November Pics in Review

Here are the November pics from all of our mobile devices that don't make it on the blog...

He loves bath time
Tucker found a way to fold himself up in the pantry
My two oldest and me cuddling
I voted
Paislee  should be visiting Willy Wonka
Tucker showing off his heart he made in Sunday school, he wanted to give it to Charlotte
Rigley taking advantage of Pais laying on the floor
Pais in her finest clothes (or lack of clothes) - she is so much like her aunt Jac 

Rigley loves Diego
Littles getting clean
Tucker shaving
Fight Night at the Brown house
Rigley playing with the ornaments
This card got a lot of use on Cyber Monday
First Peppermint hot chocolate of the season
Christmas cards got ordered and sent out

Saturday morning dance party
Someone was taking pics with the iPod and captured me & Riggy
Election day gas prices (won't be this low again until the next election)
Running in warm temps
Tuck being nice to his little sister
Daddy was in charge of the hair after a bath
Rigley loves playing with boxes
more cuddle time


Story Time

Today we met the (other) Browns at the library for story time.  Confession moment here...this was the first time I had taken to the kids to the library.  I know, I know...terrible right?  Please don't send me hate mail.  I have a long explanation for that but really I don't have enough space and you would rather not read it.  Anyway, we went, the kids had fun and we only had to tell them to be quiet like ten times.  I would call that a success.  I think we may start making this a weekly event.  Thanks Amy for inviting us.

Toilet Paper

...and we are in the toilet paper phase.  I love the different phases that the kids go through.  But I'll be completely honest, the toilet paper phase is not one of my favorites.  Now that we have five other people using the toilet paper on a regular basis, it is hard to remind them to place the toilet paper high enough so the little dude doesn't get it.  The problem is most of the little people in this house can't reach high enough to keep it out of his grasp. When he finds the paper it is like a treasure to him.  He laughs and is so giddy.  He likes to walk and have it trail behind him.  He is always so proud of himself.  Not only does he love the toilet paper but also loves flushing the toilet.  We can be in another room and we will here the toilet flushing and when we open the door he greets us with a big cheesy grin.  At least he is cute....I have to keep reminding myself of this.


Friend Night

We stuck with our annual tradition of visiting with Dan & Stacey tonight.  They left in the summer of 2008 to move down to Texas, like the southern most part of Texas.  It's crazy to think they have been down there for four years now.  Each year it seems we add one more child to the mix and our upcoming 2013 meeting will be no different.  This year we had 12 munchkins running around, yelling, screaming, crying, etc.  The adults actually got one game in together.  Then from that point on it was kind of hit or miss.  We played a lot of Kinect and it was so much fun.  Anna and I claimed the gold medal for the US in track and field, it was a special night. We were there pretty late, in fact Chaney fell asleep upstairs on the couch.  It's always a bittersweet night with them.  At the end of the night we must say good-bye for another year.

We did try to get all the kids in a picture...notice all the littles in their jammies?



First of all, I need to apologize because I hardly took any pictures today.  After my run I walked down to dad's and met Josh and the rest of the family then we ate.  After that it was one thing after another and I never took my camera out to get pictures.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a late November day.  The entire family walked down to the park and we let the kids play for about an hour.  I finally took out my phone and snapped a few pictures.  One picture I didn't get was Tucker and Silas wrestling.  These two seriously rolled around on the ground wrestling for about an hour.  Chaney, Paul and Paislee would occasionally jump in but would quickly get out of the way...I think they feared for their life.

After dad's we ran home so I could finally shower and get more items to take to mom's.  We had dinner there and hung out with more family.  I did not get any pictures from there.

Drum Stick

To keep myself motivated to run I have to keep signing up for these runs, otherwise I have no motivation to keep going.  The daylight savings time and cold have not helped my motivation at all.  Nicole and I are not able to run together now so I'm doing it on my own.  Usually as soon as Josh comes home I am out the door trying to fit in a run before our evening activities.  I try to get out and run 3-4 times a week.  

Wheeler Mission puts on a run on Thanksgiving morning to raise money.  About 15,000 other people and myself decided to "move our feet so others could eat."  They have a 4 mile run and a 2.5 miles run.  Today I did the 2.5 mile, I don't feel like I am in good enough shape to run a 4 miler...yet, maybe next year. It was my first time running with this many people.  It was a learning experience.  I felt like the entire time  I was running I was strategizing on how to move around the walkers.  At least it kept my mind off of the actual run, right?  My buddies Nicole and Anna were there to share in the fun too.  After the race I walked down to dad's and met my family for a Thanksgiving lunch.


Friendship Feast

Since today was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break they had a Friendship Feast.  (Apparently we must be politically correct now.)  Chaney was asked to dress as a pilgrim or indian (Native American is the PC term).  Last weekend we made her some Indian attire.  Since Josh was off today I was able to volunteer and help with her class party.  It was fun to see her interact with her friends and meet these friends that she often talks about.


Tiny Dancer

A few weeks ago Chaney came home with a registration paper about a dance clinic.  I was hesitant to bring it to her attention but since I'm an equal opportunity mom, I did...much to my dismay. She was super excited so we signed her up.  This dance clinic is a fund raiser for the high school dance team.  Last night she had practice for a few hours then tonight was her performance during halftime of the boys varsity game.  She was so excited and did a great job.  The best part was she danced to Justin Beiber...she kinda likes him.  

This was a group shot from practice.  Chaney is in the front row in a purple shirt.

This is the video from their performance tonight.


Sisters Pics

This time of year I am busy making calendars for family members...which really means I am busy gathering any and all pictures from everyone for the last year.  With huge families on both my mom and dads side this task gets a little overwhelming.  My sisters all got professional pics done this year so I thought I would share them with you.  I know this blog is seen by friends and family who don't always get a chance to see all these people that much.  I posted some of Audra's wedding pics last month so I must be fair and post these people.  These people are pretty special to me.

These are some good lookin' people!  Glad I am related to them!

Disclaimer:  Sarah's pics were taken by Rachel and had to be scanned in because she did not have digital prints.  Jaclyn's pictures were taken by Rick's sister, Abby.


Late Night Play

You can tell the weather is getting colder because we are going to the museum a lot lately.  Tonight was a members play late.  It was really nice tonight because the museum was  not crowded at all.  According to the traffic on the interstates it looked as though most people were getting a head start on their holiday travels.  We met the Nye family and had another fun night as usual.  Since Rigley is walking now he and I spent some time walking up and down the ramps.  And there may have been a time or two when some of us adults were racing the kids up the ramps...and it was fun!  We try to be good role models whenever we can be;-)

Sometimes when you have eight kids trying to pose for a picture it takes multiple tries so here you go....


'Tis the Season

Around here we set up early for Christmas.  If we could make it work our Christmas tree would be going up November 1.  We love this time of year and love to get our house decorated in Christmas.  The kids love to help...and by help I mean get everything thrown all over the floor.  This year we have gone in phases.  The house is decorated and the tree is up but not decorated...yet.  

While setting up the tree our little dude disappeared.  And this is where I found him....

and when he found out that we had found him and were laughing at him then he wanted to get some more laughs...

 and then a mild freak out session when he realized that to get out the tree had to touch the top of his head.

One Year Visit

One year old means a one year visit to the doctor.  Rigley and I visited Dr. K and had a good visit.  He liked playing in the waiting room and smiling for all the old(er) people.  Once we got into our exam room and Dr. K came in he became a little shy and didn't want to be examined.  She examined while I held him on my lap.  Once she was done he was ok with her and then started giving her his "cheese" face.  

He did get four shots...ouch!  I think his big brother was a little jealous because Rigley got two Ironman band-aids.

His stats are below:
Weight = 24 lbs = 72% 
Height = 29.5 in = 37%
Head = 19 in = 91%

On a side note, these are the stats they took.  However, looking back at his 9 month stats I think the only stat that is correct is his weight.  When we got home I rechecked his height and I came up with 30 inches.  It's hard for me to believe that he has not grown in length for three months.  I know he has grown because his pants that fit three months ago are now really short on him.  Oh well!  Maybe at 15 month we will get an accurate reading.


Told Ya So

Remember here when I said he would be walking in about a week?  Well, this child did not make a liar out of me.  Friday night it all clicked and he was off.  Like, literally walking back and forth, back and forth.  When he is walking he has a smile on his face the entire time and just giggles to himself.  He is so proud.  He makes laps around the house with his new found freedom.  It's so exciting to watch him conquer new milestones.  Although, I would be lying if it didn't make me a little sad at the same time.  Good job Riggy!

And apparently when you learn how to walk you learn how to stick your finger up your nose.  Ironic that it all happened in the same evening.  This is only cute when you are little.