September Pics in Review

Rigley fell asleep in the car before church
2.5 mi run after church
Rigley typing a little letter
Rigley loves his car
Chaney (pretending) to sleep when she was sick
Josh lost the nerf game
The middles taking a break at play land
Rigley's curls
Happy boy 

 Taking a walk
Little brother loves to fight with big brother
Looking pretty before picture day (PS-its not fair to have picture day on gym day)
Standing at the swing
Cutting off some plants
Trying to swing

 Tucker's turn to cut
Rigley loves playing swords already
Paislee woke up early to see big sister get on the bus, then took a catnap
Nutella anyone?
Bath time
Apparently Paislee is riding Rigley
Bible study time while waiting for the bus

Mom & Rigley pics

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Birthday Dinner #2

Birthday celebration #2 with dad and barbara was tonight.  For the last few months they have been renovating their kitchen so we had to wait a week.  This week they finally got their kitchen completely done.  Things look good in there.  Tonight we celebrated with steaks on the grill and some red velvet cake.  Before dinner we had fun playing wiffle ball then after dinner we went for a walk to the park.  

We were having fun playing with the panoramic feature on the iphone camera.

Its always fun to have a big sister who likes to do things for you. 

The Instagram version of the panormaic view.

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Game Night

Tonight was game night.  Tonight was a much needed time with friends.  We try to get all of us together once a month but haven't been together for a few months because of busy, busy lives.  Tonight we had planned for mamaw and papaw to watch the two little ones, but they ended up watching three of the four.  Chaney was home from school today because she ran a fever all night.  We took her to the doctor and she tested positive for strep so she stayed home.  Tucker was the only one with us.  Once we got there he was off playing and we hardly saw him all night.  We were out until about 11:30....that is rare for us.  We don't usually stay out that late.  (We are either old, boring or have small children...or maybe a combo of them all:-))

The girls...they guys don't think its fun to get together for pictures like we do.

We were having some fun....Katie + Emily =

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Birthday Dinner

Josh and I share the same birthday...yesterday or the 21st.  We were not able to go out last night so we went out tonight.  We went to The Eagles Nest for the first time on Valentine's Day in 1998 and we wanted to get back but have not been able to.  This year we decided to make reservations and go.  If you have never been the restaurant rotates over the city.  In one hour you will make one complete rotation.  Our reservations were for 7:30 so we were able to watch the sunset.  It was a great dinner with great company. 

(Disclaimer: all iphone pics)

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Audra's Shower

Today was a busy day.  Audra's shower was this afternoon.  It's hard to believe she is getting married.  We met at the church early to set up and get food prepared.  We enjoyed spending time with family and meeting Tony's family.  In about three short weeks we will be watching her walk down the aisle.

Here are the four oldest sisters.  Olivia was with her dad this weekend and unable to join us. (Jess took this picture and its just a little bit blurry.)

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Crazy Hair Night

Tonight was a "Crazy Hair Night" at Awana's.  We were not really sure what to do but we kind of just threw it together.  It turned out pretty well.  The plan for Chaney's hair was to use pipe cleaners to make her hair stand up (trying to make or resemble a mohawk).  However, her hair is too heavy and would continuously lay over.  So we did the next best thing and tried to make it curl at bit.  (She kind of resembles someone from a Dr. Seuss book.)  Anyway, you get the point.  

Tucker didn't know what I had planned for his hair so after the first couple of blocks that I did he wanted out.  After a small battle of wills, we finished.  I think its safe to say he now knows what the girls go through to get their hair done.  After we sprayed Chaney's he decided he didn't want his sprayed.  After dinner he changed his mind.

Once we got to Awanas we saw some others with their hair done too.  They were both pretty excited to show their teachers.  They had a blast tonight.  We are so thankful they are enjoying their time there.  They both have earned their vests and a few patches.  Each of them have also memorized about six verses a piece.

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Playing in the Rain

After a snack, homework, rest time and naps (that no one wanted to take) everyone was outside enjoying some great weather.  The gator and 4-wheeler batteries were all charged up and they were ready to rock. 

And then some unexpected rain moved in.  At first it was sprinkles, then a gentle shower then a downpour.  The kids stayed out and played...and played...and played.  They loved the rain.  (No worries...there was no thunder or lightning.)

Paislee was running with them then all of the sudden she disappeared.  Guess where she was?  Yep, the downspout.  She was filling her crocs up with water then pouring it all over herself.  Next thing I know the big kids are over there and filling up there mouth with the water and spitting in on each other.  Does it really classify as a "water fight" if you are out in the pouring rain?

Besides wrestling with Chaney, Tucker kept wanting me to take his picture as he would slide down and then fly off because it was so slick.  Seriously, we did this like five times.

On a side note...while Chaney and Tucker were wrestling (which at our house turns into full blown fighting after about five minutes) Chaney threw a punch and it connected with the corner of Tuck's right eye.  Not sure if he just got his first black eye or not.  I guess in a few days we will be able to tell.
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Football Night

I'm a huge sports fan so it doesn't take much for me to go watch an event...especially if my family is involved.  Tonight I went to watch my nephews play football.  It was a perfect football evening.   Silas is #38 and is the only kindergartener on the team.  His team lost 20-0 but Silas played well.  Josiah is #27.  His team went in to overtime tied at 0-0 then no one scored in OT so the game was over with a score of 0-0.  It was a barn  burner!  The kids were going to go but they were invited to a "fiesta" earlier in the day and they needed to take showers and eat dinner so I volunteered daddy for duty:-)  (We have some friends here in town who are homeschooling and they study a new country each week.  Last week was Mexico so they had a fiesta, nachos, a piƱata and some other fun things planned.) 

This little lady didn't think the games were exciting at all.  Sarah was holding little Amelia and she passed out.  With four older brothers she is going to have to learn to like football games.

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Look Mom...

 ...No Hands!  We are seeing this more and more around here.  This little man is becoming more and more confident in his standing ability.  (Of course when I get the camera out to take pictures he decided he didn't want to stand.  I had to snap quickly because when he was standing and saw me with a camera and he wanted the camera more than he wanted to stand.)

And we see a lot of this.  Usually about five times a day he cleans out all my drawers in the kitchen and the pantry...he's so helpful:-)  His favorite utensil is the ice cream scoop because it has a nice rubbery handle for him to slobber, I mean, chew on.

And just because he is cute...

I thought this picture was really funny because if you look he has his finger on his head kind of like he is thinking, "Shoot me, shoot me now!"

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ABC's of Me

I came across this little ditty on another blog site and I thought it was fun.  Often times I blog about the family but not about me.  So here are the ABC's of me...
A. Age:  Currently 33...in about two weeks I will be 30 (for the 4th time)  Yes, in my world I can turn back time
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: Putting clothes away, not necessarily my clothes but everyone else's clothes
D. Dogs: Currently we don't have dogs because we barely have enough room for the kids.  I like dogs and  when we get a bigger house we will get another dog.
E. Essential start to your day: Tazo Chai Tea Latte with Soy milk...some people need coffee, I need chai (and now that I have a Keurig I have started drinking Tazo Zen, green tea)
F. Favorite color: Blue...it's my eye color and I think it describes my personality
G. Gold or Silver: Both...my wedding ring and engagement ring are a mixture of both
H. Height: 5-8.5  (good thing no one is asking about weight)
I. Instruments you play: I played tenor sax in 6-8th grade and have not touched it since.  My mom forced us to take piano lessons for about 6 months so I can kinda dabble on it too.
J. Job title: MOM...CEO of the home...boss
K. Kids: 4 blessings that are growing up way too fast
L. Live: Indiana baby!  I'm a proud Hoosier and wouldn't want to change.
M. Mother’s name: Mom, duh!  Oh, her real name, Janell.
N. Nicknames: Kate (aunt Cheryl & Anna), Katie Sue (my mamaw and some of my aunts on the Blackford side)
O. Overnight hospital stays: 5 (my knee surgery in 1995 & 4 births of my kids)
P. Pet peeves: Where do I start...people with a lack of commitment...people who pretend their life is perfect...maybe I should leave it at that;-)
Q. Quote from a movie: "You're reading your newspaper upside down, its gotta be better than fine." (anyone know?)
R. Right or left handed: I do everything right handed except for holding a baby and driving.
S. Siblings: I have 4 sisters and have gained 3 step brothers and 1 step sister
T. Time it takes you to get ready: Before children about one hour, I could get up shower and be out in one hour.  With children I do everything I can the night before so it really varies.  
U. Ultimate Vacation: Some day Hawaii...someday
V. Vegetable you hate: brussel sprouts
W. What makes you run late: my husband...
X. X-Rays you’ve had: besides my teeth...my back, my knee
Y. Yummy food that you make: Scotch-a-roos, bbq beef, ultimate nachos, layered dip, chicken and dumplings
Z. Zoo animal: I love to watch the penguins swim then jump out on land...cracks me up every time.

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James Study

Tonight starts our new Bible study.  This is our third Beth Moore study this year...yowza!  Beth sure is keeping this mom busy.  I think I am more excited about this study than any other.  I love the book of James and have heard so many great things about this study.

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