One Year Visit

One year old means a one year visit to the doctor.  Rigley and I visited Dr. K and had a good visit.  He liked playing in the waiting room and smiling for all the old(er) people.  Once we got into our exam room and Dr. K came in he became a little shy and didn't want to be examined.  She examined while I held him on my lap.  Once she was done he was ok with her and then started giving her his "cheese" face.  

He did get four shots...ouch!  I think his big brother was a little jealous because Rigley got two Ironman band-aids.

His stats are below:
Weight = 24 lbs = 72% 
Height = 29.5 in = 37%
Head = 19 in = 91%

On a side note, these are the stats they took.  However, looking back at his 9 month stats I think the only stat that is correct is his weight.  When we got home I rechecked his height and I came up with 30 inches.  It's hard for me to believe that he has not grown in length for three months.  I know he has grown because his pants that fit three months ago are now really short on him.  Oh well!  Maybe at 15 month we will get an accurate reading.

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