November Pics in Review

Here are the November pics from all of our mobile devices that don't make it on the blog...

He loves bath time
Tucker found a way to fold himself up in the pantry
My two oldest and me cuddling
I voted
Paislee  should be visiting Willy Wonka
Tucker showing off his heart he made in Sunday school, he wanted to give it to Charlotte
Rigley taking advantage of Pais laying on the floor
Pais in her finest clothes (or lack of clothes) - she is so much like her aunt Jac 

Rigley loves Diego
Littles getting clean
Tucker shaving
Fight Night at the Brown house
Rigley playing with the ornaments
This card got a lot of use on Cyber Monday
First Peppermint hot chocolate of the season
Christmas cards got ordered and sent out

Saturday morning dance party
Someone was taking pics with the iPod and captured me & Riggy
Election day gas prices (won't be this low again until the next election)
Running in warm temps
Tuck being nice to his little sister
Daddy was in charge of the hair after a bath
Rigley loves playing with boxes
more cuddle time

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