April Pics in Review

All of these pictures have been taken with our mobile devices in the last month.  Sometimes these pictures capture a little more of real life.  PS-I'm really missing Picnik's collage feature.  I got really used to it and now it's not even an option.  (Hurry up PicMonkey!)

 Paislee loves to take her temperature...sick or not.

 Someone thought this little guy needed some sunglasses...apparently he likes them.

 Paislee and her post nap snack of mint Oreos (which are my weakness right now)

 Tuck had a scratch on his nose then the scab came off.  Like any normal kid when there is blood he needs a bandaid.  So this is what you get.

 Look at Rigley's cheese face.

 I took their picture upside down.

 He is learning to sit up on his own.

 These two love each other so  much.

 The kids had a bad cold last week and we kinda lazied around one or two days.  One of those days we watched a movie and then we found this.  (Notice the red shirt)

 All of my boys having an arm wrestling contest to decide who is the strongest man of the house.  Rigley has winner...

 We went to Sam's one evening and got the kids a Cherry Coke to share.  They could not wait patiently on one another so we did what any good parents do....we put three straws in one cup so they could all drink.

 Each day he gets better at this.

This is for fun....Most of you know that I love TBBT.  I saw this picture on Facebook and "borrowed" it.  I think they need to add 2 more, one for Bearnedette and Amy Farrafollower.


It's a Girl!

Congratulations to Jaclyn and Rick on the birth of their little girl, Josephine Jane Stump.  Little JJ came into the world at 3:47 on April 27 and weighed in at a roaring 6 lbs 11 oz and 19.5 inches long.  Jaclyn and Rick decided to have a homebirth with this child and were very surprised when a little princess came.  Everything went smoothly and they are all resting comfortably at home.  JJ has three big brothers to protect her so I think she is in good hands.  

Disclaimer: Josephine's nickname is not JJ.  Because this is my blog I can call her what I want.  They are requesting her to be called Josephine:-)


New Beds

I've been waiting to post this for about week just to make sure Paislee didn't make a liar out of me. Miss Pais has moved up to a "big girl" bed. Last week we were doing some spring cleaning and we decided to move her mattress upstairs to see how she would do. She was so excited to sleep in it that she didn't want to wait until night time she wanted to take a nap in it, so we let her. She has done very well and enjoys her new bed. Our next step is to build another set of bunk beds. Paislee has requested that she wants to share a room with Rigley. She loves him so much.

Since Paislee has moved over to her new bed I was able to get the baby bed ready for Rigley. I had a friend who gave us some brand new bedding so I put that on for him. Since he's the fourth it's kind of nice for him to get something brand new, right? Everything else is just handed down to him, poor fella. He now takes some naps up there. Eventually, he will be up there but until he decides to sleep through the night this mama is not climbing stairs to feed him throughout the night.

Below are some (iPad) pics, this will explain the graininess and bad light. Paislee put all her bedtime friends on her bed and covered them up before she even slept in it.


Sleepy Boy

The other night before we were leaving to go to Joyland FX Rigley had just been fed and he, well, I'll let you see what happens...

(This is what happens when daddy is a video nut...)


What Daddy Taught Me...

Daddy taught me how to stick my tongue out and now this is what I love to do. (Sorry the pics are a little blurry, he would not sit still for the iPad.)


Music Makers

For Christmas each of the kids got a new instrument. (I'm not exactly sure what Santa Claus was thinking.)  Chaney and Tucker got guitars and Paislee got a drum.  One day this week they took their instruments outside and were singing away.  They love to make up songs...like all the time.  Soon, hopefully, we will learn how to play the guitars.

I love how she wears these shoes backwards...it makes it hard to walk but it doesn't bother her.

While the kids were playing I cleaned out our dryer vent.  For about a month now I have been watching this bird make a nest in our vent.  I had finally had enough and evicted her from it.  The kids sat out and watched and made up songs.  "Mom's gonna get her eye pecked out by a bird" was one of my favoite lyrics they made up.  You can see below what I pulled out.
As a mother I feel a bit guilty about evicting her but as a home owner I could really care less.


Easter Celebration #3

We are up and running... the IT dept (or Josh) says we can go back and blog.  Here are pictures from our last Easter celebration.  It was nice to have another warm and very windy day.

Daddy and Paislee

Paislee hunting some eggs

Catching Audra shooting pics of Josiah

No, you are not seeing double, this is Caylee and Cayanna

Me and my baby boy

One of the kids favorite thing at aunt Pam's & uncle Nick's are their school buses.  The kids love to play on them.

Too much fun = nap time


Progress Report

On Rigley's five month post I had mentioned we had our issues with his sleeping habits. On Monday, this past Monday I had enough and decided to give in and get a swaddling wrap. Rigley has this thing about rubbing his head and playing with his hair, much like Tucker did and still does. However, Rigley keeps rubbing his head until his little nails cut his head. Last week he had like around 8 little cuts on the top of his head. When we would lay him down he would continue to rub his face and head until it would make him mad. Well, now we don't have that problem because we are swaddling him. I know he is doing everything a little backwards. Usually you swaddle newborns but he is deciding to change that trend a little. Monday night he slept until 2 then got up to eat then was swaddled and back to sleep. Tuesday night he slept until 3:30 then up to eat then was swaddled and back to sleep then back up at 7 to eat then unswaddled and back to sleep til 9. Wednesday night he had some tummy issues so he didn't sleep well, swaddled or not. His long nap in the afternoon we swaddle him for but not for his short morning/evening naps. He doesn't seem to mind it at all and is sleeping great.

On his way to sleepy town...

At sleepy town...

Mommy left him out of the straight jacket...er swaddlingwrap

My happy boy after his nap...


Easter Celebration #2

Sunday morning pictures before church...The kids were not really liking the idea of pictures that early in the morning.  Pics with dad...

Pics with mom...

After some naps we headed over to mom and Doug's for dinner, egg hunt and some random fun.  Since Doug has been in the trenching business for a few years he has some cool things.  This tube is about 15 feet long and the kids can position in one way on the hill and use it as a slide.  They can position it another way, then all the kids get inside of it then us "big kids" roll them down the hill.  They love it.

Random pics... (Look how tan Sarah is compared to Rigley.  He needs some sun!)

Man & his best friend...Rick played with the biggest kid of all, Bentley.

More random-ness...