn't quite ready for this but I thought I would try it anyway.  We got it out and I think he liked it...

 He really liked that his big brother and sister were hanging around to help keep him company.

After a few minutes his neck was starting to get tired, can you tell?  Each day we will start using this just a little bit until his neck starts getting really strong.


Valentine's Day

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
 Love never fails.


Sick Days

This morning at church it was only Tucker and I.  The others have been fighting a cold so we didn't want to take them and share their germs with everyone else.  Paislee, it seems, has been fighting her cold for about a week now.  Rigley has a nasty cough.  No fevers and otherwise they act ok.  Their little bodies have been invaded by a mucus monster.

 Rigley was showing off how high he can raise his head up during tummy time.  Then Tucker decided he needed to get a picture with him.  These two look so much alike its unbelievable.

Since Paislee didn't feel good she lazied around the house all day.  Right now her favorite movie is Lion King.  She got to have the iPad just about all day and she watched Lion King about 6 times.  She loves it.  I thought Monday morning would be a trip to the doctor for visits for 2 (of the 4) of them.  But I think they maybe on the upswing.  I guess we will see.


Super Bowl Party

Tonight we headed over to the other Brown's house for some Super Bowl fun.  We had 4 couple...8 adults...and 13 kids.  You might say we are a bit of a fertile bunch.  The older kids were able to get outside and play with Tucker (the dog).

 Us girls

 Each couple has had a new addition in the last 6 months and they have all been boys.  All the little men  were able to hang out with each other on the floor.  (From the top then clockwise: Camden (September), Hank (August), Cooper (October) Rigley (November))

They sure were happy little fellas.


Rigley is 3 Months

My sweet little boy is 3 months today.  This last month he was the lone survivor of the stomach flu as it took everyone else out in the family.  And for the first time this month he did not get a cold...wow!  He continues to be very even tempered and happy all the time.  He is still strictly fed by the milk factory...me.  Pretty sure this little guy won't see any type of food until 6 months.  He loves his bath time and loves kicking the water around.  He especially loves it if I leave the faucet on and he can get his foot underneath of it and feels the water come down.

 He know, officially, has more hair than two of his uncles.  (We won't mention any names uncle T and uncle Jake.)

 He loves to smile and has recently started to giggle just a little bit. 

 In this picture Chaney is talking to him.  He is still completely in love with his siblings.  He loves to watch them and talk to them.

 He is still very long.  He is slowly starting to get his rolls but for the most part he is just a solid little man.

 In the last few weeks he has figured out he likes to watch the TV.  In the evening when I'm watching TV he gets all excited and starts talking to it.

 He has discovered his hands.  They are the greatest things, aren't they?  He rolls over on his side and chews on his hands.  Soon, very soon, he will be rolling over.

 Tummy time is getting better.  He holds his head up very high for about 3-4 mintues then it gets lower, and lower and lower until he lays down and starts chewing on his hands.
He is still sleeping in our room, in his own bed.  He goes down between 9 & 10 and some nights wakes up once or some nights he wakes up twice.  Most of the time he sleeps in until 8 or 8:30 and gets up about the same time as the others.  He still cat naps through the day but his longest nap comes when everyone else lays down for nap/rest time.  This works out really nice for this mom who can either rest/nap or work on my bible study.