May Pictures in Review

1. Rigley's sisters helping him with his breathing treatments
2. Rigley liked sitting in the big chairs
3. He fell asleep while at the ER and this is how he got his first breathing treatment

1. Tucker being goofy
2. These two were supposed to be resting during nap time but they were playing
3.  These two will be trouble
4. Rigley sporting his support for his uncle

1. When Josh was in Wisconsin we took this pic and sent it to him
2. The pickle looks like it is sprouting hair
3. Chaney playing with photo booth 
4.  Chaney still playing with photo booth
5. Rigley and daddy fighting...I think Rigley liked beating on him
6.  Rigley fell asleep in the lazy boy

1.  Gus-Gus loves to nibble on Rigley's toes
2.  Pais and Rigley playing
3.  A friend of ours got this outfit...since our little Rig is a "big Rig" this outfit fits perfectly
4.  A new hair idea...thanks Em
5.  Rainbow at the church
6.  My superhero boys in their capes
7. For my trekkie friends (you know who you are), we saw this in our ER room
8.  Just munching on an apple
9.  Some days its a no clothes, eating the blinds kind of day

1.  Me and my baby boy
2. Sleeping away
3.  She loves her glasses

1. Rigley sitting in his next carseat.  I think he likes it.
2.  You can't see her shoes but she has on her Elmo slippers and wanted to wear them Monday.
3.  I love her hair back like this.
4. Yep, this is what a Sharpie does
5.  PB & J's for dinner outside one night
6.  Monkey see...monkey do


Memorial Day

Today we headed up to Broad Ripple to spend the afternoon at Dad & Barbara's.  It was another steamy day so the kids spent lots of time engaged in some sort of water activity.  We enjoyed hanging out with family and making memories.  (PS-you won't see any pics of Josh or Rigley, they retreated to the cool basement and spent almost the entire afternoon down there napping.)

The slip-n-slide was a huge hit.  Someone introduced the idea of putting soap on the slide to make it more slick.  In some of the pics you may notice alot of bubbles especially on Tuck's shorts.

I think this picture of Jac & Hank is so cute.

The entire family.  I think Memorial Day is the only time we can get everyone together.  Gabe doesn't really do the family vacation:-)  This coming October Audra will be getting married so next year Tony will be added.  And right now no one is pregnant so it looks like no new babies before Christmas.  (It's been a while since that was the case.)


Family Fun

Saturday afternoon we headed to my mamaw & papaw's to spend some time with family. Two of my aunts/uncles who live in Ohio were in for the holiday weekend. The kids had fun running through the sprinklers, jumping on the trampoline and eating all kinds of sweet items.

5 kids...3 different sets of parents...all still have blue eyes and fair skin...

Scotch-a-roo anyone?

Pete looked so cute eating this ice cream sandwich.

Paislee in uncle Pete's glasses.

A First For Us

Even though we have four kids, we find ourselves still traveling down new roads with our fourth. Today's new road was a trip to the ER. This last week Tucker, Rigley and I have been fighting a cold. Rigley's cold seemed to be more in his chest but was having no fever and seemed to be taking it all in stride. Both Josh and I thought that he was feeling better Friday evening. Rigley woke up about 1:30 this morning to eat. When I went up to get him he was warm with a bit of a fever. After feeding him and listening to him breathe I figured he and I would camp out in the recliner. He was very restless. He could not get comfortable and was coughing more and more. His breathing was so labored and it was starting to worry me. None of the other kids have ever had this so this was new territory...and what happened with my cousin Isaac I'm a afraid to let anything go too far. So....off to the ER we went.

The thing about him is he could still smile at you and the other kids but didn't feel well. He did very well at the ER. He smiled and flirted with all the nurses. While we were there he received a breathing treatment of Albuterol, got an X-ray and tested positive for RSV.

This was him sitting with his daddy waiting to be dismissed. So far today he has had three treatments and is resting much better. He is such a happy boy even when he is feeling terrible.

And now he gets to have these treatments every 4-6 hours...lucky us! Rigley doesn't mind them too much. The older kids like to get in front of him and sing so maybe this helps distract him enough to get the medicine in.


Our Day in Pictures

Our day started out with Chaney losing her 6th tooth. For the last few days she has been working on it and them complaining how she can't eat because it hurts. Chaney has this habit of getting her teeth sooooo loose that they are seriously hanging by one root. They are so loose that the tooth sways back and forth as she breathes....yes, that loose. While she was trying to finish or I guess I should say start her breakfast she was already complaining that it hurt. Insert mom. I did what any parent would do. I pulled it for her. Now, no more complaining and lots more eating.

We got the shade tent ready and the pools...

Ate lunch outside...or in Chaney's case finished her breakfast outside.

Then did a little of this...

Then snack time...

Then we had rest/nap time then we did it all over again. I'm sure since the weather is going to be so warm this weekend this will be our daily routine. We have a surprise fort he kids, it should be here next week. I'm so excited for them.  We will be sure to post pictures.

This little girl in a pool is a miracle.  Last year she wanted nothing to do with it.  Now my independent little one enjoys getting splashed and likes to be in the pool.  I think she's going to become a water bug this year.



We will have ourselves a crawler. This is his new favorite position...

Then after a few minutes he gets tired of rocking and you get this...

Then splat...


Celebrating Mom

Today we were able to spend some time with mom for mother's day and for her birthday.  It was really nice to spend some time with just my sisters and mom with no husbands and no kids around.  We had lots of laughing and lots of talking.  It's a shame that we only get to do this once a year.  


Busy, Busy Saturday

Today was a busy day, not to be confused with the busy week.  Josh finally made it home Friday evening and we were so happy he is home.  I am not a fan of single parenting but am grateful for family who let us come over and play and for family who helped out and let me have a few hours of alone time.

Saturday: Part 1
Josiah had requested we come watch his baseball game.  The oldest two came with me to the diamonds to watch.  He had quite a fan club.  All of his aunts and cousins were there to cheer him on.  It was a very sunny and warm day, I think we all came home with a little bit of pink on our cheeks.  Josiah hit the ball every time but their team lost by one run.  I love to watch sports and I love to watch my nieces and nephews play sports.  I always get a good laugh...or two.

Saturday: Part 2
After the game we came home packed everyone up and headed out to Plainfield for Gabe's first birthday party.  Jennifer hosted a great party and little Gabe got quite spoiled with some good toys.  By the end of this day we had some tired kids.  This week we have done more than what we usually do and it has taken its toll on them and me.  Hopefully, having a day of rest Sunday we can get back into our normal routine Monday.

PS-I have found this great app on the iPad so I can do collages again.  I've been trying to use it more so that I can use more pictures in a limited space instead of uploading a ton of pictures and having a post that is huge.  I love the different collage options it has. Using it does require a bit more work but I think it's worth it.