March Pics in Review

At the end of each month I go in and take off all of our pics from our mobile devices.  Here are some below...

Sisterly love...

The many ways this boy sleeps.  He still hasn't figured out a pose that works best for him, yet.  I'm hoping he finds it soon.

Early on in the month we were celebrating a friends birthday.  As we were eating a huge storm was on the way in so many of the girls went to hide their cars from the storm.  I didn't really care about ours so I stayed in and held more babies...then we decided to take pictures.

Playdoh anyone.....
 This guy decided to watch basketball games with me.  And he loves seeing his face on the camera, can you tell?

More sisterly love...

For random pics...


Easter Eggs-Part 1

Tonight while the storms rolled through we decided to dye some easter eggs.  The kids were super excited to do this.

Daddy helped Paislee for a little while then went and played with Rigley.

This is a progression of Tucker's hands.  By the end of the coloring process his hands seriously looked like the Incredible Hulk.

If the weather cooperates then we will do part 2 tomorrow.

It's a little hard...

...to eat Easter candy like this. But I'm sure she'll find a way. She has officially lost 5 teeth now. Hopefully, the two front ones will make their way in before the corn on the cob season.


Gross Things

Why is that all kids are attracted to gross things? For example, worms. Since the storms rolled through Friday night we found worms everywhere on Saturday morning. Our kids, at least the oldest two, love to pick them up and carry them around. On Saturday morning we all went for a walk and did our environmental duties of trying to throw all the worms back into the grass.

Then we found this guy. We are guessing he lost his home in the storm. Look how big this crawdad is? The kids were scared to pick him up so my inner country girl came out and picked him up. Oh, the memories of when I was a little girl. (the iPhone photos are a little blurry but you get the point.)


Another B-u-tiful Day

I think today we set another record high today in temperature.  I believe we were somewhere around 85*.  Who needs to go down south for warm weather, I think its all up here.  Usually this time of year we are lucky if we get to the park without the wind blowing us over.  For about the last 10 days or so it has been great.  The kids have been out all day everyday and most of the time end the day with a water fight.  Today was no different, we actually got the sprinkler out today.

We also had fun taking pictures so....this is what you get...

The bunch....

 Because he looks adorable in this hat, actually he looks adorable all the time.  And the last two nights he has woken up once..once!  This is a far cry of what it once was.

One of the kids' favorite thing now is throwing the frisbee.  They love to throw it then race to get it.  I like because it really wears them out.

 Sprinkler time...(we haven't got new suits yet so we made do with what we had)


Day at the Museum

 This morning we did our usual routine of cake and ice cream for breakfast.  This year Tuck wanted a blue cake and blue cake he got.  Now I need some more food coloring.

 Today Tucker chose to go to the museum.  Josh stayed home and we met our favorite family at the museum and hung out all day.

 Nap #1

 Smile Paislee!

 Charlotte and Paislee strutting their stuff on the Barbie runway.

 Rigley was trying to get his one hand to grab his other hand.  So intense....

 The Littles

 Chaney in the lego car

 Nap #2...we took his pants off. He was hot...and really, what kids doesn't like their pants off?

 The (not so little) little boys.  Hank or Henry or Henry Jay is about 3 months older than Rigley.

Tucker is 4

Happy 4th Birthday Tucker!

Dear Tucker,

Four years ago today we welcomed our first baby boy into our bunch.  Four years ago today I held in my arms a little boy who came out looking like he was mad at the world.  And since that day, four years ago, you have challenged me and tested my patience like no other.  The winter months have proven to be a battle for us because you require constant activity, mostly physical activity.  This past winter we stayed in so much because of Rigley being so little that we had many days that we struggled.  But we survived and our relationship continues to get stronger and stronger.

Tucker, you show your sisters so much affection.  Some of the affection is not quite "loving affection" but none the less it is still affection.  Often times we can find you hitting them, punching them, pulling their hair  or doing some other obnoxious thing but you are showing them your love in true "Tucker fashion." You love to have wrestling sessions or intense sword fights with daddy.  On a a daily basis you are very consistent  with testing the rules of our house and are constantly wanting to know the consequences "if" you do something that you know you shouldn't.  On the flip side, you still have a very tender heart.  If you accidentally hurt one of your sisters sometimes you cry as much as they do.  

You LOVE chocolate milk warmed up in the microwave.  Every morning before breakfast you get a glass and guzzle it down in a matter of minutes.  We have found that the best motivating punishment for you is when you are grounded from chocolate milk. It sounds crazy but we have to do what works and this works.

You LOVE all things Captain America, chocolate milk, oatmeal, swords, guns, soccer, baseball, basketball, running, fighting, bike riding, Sunday School, light sabers, mud, rain puddles, pretend shaving with daddy and Charlotte.  In the last year your competitive spirit has sprung to life. Where would you have gotten this from?  You love to have all kinds of races...who can eat the fastest, drink the fastest and yes, who can even pee the fastest (to which, I believe you have an unfair advantage).  Most of the time no one even knows they are competing until you say "I'm done, I win." 

We love so many things about you but one of our favorites is how you love to pray.  You always volunteer to pray before any and every meal and before bed.  One of my favorite stories about you happened while we were in the hospital having Rigley.  On the Friday that Rigley was born all of the older kids came up in the evening to see us.  The nurse let the kids play with her stethoscope so that they could hear their heart beat.  When it was Tucker's turn the nurse asked him what he heard and his reply was, "I hear Jesus knocking in my heart, he lives in my heart."  What a proud moment that was for both Josh and I.  Often times throughout the week he will come to us and say something about Jesus living in his heart or how he loves Jesus.

One last story about Tucker....a few weeks ago we met up with the ladies who are in our bible study on Monday nights.  We let the kids play while we celebrated a birthday.  One of Tucker's friends, Charlotte, came out crying and was hurt.  We were not sure what happened but she seemed to be ok then went back to playing.  About ten minutes later a mom who was sitting in the playland area said that there was a boy (Tucker) who was seeking out another boy and pushing him out of the way.  I brought Tucker out and asked him what was going on.  Tuck told me that this boy was beating up on Charlotte.  This boy had Charlotte down and was pulling her hair, basically bullying her.  I guess you could say that Tucker was defending her honor.  (The part that made me most mad was that this other little boy's mom was in playland and didn't stop him beating up on Charlotte.)  I was so proud of you.  I'm sure that this will not be the last time we have something like this happen.  Being the brother of two sisters I think we may have this issue arise again.

Tucker, we love you so much.  It is such a privilege to be your parents.  You may test our patience but this makes us better parents.  You are such a blessing to us.  We Love You Bunches!


Check this out

Chaney wanted me to post this video.  We knew this summer would be the summer for learning how to ride a bike without training wheels.  We tried it some last year but she was too scared.  About a week ago I found out that my nephew Paul was riding his bike without training wheels.  So, as motivation, I told Chaney what Paul could do.  Since Paul is a year younger than Chaney she didn't like that he could do something that she couldn't.  This served as enough motivation for her that this is all we have been working on the last two days.  But now, I think she has it.  She does have a few things to work on.  She is so very excited.

Water Fight

It's not very often that you can send the kids outside to play in mid-March and they can have a water fight.  Well, today was one of those days.  I think we ended up hitting 80* today and we took full advantage of it.  As the kids say, "Mom, its soooo hot out here, can we play in the water?"  Some of their fun times are below.

 This little guy was inside in his exersaucer while the fun was going on outside.  I just realized I didn't get any pics of Pais, she was inside trying to ride her trike.

 She thought it was fun to dunk her head in this bucket.