June Pics in Review

These are all pics taken on our mobile devices from the last month that normally don't make it to the blog.

1. Rigley crawling in the chapel at church.  He and I spend a lot of time together at church.
2. All the kids watching a cartoon.  Rigley enjoys watching some with them.
3. Rigley at the back door wanting to go play with the big kids.
4. Because he's cute...
5. His new thing, pulling up to his knees.  

1.  Three of the kids having a pow-wow while getting ready for father's day.
2.  Paislee helped me make Chaney's birthday cake.  I said smile and she pulled her shirt up.
3.  One Sunday Pais wanted to wear these shoes to church with her dress.
4.  Me and my baby.
5. Cuteness
6.  My diva and her glasses

I have bible study on Monday nights.  While I'm gone, the kids bring down their sleeping bags and have a movie night and enjoy LOTS of popcorn.  Rigley likes laying on the pillows and sliding around.  He doesn't get any popcorn.

1.  Pais is ready to work.
2. Tucker loves to shave with daddy.
3. A boy and his ball.
4. My (little) boys playing.
5. Kids on the slide.
6. My big and little boy.

My original thought was not to potty train Paislee until after our vacation in July.  Let's face it, its really mean of us to train her then say hold it while we drive for 6 hours, right?  Right!  Well one day last week I wanted to see how she did.  So she hung out on the potty for a while.  We took it outside and inside and wherever she wanted it. We did it for a day and she did better the second half of the day.  She just really wasn't in too it very much...which I figured would be the case.  Her attention was all about playing with her "friends" (her brothers and sister, that is what she calls them) and not on going to the potty.  Oh well, we tried and we'll give it another shot in about a month. 

My sleeping beauties


Part 2: Splash Island

After we left Nicole's we headed off to pickup Josh from work then off to Plainfield.  The kids fell asleep and got a much needed nap before swimming again.  We went to Jenn's and ate some dinner and let the kids play for a while.  And we tried to take some pictures but Gabe was not having any part of it.  Look at Chaney and Tucker's faces...their eyes are so puffy and red from swimming with their eyes open under water.

The kids love Splash Island.  Each year we try to get out there once and enjoy some time with Jenn and her family.  This year they added some new things.  They have a Leisure River (or lazy river) and they have special double tubes for parents with kids.  Tucker and Paislee loved these because they could sit and get wet.  Chaney was tall enough to have her own tube.  We spent a lot of time in the river going around and around.

One of the highlights of the Splash Island visit it each one gets their own bag of dip-n-dots.  We usually conclude each swim time with this.  After a quick clothes change we headed home.  The kids were exhausted (& so was this mom).

Part 1: Pool Fun

A few days ago my friend Nicole invited us to come to her neighborhood pool and swim with her and her girls.  Due to crazy schedules on both her end and our end Wednesday was the only day that was going to work.  We had plans for this evening to go to Jenn's and do our Splash Island outing.  Soooo...I made a crazy decision to skip nap time, go swim, let the kids sleep in the car on the way to Plainfield then eat dinner and swim again.  This must have been one of my "What are you thinking moments?"  Well, the kids did great.  If you know me, I kind of over plan and over pack but it always works out and what we bring always gets used.  The kids had a blast playing with Emma and Ellie.  Ruby and Rigley did their own thing in their little floaties and then both took a nap in their strollers.

Sorry, no pics of Rigley in the water.  Since Nicole and I were running solo we had to be in the pools with our little ones and we didn't want our cameras close to the water.  Rigley loved the water.  He looks so cute in this hat, I love it!

I brought the iPad and make shift "shade spot" for Paislee.  She is the one I'm most worried about when it comes time to skip naps.  She did good though.  Ellie came over and played some games with her, Pais snacked on her pretzels then she ran around the pool with the big kids.



Today after church Josh took the oldest three kids to see the movie Brave.  They all skipped nap time and enjoyed getting their own popcorn, coke and candy.  It also helped that mamaw, papaw and papaw Short were there to help keep them company.  This was Paislee's first movie in the theater.  Josh said she did pretty well except the last 30 minutes.  She had a brief talking to then came back in.  They were all pretty tired last night though.  


Chaney's Date

With the start of 2012 we decided to do the kid's birthdays a little different.  Each one gets a date with mom and dad at their restaurant of choice then they get to pick out a toy or something (within reason).  In March Tucker asked to go to Culver's then to Wal-Mart to get some new swords (and we didn't bring a camera that is why we didn't have pictures.)  Tucker took it easy on us while Chaney decided to break the bank of mom and dad.  Chaney loves to try different foods and has taken on a liking for shrimp and lobster (mind you she has never eaten lobster before)...the cheap stuff.  After a talk with her daddy (and some mild persuasion) we were off to Red Lobster for seafood.  She did try her very first lobster tail but didn't like it.  However, she did steal her daddy's shrimp cocktail and ate it all except for one shrimp she shared.  

Then, we were off to her surprise....getting her ears pierced....and no tears.  She was so brave.  She met a little friend there (I know a shocker that Chaney would make a friend:-) and they cheered each other on.

This video below shows our day in pictures.

PS-On a side note, if you are interested in getting your daughter's ears pierced and you go to Claire's website to estimate what your cost is going to be the price they have listed is not correct.  They say a starter kit is about $20.  It's a little outdated.....Just so you know;-) Apparently inflation has hit the ear piercing world too.


VBS 2012

Tonight was the last of VBS and the program.  This week we had 300+ kids...raised about $1000 for the blind kids in India...they gathered tons and tons of peanut butter for the Hancock County Food Pantry....and they got to see Mary, Rachael, Hubert and Andy get a pie in the face.  I'd say it was a pretty successful week.  I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that our kids were exhausted but certainly had a blast.  A huge thanks to all the volunteers, organizers and everyone who donated items.  VBS was a success with your help.

 My friend, Anna, was a group leader of Chaney's group and she took this picture.  (I borrowed it) 

 Tucker during his portion of the program.

 Tucker wanted his face painted every night and the lines were always so long.  Finally tonight we got there early and he got his face painted.  He wanted the fire...I suppose it goes well with the Daniel theme.

 This was Chaney during her part of the program.  She stood in such a place that I could not get any good pictures.  These pictures are between the arms of the Joy Jammers.  Her and her buddy Audrey.

PS-Videos coming of the pies....my video department has been overworked this week:-)


Sleep Over

Tonight after VBS Chaney went home to spend the night with her buddy Audrey.  This was her first sleep over with someone who wasn't family.  Chaney is a bit of a social butterfly so I wasn't too worried about her.  They had a blast.  I'm pretty sure they were swimming the whole time.  Anna (Audrey's mom) sent me this picture and this was Wednesday night after VBS.  Chaney is a bit of a water bug too so this pool time was perfect for her.  

When we saw Chaney on Thursday evening before VBS she looked so tired.  She had been swimming all day.  She was exhausted.  In fact on our way home she fell asleep in the car which is rarely like her. Pretty soon I saw a picture of Audrey and this was her at Frosty  Boy.  The poor girls completely wore themselves out.  

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Today Chaney went to the doctor to finish getting all her immunizations for school. She weighed in at 57 lbs and was 48.5 inches tall. We knew she was tall but had no idea she was that tall. Her and I were talking in the waiting room and taking guesses as to how tall she would be. Her guess was 42 inches and mine was 44 inches...I guess we were both wrong. She had to get 4 shots to make her up to date. She did well, no tears...but close.

We took the iPad with us and she took this picture of herself. Good thing we took the iPad, we did a lot of waiting on the doctor and the nurse for shots.


Chaney is 6

Happy 6th Birthday Chaney!!

Dear Chaney,

How can it be that you are 6?  You have now lost as many teeth for each year that you have been alive.  In fact, your top teeth have been out so long that I'm not sure that they are going to come back....just kidding.  This year has been exciting to watch you grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We have started to memorize bible verses and you are doing a fantastic job of learning them.  In fact, when your brother gets in trouble you often quote the verse to prove a point.
This fall you will start kindergarten and you are so very excited.  Each day you work on your "pretend" homework and write everybody's names.  You have become quite the little writer.  You do very well writing your upper case letters and numbers.  Lower case is not really fun for you and so you don't practice it very much.  You have learned to count to 100.  You do a good job of sounding out your letters to figure out what words say.  You love to draw and play with playdoh.  You are one little packrat.  You save everything....EVERYTHING!  Sometimes I have to sneak into your room when you are gone and get rid of junk.
You have a mind that doesn't forget a thing.  When someone mentions something you don't forget it.  You love to ask questions and we can see you just soaking everything in like a sponge.  You love to go outside and let your imagination take over.  Your younger siblings love to play with you and you do a great job of inviting them in and including them in (almost) all that you do.  You like to help cook dinner or any meal.  You like to help clean.  You love to swim and ride bikes.  You love make-up, in fact you have more make-up then I do.  You love to play beauty shop with your little sister.

Chaney, as you go to kindergarten this fall our hope and prayer is that the spirit of Jesus will shine through you.  We hope that you are kind to your fellow classmates as you are to your siblings.  We hope that not all of your innocence will be lost and that you will remain sweet and love your family and Jesus unconditionally.  Chaney we love you so much.  We are so grateful and blessed to have a good leader in our oldest child.  We love you so much!  We can not wait to see what this next year has in store for you.

Keeping Tradition

Today we kept in our tradition of eating cake (or whatever the birthday person requests) for breakfast.  Today Chaney requested red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for breakfast.  She loves the red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory but that is whopper of a cake....not to mention pricey!  Josh was at work but the rest of us sang to her and helped her enjoy her cake.  Today we'll spend the day out on the waterside then off to VBS tonight.

Since today is Tuesday she was able to feed her frogs for the first time.  Rosie and Roxie get fed on Tuesdays and Fridays...ironic how that fell on her birthday, huh?


Father's Day Celebration #2

Today after church we came home for a much needed nap.  We woke up and had mamaw and papaw over for Father's Day (and a mini celebration for Chaney's birthday).  We enjoyed some steaks and some outside play time in the pools and slides.  Paislee did not want to change from her church clothes into her bathing suit so she stayed in her dress and then went swimming.

 Rigley loves this green inter tube.  He puts it on himself and throws it and crawls to get it.
...yes, even mamaw got on the slide.  

Chaney got to open some presents and got her very first pet.  These are Dwarf African Frogs and are (supposed) to be low maintenance.  She has named them Rosie and Roxie.

Chaney and Paislee playing make-over.  Paislee loves it when Chaney does her make-up.


Father's Day Celebration #1

Today we had my side of the family over for a father's day celebration.  Our house is definitely the smallest but we have the biggest yard and the most "water" activities.  We set up the pools on one side of the yard and the water slide on the other side.  (They are all set up strategically so they kids have to run a lot) We also had a couple shade tents up for the adults to sit under.  The humidity is a killer but we had fun none the less.  The kids had so much fun playing together.  In fact about half way through the evening they all took a break and played a game of baseball.  After they were all hot and sweaty is back to the water.

 Josh has this habit (maybe not so much a habit) but he really enjoys getting pictures of my sisters in peculiar ways....mostly when they are not looking or eating.  He thinks it is so funny and they hate it.  Needless to say they would hate this picture.

"If you eat a candy bar and eggs then you can have a cookie.  That's what the Bible says." -Hank Stump

Jaclyn texted me this quote that Hank said and I wanted to remember it so that is why I am adding it in. I think I need his version of this Bible.


Josiah's Championship Game

A few days ago we received a text saying Josiah's team won and made it to the championship game.  Josiah loves to have his family come watch him and we enjoy watching.  Tonight we set out to watch and play...The three oldest enjoy going to the playground while we watch.  Since his team was short a few players Silas was able to play with him tonight.  Silas did pretty well considering most of the boys were about 2-3 years older than him.

 Josh caught them sitting and talking.  They look so cute.

 Our little diva.  Whenever it is really sunny out she needs her sunglasses on.  Her little eyes are super sensitive to the sunlight.  Although she looks cute with them on it is a necessity for her to have them.  She is getting better and better about asking for them and wearing them.

 Rigley keeping himself occupied.

 Josiah playing shortstop.

 Silas looking like he his having fun.

 Josiah hitting

Silas hitting


First Job

Chaney and Tucker were given the opportunity to do some voice over work for the church and they loved it.  Josh worked with them to make sure they got their wording correct.  Last Saturday they recorded it and then on Sunday morning before the service their voices debuted on the opening presentation.


Back to the Doctor

Today I took Rigley back to the doctor to make sure he has finally kicked this RSV stuff...and he has. We had to follow up with our regular doctor about two weeks ago, immediately following the ER visit. We all have been to the doctor a lot lately and this is not like us at all. I'm sure our insurance company is loving us right now.  Rigley did get weighed today (with his clothes on) and weighed in at about 21.3 pounds. He did smile a lot for Dr K and was trying to show off his bottom two teeth. His top right tooth has started to break through so he has been chewing on everything trying to get it in. He has also been a little clingy to mom, which is ok by me.

Me and my baby...


Our little...

...Crawler.  Yep, we have a crawler.  He's been working hard at it for a while and something clicked last night.  He got up this morning and could do it.  He's had trouble trying to put it all together but he has it down.  He's not fast but give him time and he'll be really fast and good....and in to everything....  That is everything that he is already not into.

The best part about this video is his #1 fan Paislee.  She loves to see him do more things.  She obviously has no idea that he is going to drive her crazy.  And now that he can get every where, its nice that his older siblings leave things on the floor so he can eat them.


Sunday Funday

After (early) church we went up to the Children's Museum.  We packed our lunch and had a picnic style lunch in the back of the van on the way up.  I crammed my skinny back end between the back to car seats and supervised the p b & j situation.  Surprisingly the museum was not very crowded and we were able to enjoy the new Hot Wheel exhibit.  The kids did great and had fun.

My oldest two didn't want to take pictures with their mom.  I'm not that embarrassing...yet!

Trying to get the kids to pose with daddy....we had to take about 8 pictures.

After the museum we headed toward Shelbyville and the new Orange Leaf store.  The kids took a short nap and we indulged on some good and sweet treats.  (Older kids still vetoing the pictures)

After that we went to the park and played for about 30 minutes.  These kiddos were tired.  We did have a lot of fun today and they were all very good.