July Pics in Review

All of our July pictures from our mobile devices.
 sidewalk chalk fun (mommy's version)...our favorite excursion snack...Pais helping Chaney feed the frogs...the littles using their swimming gear inside...Tucker decorating his face with sidewalk chalk...Chaney taking a break on our bike ride at the trail...all the kids before our bike ride/walk at the trail
 me and the bigs, self portrait...Chaney...Tucker...Paislee...Rigley...Me & Rigley at the school park...Tucker sleeping (it doesn't happen much)...and my two favorite little boys
 a much needed night out...the blimp flew over one morning...bath time for the littles...Rigley helping daddy repair the chair...me and Rigley...Chaney standing out in the rain...Rigley fell asleep
 nothing says brotherly love like a visit to the bathroom...Rigley crawling up the stairs...cuteness...Rigley doing a head stand...McAlister's making things right...Chaney fell asleep on daddy...oldest and youngest hanging out...my passport arrived (Costa Rica here I come)

Daddy's instagram creation while eating at McAlisters

Rigley at bath time getting his ducks in a row


Conner Prairie

Today mamaw and papaw came and got the three oldest and had a surprise trip planned for them.  Their destination was Conner Prairie specifically to see (and ride) in the hot air balloon.  The weather was perfect today, not too hot, not too sunny, but just perfect.  Unfortunately, the weather was not perfect for a ride.  The wind was just a tad too strong and the ceiling was not high enough to go up.  However, they still were able to go in and see it.  Conner Prairie has many other things to do so they had a blast playing, seeing the animals and just hanging out.


Splash Island Again

We could not have timed this any better.  At the beginning of the summer Jennifer and I picked two dates in June and July to get our families together to go play at the night swim.  Tonight was perfect since it reached 103* today.  The water felt wonderful and it cooled us all down.  Tonight Chaney enjoyed going down the big water slides and even did the (for lack of a better way to describe it) an obstacle course/water monkey bar type thing.

 And since we were in water Josh put his newest toy to use.  He now has a waterproof iPhone case. He was so stoked to use it....well we both used it because we were in different parts of the pool most of the evening.  We got some underwater shots and just some cool pics in general.  Josh got some video clips that he put together and they are down below.

 Each Wednesday they have a special thing.  This Wednesday the fireman came and gave hats to the kids and they also had a obstacle bounce house.  Chaney and Tucker raced twice and Tuck won both times. (Again, it is down below.)

And every wet Wednesday is a Dip 'N Dots Wednesday.  We all had such a fun night.  Usually we pull the kids out about 9:15 get changed and head home but last night we played right until 10.  After changing clothes, feeding kids and driving we were all home safely in bed by 11:30.  


Kindergarten Registration

The day she has been waiting for is almost here.  Kindergarten is almost a week away.  In January we had a kindergarten meeting, in April we had round up and now July our last meeting about this monumental milestone.  The first day of August and this all becomes reality.  Tonight Chaney, Josh and I went to the last informational meeting and had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the kindergarten rooms.  In each room they had something for the kids to do and we got a chance to meet each teacher.  At the end of the evening we had a chance to register and find out who Chaney's teacher is.  Her teacher is Miss McCormick.  This is her first year as a teacher. Chaney was excited to meet her teacher and was unusually quiet.  Usually Chaney is a talker, a big talker.  

Here she is doing some activities in one of the rooms.  She did not want her picture taken but Josh was sneaky or maybe persuasive and got her to smile.  


New Routine

In just nine short sleeps we will have ourselves a school girl. Chaney starts kindergarten on August 1 and she is so excited. Her mom and dad are excited for her but share a bit of a nervous/anxiousness for her as well. On Saturday her and I went and did some shopping for some new shoes, new backpack and all her supplies. Really, I believe this kid is ready to go. The plan was for her to go half days but last spring the school received funding for all day kindergarten so Chaney will be there all day.

Her day will start at 7:20 so we are starting a new routine his week of getting her up 6:30. This is the time that she will have to get up on a normal school day. She will also be going to bed a little bit earlier too. Josh's schedule will change a little as well. When he got his new position last summer he started going in at 6 am because of the amount of work he had to do to catch up. Since then this have changed a little bit so he will be going in later....add in the fact that he wants to take Chaney to school and this means an 8 am start time for him. Chaney's day will be done about 2:20 and she will ride the bus home and be home shortly there after.

Chaney has been asked frequently about what school she will attend. In some conversations she has replied, "Triton Elementary." This is the school her cousins and aunt go to and a school that we have visited a lot. If there was a way to get her to TE everyday and back home without me doing it, I would send her. However, for now she will be at Weston Elementary.

The picture below is one I had to sneak to take. She got up early with no complaining and came down and watched cartoons until everyone else got up.

Then this little booger got up at 7....doesn't look like it bothers him any.


Walking in the Rain

I think in the last few weeks my children and I have spent a little too much time together.  Between the  super hot days, vacation, long distance driving and the fact that I am at home with them everyday I think we have hit our wall.  This morning was rough.  So much so that I kicked us all out of the house and we went for a walk.  I got everyone ready and packed them all away and out we went into the mist.   Our luck with rain lately has been hit and miss so I really thought it would pass us over.  We started and got about half way and it was still misting.  We decided to turn around and then here comes the rain.  We start to walk faster, I throw Paislee into the other side of the stroller and then I start running pushing the double stroller.  When the oldest two saw me go they took off.  So here we are running and our gentle rain turned into a downpour....DOWNPOUR!  At this point I'm certain people are looking out their windows laughing.  I know the post lady that passed us was smiling at us. No worries though, thunder and lightning were not present so no one was in danger.  While we were running we all got to giggling then laughing.  Running in the rain was fun, we were having a blast getting soaked and doing it all together.  I took a moment and realized I'm making memories with these precious blessings.  Not everyday is good and not every day is bad.  Not everyday is paradise and not everyday am I nice.  But its memories and that is what its all about.



When we got back the kids asked if we could do that all over again.  Maybe next time....


At Aunt Jac's

Today was hair day...and if you have seen my hair lately you are as happy as I am about me going.  My hair hasn't had work done in almost four months, I guess Jaclyn had something better to do...like have a baby or something.  For a woman who pays to be blonde, this is an extremely long time.

Our morning started off with Riggy-Roo finding the toilet paper.  I'm not sure if I can contain my excitement about this new found novelty.

While at Jac's we all had fun talking to Miss JJ and seeing her sweet smiles.  I thing she enjoyed Paislee talking to her the most.  Paislee was keeping her entertained while I was taking these pictures and getting my hair done.

Then the others wanted to hold her and talk to her.

Lunch time with all the kids, Rigley was on the floor, he didn't make the picture.  That sure is a beautiful bunch of kids.

And since we were out we skipped nap time....well sort of.  Rigley took a nap on the blanket at Jac's and Paislee played and played then crashed on the way home.

Disclaimer: All pics were taken with my iPod, this may explain some blurriness.


Tucker's Name

Today was another 100 * day here. Seriously, these 100* days and the water ban can really put a damper on a summer. The water ban has not been enforced here in Hancock County, however, we are limiting ourselves and just water our tomato plants instead of filling our pools and using the water slide. Sorry, got side tracked....anyway, the kids were getting their writing stuff out this morning and Tucker wanted me to help him with his name. Usually, he doodles and does a few letters to his name but has no real interest on working on some of the trickier letters. When he asked for help, I jumped all over it. He has the T-U-C part down so we worked on his K and he finally got it. He was super excited and wrote is entire name.

And while we were working, some little fella got a pen and decorated his face a little.


Audrey's Party

Today after the two oldest got home from spending the night with papaw and mamaw Barbara we ate a quick lunch then headed to Audrey's house to help her celebrate her 6th birthday party.  Audrey's birthday was Thursday.  We had lots of fun swimming at her house and helping her open her presents.

It seems like only yesterday when we had these two playing on the floor during bible study on Monday evenings.  My, oh my, how time quickly flies by.....


Gatlinburg: Random

Here are a lot of pictures from the pool and a few random ones that I'm adding in.  When the kids found out we were going to Gatlinburg and it had an indoor pool they were super excited.  Rain or shine we could swim....day or night...and we did.  As soon as we arrived on Sunday we swam so the kids could get their energy out.  Each day our kids spent about five hours in the pool.  They LOVE to swim.  By the end of each day Chaney and Tucker's eyes were so red from the chlorine.  Josh was the one usually in the pool with them.  He was teaching Tucker how to swim, throwing them in the deep end, holding the kids and just having fun with them.  I was the one on the sideline running kids to nap times, changing clothes/diapers, getting food and, of course, taking pictures.  Josh and I work by the "divide and conquer method." 

 This picture makes me laugh because Tucker loves to do random faces for pictures.  We had to take a few to get his real (or as close as we could) smile.

 Look at how tan Crista is compared to uncle Josh and Rigley.

Gatlinburg: Day 5

Today was the day we were leaving.  Jake and Melinda left early so when we got up it was us and mamaw and papaw.  We ate breakfast...and anything else we could find in the fridge that needed to be eaten.  There may have been a few Brown kids eating cake and ice cream around 10:30 so it didn't go to waste;-)  

On our way down the mountain and through the drive to Kentucky we were in and out of rain, some heavy and some light.  By the time we got to Indiana there was sunshine and no more rain.  We were really trying to bring the rain back with us but it didn't work.  

Below are pics of Rigley and I.  We had sent the others inside to got potty and get a bite to eat while I fed him in the car.  By this point in the drive we were soooooooo ready to be home.  We got into some more traffic jams that added about another 1-2 hours to our drive.


Gatlinburg: Day 4

While we were in Gatlinburg with the entire Brown family, mamaw & papaw decided to have a little birthday party for Chaney (June 19), Crista (July 29) and papaw (July 31).  We had balloons and cake and even presents.
I think Jake blew up too many balloons, he looks a little tired.


Gatlinburg: Day 3

Today was our tie-dye day.  We thought it would be a fun, crafty thing that the kids could do then they would all have a t-shirt that looked like one another.  We brought some shirts for the kids to tie-dye.  This was our first time to do this so we were not sure how things would go.  We were glad that the ran held off for a little while and we could get out on the deck and do it.  Things went pretty well....and a little messy but that is expected.  

 I love the top picture of Addie and Paislee.  These two had fun playing...their birthdays are 8 days apart.
After about 24 hours of sitting and three washes and one dry they turned out pretty well.  The kids loved wearing them and looking alike.


Gatlinburg: Day 2

This morning we all loaded up and went to Ripley's Aquarium.  The kids loved seeing all the ocean creatures.  

 The whole family (except Josh who is taking the picture).

 I forget what kind of crabs these were but we were able to touch them.  The worker told Josh he could flip them over so Josh gave it a try and we could see what the bottom looked like.

On our way out we made a quick stop at the Dip n Dots cart and the kids enjoyed.  On our way out to our cars we got into some rain.  Not having rain here for like 40+ days it was kind of nice to see it falling.


Gatlinburg: Day 1

This morning we decided to treat it like a normal Sunday morning when we have to wake the kids up early to go to church.  Except this Sunday was different, we were leaving for Gatlinburg.  The kids were super excited.  We decided to help them sit in the car a little bit better it maybe good for them to burn some energy off before we packed ourselves away.  Josh took the three oldest to play while Rigley and I stayed home to pack the car away.

 While they were there they met a new friend and then the hunted moles.  The park was empty and the moles were having a hay day so the kids decided to try and dig them out of the ground.

All packed away and ready to roll....The kids did very well on the way down.  Rigley and Paislee took their naps. Tucker did his big brother duties and helped to keep Rigley entertained.  During the trip I would sneak back and feed him some baby food so that his belly didn't get too empty.  We did have to take a detour due to some stopped traffic then we got caught in construction.  And when I say stopped I mean like 8 miles in one hour...like not moving over 7 mph.  That stretch was tough on us and we all were very anxious to be out of the car by that point.