Friend Night

We stuck with our annual tradition of visiting with Dan & Stacey tonight.  They left in the summer of 2008 to move down to Texas, like the southern most part of Texas.  It's crazy to think they have been down there for four years now.  Each year it seems we add one more child to the mix and our upcoming 2013 meeting will be no different.  This year we had 12 munchkins running around, yelling, screaming, crying, etc.  The adults actually got one game in together.  Then from that point on it was kind of hit or miss.  We played a lot of Kinect and it was so much fun.  Anna and I claimed the gold medal for the US in track and field, it was a special night. We were there pretty late, in fact Chaney fell asleep upstairs on the couch.  It's always a bittersweet night with them.  At the end of the night we must say good-bye for another year.

We did try to get all the kids in a picture...notice all the littles in their jammies?

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