October Pics in Review

Here are some pics taken off of our mobile devices.

Brotherly love
Taking a walk at a park and trying to get a pic of us all
Handsome boy
Little brother stole somebody's red shirt
These two wanted to come with me to Costa Rica
Fell asleep
Salon Day
4 kids x 5 days = 20 sets of clothes for dad
Riggy and his buddy

Riggy and his buddy again
Pais had an evening out with  mom
This is a picture I got in Costa Rica
Little Colts fan taking a nap
Time to run again
A boy and his ball
Sometimes a band-aid fixes anything
Teaching Rigley to use a Mac (not a PC)

A boy and his mama...

Pais at the Dentist

At almost three, there are not a lot of "firsts" that we can talk about with Paislee.  Today Josh and the big kids had a dentist appointment and she wanted to go and watch.  However, watching turned in to getting her teeth checked.  Josh said she did awesome getting her teeth cleaned.  Once Dr. Z came in then she got a little nervous but daddy saved her and she let the good Dr. check her out.  
It looks as though all of our children have small mouths (I'm not sure I believe this) and all of them will probably require braces.  I guess we better start saving our pennies.


Haunted House Night

This afternoon we had our annual Halloween party at Dad and Barbara's.  The kids enjoy this because they get to see and hang out with all their cousins and dress up.  This year they were particularly excited about the haunted house.  Our oldest three went through it with no problems.  
Because we left in the early afternoon to head up to dad's Paislee didn't get her normal nap in so our little Tigger fell asleep on the way up.

This is about the best looking group of kids you'll find 'round...

More fun times with the fam...

We also had a pumpkin carving contest.  Last year Josh was the winner.  This year Audra brought her own carving kit and, ironically, won.  Good Job Audra, her winner is on the left.

And because I am a little bit smitten by this boy...


Rigley's Party

Rigley's birthday is not until the 4th but Audra's reception is next weekend so we decided to move his party up a week in advance.  Tonight friends and family gathered at the church to help celebrate Rigley's first birthday.  Rigley had fun opening his gifts and particularly liked his new ball.  Once he opened that it was if nothing else was around.  On a side note, he barely ate his cupcake.  I'm not sure if this kid is mine.....his sweet tooth must not be in yet.
PS- Thanks to everyone who helped me clean up.  Josh was there to help me setup then he and Tucker left because Tuck wasn't feeling well.  It's no fun running solo, but am thankful for helpful friends and family.  And special thanks to Jason for taking pictures for me.


Teacher Conference

The first nine weeks of school has officially come and gone. Tonight we had an appointment to meet with Chaney's teacher. We have met her a few times and she is very nice. Chaney enjoys her and enjoys school. We were able to get a sneak peek at her report card and saw that Chaney is doing very well. Her teacher was telling us how Chaney is such a helper in class, listens well and is a leader. (Maybe "school" Chaney should meet "home" Chaney...just kidding) We were so happy and proud to hear this, especially from her teacher. Chaney has such a love for school and for her friends. We hope that she continues to love school and learning.



The plan was to meet Jaclyn and her crew last week at the orchard while Chaney was still on fall break.  She loves to pick out a huge pumpkin to draw on.  However, the weather did not cooperate with us very well so we waited about a week.  Chaney was not able to go with us, however, the weather was wonderful.  Because of all the rain yesterday the parking lot was a muddy mess.  Muddy as in my stroller was about 2 inches deep in mud.  The kids enjoyed getting mud all over their shoes, clothes and anything else.  Today was one of those days where you just resign yourself to the fact that your kids will be a muddy mess so there is no need to get mad.  In fact, when we were getting ready to leave all of my kid stripped down out of their muddy clothes so we didn't get it all over their carseats.
We did enjoy a beautiful day feeding the llamas and goats, playing on the playground equipment and drinking apple slushies.  We did decide to skip going through the pumpkin patch and picking our own pumpkins and just picked out the pre-picked pumpkins out of the bins.  Jaclyn and I talked and we know our kids...we would have had 5 kids swimming in the mud had we ventured out there.  It was great to spend time with Jaclyn and her kids.  Each year we all look forward to our annual outing to the pumpkin patch with aunt Jac.


Mud Fight

I knew the sweetness would run out...and it did! After Chaney got home from school (and us from the museum) she and Tucker went back out to find some more slugs.  While making a new home for the slugs they had found some dirt and water.  So, naturally, we instantly had mud.  Chaney thought it would be fun to make Tuck's eyes look like the baseball players.  And then it got worse.  Tucker decided to put the bucket on his own head.  Then, he thought Chaney needed in on the action.  He got her...he got her good!  At this point all I could do was laugh.  I wasn't laughing because they were having fun.  I laughed because I knew the only way they were coming back in my house was after they were hosed off...with the cold, cold water from outside faucet.  They were not nearly as excited about this idea as I was.  I think the cold water was punishment enough. They both spent record times in the shower trying to get the mud out of their hair.


Jennifer is on her fall break now so we were able to meet up for a playdate.  Gabe hasn't been to the museum yet (and Jenn is a teacher so she frequents the museum a lot) so we met them today.  Gabe was so excited to see the kids and was running right with them to keep up.  They all play so well together.  Tucker was so sweet with him.  He would take him to different places and would show him how things work.  Chaney was pretty bummed she had to go to school and not play with us.  I think it's safe to say we are getting our monies worth with this membership.


Slug Fun

After school Chaney and Tucker were outside playing.  These two love to dig and find creatures outside.  Today's find were snails.  They like to take these creatures from their environment and re-create the same environment in a bucket or box, basically anything that they can control.  

Here are three they found, and as they describe them a daddy, mommy and baby.

They like to hold them and let them crawl up their arms.


Coop's Party

Today we were invited to Cooper's party to help him celebrate his first birthday.  This little dude is such a cutie and is such an active little guy.  His party was a pirate theme party and I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids did.   Cooper is the the third of the "boy babies" to celebrate his first birthday.  Rigley is the last one and his is coming up soon.

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Each year it seems we take a day to try on all of the Halloween costumes we have accumulated over the years.  Does anyone else feel like they have one of those day?  I don't know...maybe we are the only ones.  Anyway, we pulled them all out and each one tried on costume after costume to see what fit and what doesn't fit.  After trying all these on I was the one who was worn out.

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